Friday, September 30, 2011

Traditional Anglicans Lose Bid to Control Parish Property

Edit: what with all of these churches closing down in the Catholic Church, like this parish in in Bennington, Vermont, you'd think these Anglicans would consider joining with the Catholic Church and taking over a parish devastated by liberalism as this parish, Our Lady of Lourdes in Vermont was closed recently.

Anyhow, the Liberal Anglicans who are for this particular things are going to die out anyway.  This, incidentally, happens to be the Diocese that "consercrated" a homosexual to the episcopate.  The parish broke away from the Diocese when it decided to align itself with Sodom but wasn't able to keep its parish goods in the transition. 

Why bother, the Liberal Anglicans are just going to die out anyway?  Why not admit that you're beaten and give up the ghost gracefully.  Our advice to Traditional Anglican is, meet in gymnasiums or wherever you need to and wait.  Chances are you'll be picking up some of these on the cheap as mainstream protestantism continues its inevitable wane as it proceeds to align itself with the prevailing and all-too-perishable world.
[] HARTFORD, Conn.—A 135-year-old parish that broke away from the Episcopal Church after it consecrated its first openly gay bishop cannot keep its building and land, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Friday.
Justices rejected an appeal of a lower court ruling by the Bishop Seabury Church in Groton, which like dozens of parishes nationwide split from the national Episcopal Church after the 2003 appointment of Bishop V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire. Bishop Seabury Church's governing board voted in 2007 to join the more conservative Convocation of Anglicans in North America.
Similar land disputes involving breakaway Episcopal parishes have been playing out across the country, with most courts ruling in favor of the national church and its dioceses. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a similar case involving a California church in 2009.

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