Monday, August 15, 2011

Irish Government Set to Nationalize Irish Church: Money Grab

 The Real Face of Republicanism
 Edit:  Elitism and narcissism, you say?  How about greed, envy and falsehood?  Ignoring its own role in child abuse, the Irish government is making a run for what it was after on its quest to destroy the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland.
If you want to see an analogous movement, you only have to look to similar situations in China, Elizabethan England, Gallican France and the Kingdom of Prussia till it became the Empire of Germany.

[Bloomberg] Ireland is squeezing the Roman Catholic Church to hand over cash and real estate toward a 1.4 billion-euro ($2 billion) child-abuse bill amid the bitterest stand-off yet seen between the Vatican and the government.

In the sharpest language an Irish leader has ever used against the church, Prime Minister Enda Kenny said last month the Vatican’s handling of the scandals has been dominated by “elitism and narcissism.”

“The relationship between the state and the Vatican has never been worse,” David Quinn, a religious commentator who is also director of the Dublin-based Iona Institute, which promotes religion in society, said in an interview. “I struggle to think of a stronger attack by a Western European leader on the church than Enda Kenny’s.”

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Dan said...

I wonder if this will be the catalyst that will finally wake up the Pope to the reality of the evil that is facing the Church - enemies not from without but from within.

Will it stop the Holy Father, at last, from organizing his silly "world youth days", his kow-towing to Jewish pressure groups, his endless stream of bland platitudes, his refusal to look at the Church's 2,000 year old tradition squarely in the eye, his "nice" approach to rebelling clerics, his turning a blind eye to "homo masses" being said around the world, etc.?

When twerps and pipsqueaks like Enda Kenny can threaten to steal Church lands and property and still remain untarred and unfeathered by the Catholic faithful of Ireland we have a pretty clear picture of the destruction of what 40 years of frothing-at-the-mouth liberalism has brought us. It has detsroyed the faith even of the Irish, for God's sake. And yet the Pope and the Vatican still speak in reverential tones about their stupid Vatican II.

One can only pray and hope that despite all the stink of modernism which has demolished piety in Ireland and the rest of the world that the Irish will once again rise up against their oppressors and throw out this cut-rate tyrant Kenny and consign him to the dustbin of history. If the Irish do this let us further hope and pray that they throw out the modernist filth in the Church too that has been corrupting not only their children but their very Catholic faith.