Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Progressive Theologian Being Given Ultimatum

Editor: The Maryknolls will finally be forced to boot dissenting Father Roy Bourgeois if he doesn't recant his opposition to Church teaching. No doubt there will be complaints about medievalisms and draconian tactics from oppressive Rome, but it's only fair since people like Father Bourgeois have been oppressing their students and seminarians with their arbitrary and irrational non-sense for more than two hundred years in the Catholic Church.


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Catholic League president Bill Donohue offers a religious reality check based on some news items from today:

Bart Ehrman doesn't believe in God, which is why he is just the right guy to teach religion at the University of North Carolina. A member of the "Jesus Seminar," a motley crew of religious cynics, he wants us to view the Bible with great skepticism. But not his writings—we should all swallow his dogmatic convictions. His latest book contends that the Bible is a forgery, though he is unable to identify who the cheaters are. Unfortunately for Bart, it was just reported that Biblical scholars believe they have uncovered a collection of ancient texts in a Jordanian cave that may constitute the earliest Christian writings.

Patrick S. Cheng is a seminary professor who also needs a reality check. His brilliance shines in the Huffington Post: he argues that "Christianity is queer because radical love lies at the heart of both Christianity and the queer experience." Perhaps he should read Leviticus.

Fr. Roy Bourgeois has had three years to recant his opposition to the Catholic Church's teachings on criteria for the priesthood. If he doesn't do so in 15 days, the Maryknolls will be forced to kick him out. This will no doubt please him, which is why there will be no reality check.

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