Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pro-Homosexual Pastor Fears End of Pension Plan

Pontificating from one of Minnesota's ugliest churches, Father Mike Tegeder, the Archdiocese's most outspoken non-Catholic has come out with guns blazing against the Archdiocese for its attempt to recover legal costs for an abuse claim against one of its alleged homosexual predators; he's right in a way, but wrong in so many others.  It's ironic how this demonstrates the tension which exists between the heterodox homosexual enablers within the official structure of the Church and the ACLU abetting Cultural Marxists on the outside.  The one provides a drum with which the other can perpetually beat.  As with the Scottsboro Boys, never mind them, the outrage of people against the Catholic Church caused by the abuse of innocent boys and children by homosexuals is priceless.

Father Tegeder goes on to also criticize the "Indian Liturgy" at Gitchitwaa Kateri, brainchild of hyper-relavent interior designer of ecclesiastical chic, the now mercifully retired, Father Notebaart:

Second, a letter was sent to all parishioners of the Native American Catholic parish in south Minneapolis, Gichitwaa Kateri, by their pastor suspending all Sunday Eucharists until further notice. He said he was doing it in the name of the Archbishop. The Archdiocese sent out the rather confusing clarification: “... due to a misunderstanding that resulted from efforts to address concerns proper to Gichitwaa Kateri, the Archbishop has directed that Mass not be offered ... until the pending matters might be resolved.” Denying the Eucharist over a “misunderstanding” is unprecedented.

In regards to that alleged "Liturgy," it's unfortunate that it wasn't closed down earlier or that it was allowed to exist for as long as it did.  It would  be an understatement to say of it that it constituted one continuous Liturgical abuse, and it is the only occurrence we know of today where the Archdiocese has closed down a modernist parish rather than the various conservatives ones, despite the false pretext offered that they were not financially sound.

 In any event, Father Tegeder goes on also to lament the issue of the pension plan that is drying up because of the collapse of the stock market.  A solution might be to cut liberal priests like Tegeder loose and let them fend for themselves on those Great Society programs they're so fond of campaigning for.  If you payed a settlement to liberal priests who refused to sign and solemnly swear to the Syllabus of Errors, that they hold none of those errors, some of them might actually not do it, and so, an enterprising and prudent Prelate could save tremendous amounts of money and we wouldn't have listen to insufferable sniping from the supporters of the Archdiocese's homosexual subculture.
H/t: Stella Borealis. 

Read further about the Diocesan retirement plan cutbacks, here.


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I know at least one member of this parish who doesn't even deserve to retire off of his 401(k) and IRA plans, even though those investments have nothing to do with the church. Sinners need to be punished for their mistakes and screwups.

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Sounds cryptic and creepy Elkman.