Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cardinal Law to Retire

According to Pablo Rodari, at Apostolic Palace, Cardinal Law along with Cardinal Farina, Cardinal Rodé and Cardinal Dias are retiring.

Photo stolen from, here, a blog incidentally, we don't agree with when it comes to Cardinal Law.  Cardinal Law's worst crimes were related in every way to the Faith.  It might seem to some that he was never sufficiently punished for that.  Unfortunately, most people don't see the link between homosexual predation and doctrinal heterodoxy and religious indifferentists and pagans like, say, Arturo Vasquez, don't help much when it comes to the understanding, because they themselves don't understand the Catholic Faith.


Unknown said...

He just turned 79 November 4.

You don't see much punishment in the Church of priests, bishops and religious; not like under secular laws.

I don't understand it. The dissidents are constantly preaching to Catholics. Surely that has to be a major reason why so many Catholics have left the Church. Although I believe that "divorce" is probably the principal reason why they fall away.

There are a lot of good orthodox preachers. But their messages don't seem to be getting to the pews. Parish missions and retreats are still pretty much a practice of the past.
Confession lines are rarely long.

Unknown said...

I just noticed; Cdl. Law was born in Mexico

Tancred said...

Confession lines are pretty long at the more conservatives parishes.