Saturday, June 15, 2024

Christianity vs The Forces of Evil

After his successful lecture tour of Eastern Europe, the author of Logos Rising, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and The Holocaust Narrative, Dr. E Michael Jones is back in the US and joins Gemma to look at the momentous comeback of original Christianity in the face of Judaism, feminism, Protestantism and New Age Nazism. Please order and read Dr. Jones's groundbreaking books at


NOW AVAILABLE! The Holocaust Narrative:

Thursday, June 13, 2024

E M Jones Takes on Lifesite

Edit: the following was taken from FB. It may or may not be still up!

Nothing epitomizes the flagrant pandering and intellectual cowardice which characterizes Life Site News better than the advertisement for their upcoming conference. “The theme of the conference,” we are told, will be “Recovering from Boomer ‘Catholicism.’” The quotes around Catholicism mean that Life Site News now gets to determine who is a Catholic in good standing. Helping them to excommunicate an entire generation from the Catholic Church is none other than Bishop Joseph Strickland, who got kicked out the diocese of Tyler, Texas after he became part of a real estate scam that involved bringing in Michael Voris, another super-Catholic who got caught in his second homosexual scandal, as his communications director. Before it got involved in determining which Catholics are in good standing with the Church, Life Site News used to promote the “Judeo-Christian” position on abortion, until Roe v. Wade was overturned, and 400 Jewish organizations announced that abortion was a fundamental Jewish value. Unable to articulate the “Judeo-Christian” position on abortion, John Henry Weston(sic) decided to reinvent himself as a liturgist. Because a Jew rescued Life Site News from the Canadian thought police, Weston(sic) and co. could not identify the main enemy in the battle against abortion. Because John Henry Weston(sic) and Bishop Strickland could not identify the real enemy, they had to create straw men like “Boomer Catholics” to keep the gullible on the reservation which prohibits Catholics from criticizing Jews. Life Site News is proof that Eric Hofer(sic) was right when he said that “every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” (


Tuesday, June 4, 2024

51st State?


Salvini Doesn’t Want Italian Weapons to Kill Russians

Edit: Macron and his grandma should go to Ukraine themselves id they want to kill Russians so badly. AMDG

Monday, June 3, 2024

Mannheim Policeman Stabbed by Muslim Has Died

[Welt] A 29-year-old police officer was seriously injured in the attack on Mannheim's market square.  The officer died on Sunday.  Numerous national politicians are shocked.  A minute's silence was announced for Friday.

He intervened to help - and paid with his life: The police officer who was seriously injured in the knife attack on Mannheim's market square is dead. This was announced by the Karlsruhe public prosecutor's office, the Mannheim police headquarters and the State Criminal Police Office on Sunday evening.

At the same time, the consequences of Friday's attack are being debated.  Mayor Christian Specht (CDU) has ordered mourning flags for the city's town hall from this Monday.  At the same time, Specht appealed to citizens: “I ask you all: In view of the tragic developments, let us pause and work together to unite our urban society in all its diversity and avoid any division!” [Too late for that!]

A 25-year-old Muslim cutthroat attacked several people with a knife at a rally of the Islam-critical movement Pax Europa (BPE) on the market square, seriously injuring six of them.  BPE board member Michael Stürzenberger is among the injured.


Sunday, June 2, 2024

Police Apprehend Turk Who Gunned Down Wife and Later Shot Up Hair Salon

Edit: police say that they think something in the “family background” could have caused this. 

It’s too bad Germany doesn’t have stricter gun laws!

More than 24 hours after four people were shot in Hagen, the police arrested the perpetrator on Sunday.  Shortly before, the police had searched for the 34-year-old Turk with his photo and name.  In the afternoon, Hagen's police spokesman Tino Schäfer announced that a man had been arrested.  He is the suspected perpetrator they are looking for.

 Shots in Hagen: Police arrest suspected perpetrator

[Tagesschau] A tip from a witness put investigators on the right track on Sunday.  He is said to have not resisted his arrest.  A large police force had been searching for the man since Saturday morning. Perpetrator is said to have shot at wife. He is said to have first shot at his wife in his apartment and seriously injured her.  He is then said to have shot several times at another apartment door on the floor above.  But no one was injured there.  He then drove the car to the nearby hairdressing salon in the Eilpe district and shot three other people there.  They were also injured, some seriously.  According to new information from the police on Sunday, the injuries of two of the four victims are considered "potentially life-threatening."  The investigators did not provide any further information for reasons of privacy. Search in supermarket and forest

 Hagen police operation

The perpetrator left his car in a nearby parking lot and fled on foot

After the crime, the man drove his car to a nearby parking lot and fled on foot.  The subsequent search was initially unsuccessful.  The police also used a helicopter during the search. Police assume a family motive. The police do not assume a political or religious background.  "The problems surrounding the motive for the crime could possibly lie in the perpetrator's family environment," explained police spokesman Schäfer.  “In this respect, we do not currently assume that there is a danger to uninvolved people.”


Saturday, June 1, 2024

New Dance Craze Grips Germany!

This is one reason why the kids in Sylt are singing.

 Edit: the pic of the cultural enrichment is from a post by Golden One, and it got 11,000 likes. Apparently, in Sylt Germany, a DJ played this underground hit, and the kids went crazy for it. Some firm owners and managers bragged on Twitter they were looking for employees, and one wahmen claimed she fired a woman she recognized immediately. Did she even call HR? Even the Secret Police are scouring the videos to find the identities of the people raising the Roman Salute and triumphantly chanting the lyrics.  The Bundespolizei have even employed a Witchfinder to root out the baddies, a woman with a foreign sounding name, Ferda Ataman.

It’s easy to see why real Germans ™️ are feeling this way, considering the rape epidemic and lawlessness of the new visitors.  While an anti-Islamic politician, Michael Sturrzenberger, was speaking at a “far-right” rally, a Muslim invader attacked him with a knife and stabbed him multiple times. A German policeman intervened and immediately attempted to aid the stricken politician, while another foreigner acting as a policeman, waited for his partner to get stabbed in the neck before he shot the offending Muslim, according to Skynewsn. It looks like a lot of people in power are complaining about Islamic “extremism” but failing to suggest a final solution to the problem.

The years have not been kind to Krah

 It’s almost as if real Germans ™️ aren’t running Germany and acting in the interests of the German people.

To illustrate this point we have former FSSPX Counsel, Maximilian Krah, according to CNN, who is being cancelled and is in danger of being arrested for saying that not all SS men were criminals. It’s almost as if he were set up to be knocked down. The frenzy is almost as intense in Germany as when Bishop Richard Williamson expressed skepticism and concerns about the veracity of the Holocaust narrative. Poetic justice, considering how unfair Krah was to +Williamson? We think so.

I still recall the time when Krah was going to sue the forum Ignis Ardens for their troubles.

The CNN article, which doesn’t do Krah any favors, distorts his comment and fails to recognize that the SS was an enormous international organization with three million members at its height, comprised of foreign volunteers, many of whom didn’t exactly share the purest political views with the hard core of the SS. It also fails to note that there is a difference between the Waffen SS and the SS who guarded camps or were involved fighting partisans.


Clearing the confusion about January 6th so even George Weigel could understand.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

++Vigano Accuses Bergoglio of Abusing Novice Jesuits: It Makes About As Much Sense As Anything Else

Edit: Bergoglio wouldn’t be the first Superior to abuse his novices under the veil of holy obedience. This reminds me of Abbot Eidenschink, who once led the largest Benedictine Monastery in the world. They really worshipped him for his tender attentions of their novices, many of whom went on to prey on others.

Don’t they vet these creatures beforehand? I believe this. Presently, there’s only one alleged victim, but where there’s smoke there’s fire. Imagine the arrogance of these creatures! I’ve known several and they feel themselves to be invulnerable. Seeing how most of them escaped unnoticed and unpunished for years, and even the paltry punishments they've received really makes you wonder what kind of Satanists these people are. They’re not the kind of Satanists of Hammer Horror movies who get caught up in their own hatred and are destroyed by righteous heroes, these men go to their graves largely unpunished. 

Bergoglio protected McCarrick and brought him out of retirement before he was forced to put him out for good. Even now, does anyone know where Ex-Cardinal McCarrick is?


Why Are US Catholic Bishops Promoting Devil Worship?

Edit: Hichborn has been swinging at them for years and exposing the real agenda behind these Alinksyite agendas. Obviously, it’s an agenda by the usual enemies of Christ who must not be named. Remember who Alinsky dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to in the first place?


Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Francis Calls Aberrosexuals Mean Name

Edit: this reminds me of my girlfriend’s stepfather who was a Communist Party member. He had done everything, he was a cowboy, trucker, logger, miner and roughneck.  He would look across the table at her gay uncle with barely concealed distaste. I wonder if it was a Party thing or a normal response, anyway, not only God, but Communists hate frociggini too!

Unfortunately, he apologized, or at least his press office did. Can this be a positive sign? Is his tolerance and encouragement for faggotry at an end?


Friday, May 24, 2024

Super-Size Me Documentarian Dies

NYTs Photo Looks like Skojec

A  man who refused to share his documentation of his 30-day trial, accusing McDonald’s of producing unhealthy food, is dead. The NYTs didn’t say why he died at such a young age. Maybe it was vaccine related?  

Anyhow, while he admitted to raping someone in college, and got it trouble for sexually harassing employees, he cost people millions of dollars by his fake expose of the fast food industry. This kind of character reminds me of Steve Skojec and the rest of the professional Catholics out there, who routinely cause so much trouble, doxxing and harassing real Catholics and lying constantly.

How do these enemies within get so much funding to hatch their lies?

[New York Times] But the film also came in for significant criticism. Some pointed out that Mr. Spurlock refused to release the daily logs tracking his food intake. Health researchers were unable to replicate his results in controlled studies.

And in 2017, he admitted that he had not been sober for more than a week at a time in 30 years — meaning that, in addition to his “McDonald’s only” diet, he was also drinking, a fact that he concealed from his doctors and the audience, and that most likely skewed his results.


Thursday, May 23, 2024

Ashli: The untold story about the women of Jan. 6th

In the weeks leading up to January 6th, one guy was looking and talking tougher than Ray Epps and that was this blog's number one fan Thug Gordon.  We told him to stay home but laugh now that he could've been sharing a cell with Bozell.  It looks like he took our advice and even pulled his video.  

Monday, May 20, 2024

The One Loser Who Should Have Stayed in the Legionaries of Christ

Edit: I just saw Holy Steve posting about how he resembles these movie stars on X. Late vintage, XXXL Orson Welles was the most accurate, so I innocently posted the pudgy tranny under his post, Sam Harris, and he flipped out! 

Sam Harris does kind of resemble him, after all! What do you think?

If you live in Phoenix or wherever Steve operates as a Grubhub driver, be sure to give him a big tip, and encourage him on his future in show business. At least now he’s not scamming people while larping as a Traditionalist Catholic!


Meeting Trump