Thursday, May 30, 2024

++Vigano Accuses Bergoglio of Abusing Novice Jesuits: It Makes About As Much Sense As Anything Else

Edit: Bergoglio wouldn’t be the first Superior to abuse his novices under the veil of holy obedience. This reminds me of Abbot Eidenschink, who once led the largest Benedictine Monastery in the world. They really worshipped him for his tender attentions of their novices, many of whom went on to prey on others.

Don’t they vet these creatures beforehand? I believe this. Presently, there’s only one alleged victim, but where there’s smoke there’s fire. Imagine the arrogance of these creatures! I’ve known several and they feel themselves to be invulnerable. Seeing how most of them escaped unnoticed and unpunished for years, and even the paltry punishments they've received really makes you wonder what kind of Satanists these people are. They’re not the kind of Satanists of Hammer Horror movies who get caught up in their own hatred and are destroyed by righteous heroes, these men go to their graves largely unpunished. 

Bergoglio protected McCarrick and brought him out of retirement before he was forced to put him out for good. Even now, does anyone know where Ex-Cardinal McCarrick is?



Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Until this novice has the courage and integrity to stand forward and submit his proof, I can give no credence to what is, at this point in time, hearsay.

Anonymous said...

Sounds legitimate.

How often to Archbishops say they have the goods on a “Pope”?

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I’ll bet Vigano just went ahead and published this without the Novice’’s permission. Totally based!

Anonymous said...

If there isn’t more than one victim, It think it’s suspect. These degenerate vampires have hundreds of victims that they attempt to make vampires like themselves, it’s never just one.

Anonymous said...

The Novice needs to step forward like James Grein did and start spilling the beans (specifics, times, places). Until he does, this is flamboyant gossip.

Vigano is trying to get relevance back since he went sede.
His buddies are drying up.
"Sede don't pay-pay".

Tancred said...

Does Vigano really believe in chem trails?