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Police Apprehend Turk Who Gunned Down Wife and Later Shot Up Hair Salon

Edit: police say that they think something in the “family background” could have caused this. 

It’s too bad Germany doesn’t have stricter gun laws!

More than 24 hours after four people were shot in Hagen, the police arrested the perpetrator on Sunday.  Shortly before, the police had searched for the 34-year-old Turk with his photo and name.  In the afternoon, Hagen's police spokesman Tino Schäfer announced that a man had been arrested.  He is the suspected perpetrator they are looking for.

 Shots in Hagen: Police arrest suspected perpetrator

[Tagesschau] A tip from a witness put investigators on the right track on Sunday.  He is said to have not resisted his arrest.  A large police force had been searching for the man since Saturday morning. Perpetrator is said to have shot at wife. He is said to have first shot at his wife in his apartment and seriously injured her.  He is then said to have shot several times at another apartment door on the floor above.  But no one was injured there.  He then drove the car to the nearby hairdressing salon in the Eilpe district and shot three other people there.  They were also injured, some seriously.  According to new information from the police on Sunday, the injuries of two of the four victims are considered "potentially life-threatening."  The investigators did not provide any further information for reasons of privacy. Search in supermarket and forest

 Hagen police operation

The perpetrator left his car in a nearby parking lot and fled on foot

After the crime, the man drove his car to a nearby parking lot and fled on foot.  The subsequent search was initially unsuccessful.  The police also used a helicopter during the search. Police assume a family motive. The police do not assume a political or religious background.  "The problems surrounding the motive for the crime could possibly lie in the perpetrator's family environment," explained police spokesman Schäfer.  “In this respect, we do not currently assume that there is a danger to uninvolved people.”


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