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Friday, April 12, 2013

After Criticizing Islam and Sodom Courageous Austrian Pastor Fully Back on Duty

Edit: we’d noted earlier that a priest in the Austrian Diocese of Graz had been disciplined for doing his job. This interesting story comes in connection with another howling indecency by the Austrian Bishops in their approval for civil unions. Of course, there are at least three sources indicating that even the Pope himself may have approved of such a thing.

(Graz) The regular pastor, the Reverend Charles Tropper, who was dismissed for criticizing aberrosexuality and Islam from the Austrian Diocese Graz-Seckau (Styria) can now fully exercise again the priestly ministry in his parish of Veit am Vogau. At the end of August this year, however, he will be retired. This was announced this Thursday by Vicar General Henry Schnuderl. The pastor was, according to Schnuderl, guilty of making "terrible simplifications” and having an "uncultured style". Pastor Tropper had been secluded during the Holy Week and the Easter season under a sermon ban. Tropper was accentuated his position in a letter to the parish about Gomorrism and Islam. A homo-association made charges against the priest and had been ruled by the prosecution, after a preliminary inquiry, to be without substance. The Diocese, however, was called to intervene “in the necessity, of boundaries”. Link to katholisches...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

El Paso Diocese Attacks Priest With Catholic Message

All Are Not Welcome

Edit: Some may remember a few gallant priests who have  preached  in a very uncompromising way the truths of the Catholic Faith a little while back, in addition to Father Marcel Guarizo, who was not only reprimanded publicly but attacked by Quasi-Canon Peters and fired from his job.  Defending the Catholic Faith can be a perilous business in places like Portland, Maine, Washington D.C. and El Paso, Texas, just to name a few.  You're not even safe on the internet.

Along with approved bloggers like Mark Shea, there are several Bishops in the United States, who are sending a message that seeks to relativize the long-standing condemnation of sexual activity outside of marriage for the sake of false charity. These 'defenders' of niceness waste no time viciously attacking, or just walking away from, Catholic priests who defend Catholic teachings, however.

Mark Shea looks like he's taking a very familiar trajectory, like Gerald Augustinus of "The Cafe is Closed" who underwent a dramatic (or contrived?) shift from defender of orthodoxy, to cafeteria Catholic in about two short years. You'd think men like Mark Shea would treasure courageous priests, but they don't, they just shill for the Archdiocese. Why are these people attacking those who defend Church teaching?

It is just possible that a Diocese would love to have a fervent, zealous priest at the helm of a big parish, nope, not if he's preaching sexual chastity.  Fr. Micheal Rodriguez is doing just that.  He's actually too inoffensive and makes too many concessions to political correctness in our opinion, but that doesn't matter.  Not to the Diocese.

Not surprisingly, the Diocese insists that Father's message isn't the Catholic Church's message, but they don't specify how that is.

It's stories like this that reinforce the impression there is a group within the Church that will no suffer to hear the Catholic truth of the ages, as Lifesite reports:

“Without question, God loves all of His children, regardless of sexual ‘orientation,’” he continued. “We Catholics must show charity, respect, and understanding towards our homosexual brothers and sisters. Above all, we are to show love and compassion towards homosexuals by leading them to the truth, and helping them to reject sinful homosexual activity.”

In the final essay, Rodriguez faults modern culture in harsh terms for framing the breakdown of the family as an advancement for society, and criticizes El Paso officials for “acting immorally” by promoting gay domestic partnerships.

“Here in El Paso, certain City Council members have remained obstinate in promoting public recognition and legitimization of homosexual unions,” he wrote. “Whether they realize it or not, their actions are objectively immoral and gravely harmful to marriage and the family. It should be obvious to all Catholics what our duty is with respect to these members of City Council.”

Meanwhile, in Liberal Maine, the usual kinds of people are out advocating "change", more of the bad kind, as they attempt to redefine marriage outside of the Church's teachings. As you can see in the photo, most of them are elderly baby boomers out to cause trouble. In their self-adulation, it probably never dawned on them that their personal views are at variance with the Church's actual teachings and that if they were right, there would be no point in being Catholic.
Baby Boomers

Meanwhile, is there any response from the Bishop of Maine?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Graz Bishop Wages Total War on Behalf of Homosexuality

In the Diocese of Graz-Seckau every erroneous teaching is welcome.  Actually, if a priest criticizes the moral and anti-Church homosexual ideology, the current hireling Bishop will become brutal and abusive.

(, Sankt Veit am Vogau)  The Old Liberal Bishop Egon Kapellari (76) of Graz-Seckau ridicules the Catholic Faith.

At the same time he defends the immoral homosexual ideology as if it were a Dogma of the Church.

Recently, he threatened the pastor of Sankt Veit am Vogau, Fr. Karl Tropper (75) with "ecclesiastical consequences".

This happened according to reports from  Ex-Reichsender [Nazi Radio in Vienna]  Vienna (ORF)  to Austrian journalistoids.

Diocese of Graz:  Homosexuals up From Hell

Fr. Tropper had maintained in an article in the parish newspaper that the homosexual disorder is an "error in drive".

He referred those stricken to the healing of their sexual neuroses.

Last week [16 April] , the Diocese of Graz struck very officially in a press release against the clergyman.

On April 18th, Msgr Kaleppari addressed the situation personally.

Brittle Bishop: "Pastor suffers from the rigidity of old age"

The brittle Bishop was right abusive.

So he portrayed the Bishop publicly as having "rigidity of old age".

If Fr. Tropper cites the moral teachings of the Church once more or cites the Bible, he will be dealt with according to "Church law".

At the same time Msgr Kapellari explained that it is the purpose of the Bishops' Conference, to conduct a  dialog with the anti-Church media and the one man show "Pfarrer Initiative".

In the Conciliar Church There is no Place for the Bible

Fr. Tropper told the newspaper 'Kurier', that no one was discriminated against.  He only stated a basic truth:

"The teaching of the Church has always been against homosexuality.  Homosexuality is a perversion according to the Bible."

The clergyman declares the right "to be able to say what is in the Bible."

Link to original....

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Loyal Pastor Continues to be Persecuted, FatherZ-like

Edit: Augsburg's Bishop, Konrad Zdarsa, is starting to list under pressure from German media friendly to the conservative views of 'Junge Freiheit' and the Father Georg Oblinger.  Even Pope Benedict is aware of the situation according to a sympathetic director of 'Junge Freiheit'.  Bishops often allow themselves to be manipulated by the media and their advisers at the expense of some of the best defenders and promoters of the Church.

The muzzle for Pastor Georg Alois Oblinger of Ichenhausen throws a lurid light on the eagerness of the German capitulation Bishops to give away under public pressure.

Bishop Konrad Zdarsa of Augsburg

( The Pope knows the readiness of the German Bishops to capitulate to the socalled Zeitgeist.

 For that reason he is to have recommended a severe withdrawal from the world.

 This is according to Dieter Stein (44)-- Chief director of the opposition German weekly 'Junge Freiheit' -- yesterday on the website of his paper.

  Bishops as Hunters of Catholics

Stein commented on the muzzle, which the Augsburg Bishop Konrad Zdarsa put on the Ichenhauser town Pastor, Fr. Geeorg Alois Oblinger, because of his published activity at 'Junge Freiheit'.

Stein says this throws "a lurid light on the eagerness of the Church to crumble under public pressure."

He cited from an interview with the Catholic philosopher, Robert Spaeman in his paper.

Spaemann explained further, that theologians, who are obedient to Catholicism, will for the most part be regularly bullied in the Church.

The case of Oblinger is in line of a series of numerous intrigues against pastors, who promote the Catholic Faith.

Nothing to write home about

"This is all happening in the back ground of an accelerating ecclesiastical dissolution"  -- is Stein's analysis.

"The member numbers as well of the Catholic as well as Evangelical Churches is declining in Germany".

Stein cited numbers: in 1990 there were still 67 million Church members, then in 2010 there were only 48 million."

Old Liberal theologians continuously give their prescriptions for the Church like a "mantra". So Stein explains:

"So it is with married women priest, lifting of celibacy, blessing for homosexual marriage and the rejection of the authority is nothing to write home about, because it has seen the decline of the evangelical church, whose adherents who are quicker to flee from the flag and whose church services are even more empty."

Waves of Solidarity

For Stein the muzzle for Pastor Oblinger "is not just a blow to freedom of opinion and press".

It also turns itself against those in the Church, who inveigh themselves for the "strengthening of the Faith and evangelization".

Stein is pleased over the waves of solidarity, which has come out for the priest who has been abused by his Bishop from Christian publishers and theologians.

The Muzzle-Bishop is wanting for courage

At his conclusion, Stein divulged that bishops all in all like to tell the tales of their advisers.

The Bishop of Augsburg apparently is maneuvered "by advisors" into a situation.

This makes a correction of his poor decision only possible at the price of greater headwinds:
"The courage for that is wanting in him."

  Link to

Photo: © BOGoerlitz, Wikipedia, CC

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pastor of Kopfing in Linz, May Stay!

Edit: if you've been following this, you might be surprised. They don't have anything on this priest and from what says, other Bishops, perhaps even the Holy Father himself, have stepped in to challenge this decision.

This has to be the first time in the post-Conciliar period, that a Bishop has decided to reverse a decision to dismiss a faithful priest.

Bishop Schwarz is taking back the dismissal of the Linz Pastor, Father Andrej Skoblici.

Linz ( Andrej Skoblicki is going to remain the Pastor in Kopfing, located in the province of Upper Austria.  The Diocese of Linz just published this information.

Bishop Ludwig Schwarz has published the following message:

The decision, made public on the 18th of September 2011, that Pastoral Administrator, Father Andrej Skoblicki, would be relieved of his duties in the Parish of Kopfing where he was assigned, has produced a very unusual reaction among the people of the Parish.

The most important reason for my decision, namely that there was a significant concern for the future of the Parish Community of Kopfing and that it endangered its unity, was not understood by many of the Faithful. Although I previously had discussions with participants of the various positions as well as the Parish Administrator himself, I have found a certain misunderstanding for my intention, and this showed itself also in the past days by the deep sadness of many in the Church and those tied to the Parish Administrator throughout the world. The original intention, which concerned the responsibility for leadership of the Parish of Kopfing to bring about peace, was not fulfilled the despite many a call for peaceful coexistence.

A further consideration for the planned and hasty decision depended in the interim on another priest. Unfortunately the candidate, who had originally accepted the task to mediate and reconcile the conflict, had recently withdrawn, for reasons that he chose to accept another situation. I have therefore found, that the foreseen dismissal of Father Andrzej Skoblicki for the 6th of October 2011, is withdrawn.

The Parish Administrator has assured me, that in the coming time he wishes renew his work to assure the good will of all of the people concerned. May the Faithful in Kopfing grow in insight and preparation for the future, also to take the good of others seriously, to bear with one another in patience and through steps of reconciliation as well as mutual esteem, give a witness of the call to be Christian.

Dr. Ludwig Schwarz SDB
Bishop of Linz

As KATH.NET has learned, there was a demonstration planned this weekend in front of the Diocesan Chancery. Now Pastor Skoblicki may remain the Pastor of Kopfing. As KATH.NET also learned there had been discussions on the Episcopal level in the back ground, that the planned ouster of Skoblicki by Schwarz was looked upon with open criticized by other Bishops. At last, Andreas Laun, the Auxiliary Bishop of Salzburg, had addressed the decision and spoke of an "inner-Church persecution of Christians". [It was a clearly self-destructive decision]

Pastor Andreas Skoblicki himself has shown himself to be happy over this decision along with KATH.NET. "This is naturally a new chance for the Parish of Kopfing, because the whole world is looking at us. I hope, that all the Faithful see this as a new chance." Skoblicki also hopes that all people, who call themselves Christians, will now show what it means to be Christian. "Jesus tells us: Love your enemies. All are waiting on and looking at us, and how we will respond. I would like all to say to all the people again, that a good new beginning is possible. We must forgive one another. This is our only chance. The Lord can heal the Parish in this manner."

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This is Your Church on Modernism. Any Questions?

Editor: People indifferent and lackadaisical about Catholicism. People are leaving the Catholic Church in droves. Why not, people need the truth and many administrators have hijacked Catholic education and turned it inside out. "Truth, what's that," they say.

No interest in the religious life. Religious life can be a tremendous sacrifice. Many exemplaires of religious life, however, seem to be little more than overly comfortable academics and social workers.

This is all part of the auto-destruction of the Church, or "church-sponsored" suicide.

Wow, seventy percent of people don't believe in Real Presence...Wow.

Voris spells it out: