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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Berlin's New Archbishop Koch Warns of Fiasco for Cathedral "Renovation"

Edit: reading between the lines, you can tell that he means to destroy more of the Catholic heritage of a predominantly Protestant city.

The new Archbishop Heiner Koch seeks an amicable solution in the controversial renovation of Berlin's St. Hedwig's Cathedral,  because "to renew a building so that it destroys the community, does not make sense."

Berlin ( In the controversial renovation of Berlin's St. Hedwig's Cathedral, the new Archbishop Heiner Koch seeks (Photo) an amicable solution. "To renew a building so that it destroys the community, does not make sense," he said on Wednesday in his first press conference in Berlin. "Then the renovation is a fiasco," said Koch, who was   appointed by Pope Francis to succeed Cardinal Rainer Woelki.

For the renovation and remodeling of the cathedral there is a design that took first place in an architectural competition a year ago. At issue is especially the plan to close the large bottom opening applied 50 years ago in the center of the cathedral with staircase to the lower church. The new Archbishop has to decide on the implementation. 

Koch has  already said he has received many "menacing, sharp" emails on the renovation design. "If you agree to this approach, you will not have many friends," he quoted from it. Koch takes office on 19 September. The designated Archbishop announced that he would "look again exactly" at the plans. At the same time, he stressed,   there was a stress on "urgent action".  Moreover, the competition had been completed, and there were already ​"factual decisions" made.  Moreover, there are different liturgical requirements for the Cathedral today   than 30 years ago.

Even with the also controversial structural reform of the Archdiocese, Koch signaled his willingness to talk. The criticism is particularly the plan, which is to currently combine  105 parishes in Berlin, Brandenburg and Pomerania to around 30 large parishes by 2020. Koch also has received his own words already from letters that clearly made ​​a "tremendous fear of anonymity and homelessness".  

The future archbishop promised "to familiarize himself with the local communities on the way." He defended the foundations initiated by his predecessor for reform: "I can not see that it is factually incorrect."  The question of the best structures should, however, "not be answered uniformly," he conceded at the same time. "Since the archdiocese is too different." But he also warned that he was to reform the structures. They are only the means to an end. The principal issues were "how the Church can fulfill its responsibilities in a changing society." [Get ready for more modernism in Berlin.] (C) 2015 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH. All rights reserved. Photo Bishop Koch (c) Diocese of Dresden / M. Kasiske
Trans: Tancred
Photo: Wiki

From Wiki:

After the Kristallnacht pogroms that took place over the night of 9–10 November 1938, Bernhard Lichtenberg, a canon of the cathedral chapter of St Hedwig since 1931, prayed publicly for Jews in the evening prayer following. Lichtenberg was later jailed by the Nazis and died on the way to the concentration camp at Dachau. In 1965 Lichtenberg's remains were transferred to the crypt at St. Hedwig's.


Monday, June 8, 2015

What Now? After the Death of Commissar Volpi?

(Rome) After the announcement of the death of Father Fidenzio Volpi,Vaticanista Marco Tosatti  asks "What now?"
The Apostolic Commissioner of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, the Capuchin Volpi had suffered a serious stroke at the end of April.  His health has since been very critical, so that the news of his death was wrongly been spread a month ago.
From anonymous websites who were close to the Apostolic Commissioner, or rather the small group of rebels within the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate , who support the provisional government, the false death report was polemically denied. The Secretary-General of the Order, Father Alfonso Bruno said on May 15  no less falsely, Father Volpi stands directly in the forefront of the government of the Order of the Franciscan Friars of the ImmaculateBut  his health never permitted it at any time following the stroke.  Especially Father Alfonso Bruno, the big winner of the provisional administration, became increasingly nervous since the stroke.

Naming of a new commissioner is likely, but  there is also an opportunity for a change of course

The  death of the Apostolic Commissioner has changed the situation abruptly. Therefore, Tossati's question: "What now?" What is the Holy See's reaction? If the provisional administration is to end or will there be a new commissioner? Anyway: Father Bruno can not be certain of his his leading role. An end of the provisional administration seems unlikely. A provisional administration usually lasts at least three years. The religious congregation should appoint a new Commissioner for the remaining time and the final report out in the summer of 2016 to decide whether a General Chapter of the Order can choose a new head of the order.
The naming of  a new Commissioner, however, also makes a change of course in dealing with the Order possible. Had Father Volpi pursued a course of radical devastation, a new commissioner could be benevolent to the Order. Still, however, everything is open.

Commissioner Volpi leaves a field of desolation

Father Volpi leaves the once blooming Order of Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate since July 2013 after only 22 months of provisional administration as a field of desolation. Vocations have plummeted, friars who leave the Order, monasteries have been closed down, the order's own seminary was shut down and the first measure at all, the celebration of the traditional rite has been met  with prohibitions.
While many Catholic orders  in Europe cite a lack of vocations, the Congregation of the Religious have suppressed under the leadership of Cardinal Prefect João Braz de Aviz, one of the most flourishing Orders. Reasons for radical intervention of the young Order is still not known. Behind closed doors were sown notions that  in the Order there were  "crypto lefebvrian" tendencies. See Commissioner Volpi, the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and the SSPX under Pope Francis .
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Osservatore Romano (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Graz Bishop Wages Total War on Behalf of Homosexuality

In the Diocese of Graz-Seckau every erroneous teaching is welcome.  Actually, if a priest criticizes the moral and anti-Church homosexual ideology, the current hireling Bishop will become brutal and abusive.

(, Sankt Veit am Vogau)  The Old Liberal Bishop Egon Kapellari (76) of Graz-Seckau ridicules the Catholic Faith.

At the same time he defends the immoral homosexual ideology as if it were a Dogma of the Church.

Recently, he threatened the pastor of Sankt Veit am Vogau, Fr. Karl Tropper (75) with "ecclesiastical consequences".

This happened according to reports from  Ex-Reichsender [Nazi Radio in Vienna]  Vienna (ORF)  to Austrian journalistoids.

Diocese of Graz:  Homosexuals up From Hell

Fr. Tropper had maintained in an article in the parish newspaper that the homosexual disorder is an "error in drive".

He referred those stricken to the healing of their sexual neuroses.

Last week [16 April] , the Diocese of Graz struck very officially in a press release against the clergyman.

On April 18th, Msgr Kaleppari addressed the situation personally.

Brittle Bishop: "Pastor suffers from the rigidity of old age"

The brittle Bishop was right abusive.

So he portrayed the Bishop publicly as having "rigidity of old age".

If Fr. Tropper cites the moral teachings of the Church once more or cites the Bible, he will be dealt with according to "Church law".

At the same time Msgr Kapellari explained that it is the purpose of the Bishops' Conference, to conduct a  dialog with the anti-Church media and the one man show "Pfarrer Initiative".

In the Conciliar Church There is no Place for the Bible

Fr. Tropper told the newspaper 'Kurier', that no one was discriminated against.  He only stated a basic truth:

"The teaching of the Church has always been against homosexuality.  Homosexuality is a perversion according to the Bible."

The clergyman declares the right "to be able to say what is in the Bible."

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pastor of Kopfing in Linz, May Stay!

Edit: if you've been following this, you might be surprised. They don't have anything on this priest and from what says, other Bishops, perhaps even the Holy Father himself, have stepped in to challenge this decision.

This has to be the first time in the post-Conciliar period, that a Bishop has decided to reverse a decision to dismiss a faithful priest.

Bishop Schwarz is taking back the dismissal of the Linz Pastor, Father Andrej Skoblici.

Linz ( Andrej Skoblicki is going to remain the Pastor in Kopfing, located in the province of Upper Austria.  The Diocese of Linz just published this information.

Bishop Ludwig Schwarz has published the following message:

The decision, made public on the 18th of September 2011, that Pastoral Administrator, Father Andrej Skoblicki, would be relieved of his duties in the Parish of Kopfing where he was assigned, has produced a very unusual reaction among the people of the Parish.

The most important reason for my decision, namely that there was a significant concern for the future of the Parish Community of Kopfing and that it endangered its unity, was not understood by many of the Faithful. Although I previously had discussions with participants of the various positions as well as the Parish Administrator himself, I have found a certain misunderstanding for my intention, and this showed itself also in the past days by the deep sadness of many in the Church and those tied to the Parish Administrator throughout the world. The original intention, which concerned the responsibility for leadership of the Parish of Kopfing to bring about peace, was not fulfilled the despite many a call for peaceful coexistence.

A further consideration for the planned and hasty decision depended in the interim on another priest. Unfortunately the candidate, who had originally accepted the task to mediate and reconcile the conflict, had recently withdrawn, for reasons that he chose to accept another situation. I have therefore found, that the foreseen dismissal of Father Andrzej Skoblicki for the 6th of October 2011, is withdrawn.

The Parish Administrator has assured me, that in the coming time he wishes renew his work to assure the good will of all of the people concerned. May the Faithful in Kopfing grow in insight and preparation for the future, also to take the good of others seriously, to bear with one another in patience and through steps of reconciliation as well as mutual esteem, give a witness of the call to be Christian.

Dr. Ludwig Schwarz SDB
Bishop of Linz

As KATH.NET has learned, there was a demonstration planned this weekend in front of the Diocesan Chancery. Now Pastor Skoblicki may remain the Pastor of Kopfing. As KATH.NET also learned there had been discussions on the Episcopal level in the back ground, that the planned ouster of Skoblicki by Schwarz was looked upon with open criticized by other Bishops. At last, Andreas Laun, the Auxiliary Bishop of Salzburg, had addressed the decision and spoke of an "inner-Church persecution of Christians". [It was a clearly self-destructive decision]

Pastor Andreas Skoblicki himself has shown himself to be happy over this decision along with KATH.NET. "This is naturally a new chance for the Parish of Kopfing, because the whole world is looking at us. I hope, that all the Faithful see this as a new chance." Skoblicki also hopes that all people, who call themselves Christians, will now show what it means to be Christian. "Jesus tells us: Love your enemies. All are waiting on and looking at us, and how we will respond. I would like all to say to all the people again, that a good new beginning is possible. We must forgive one another. This is our only chance. The Lord can heal the Parish in this manner."

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This is Your Church on Modernism. Any Questions?

Editor: People indifferent and lackadaisical about Catholicism. People are leaving the Catholic Church in droves. Why not, people need the truth and many administrators have hijacked Catholic education and turned it inside out. "Truth, what's that," they say.

No interest in the religious life. Religious life can be a tremendous sacrifice. Many exemplaires of religious life, however, seem to be little more than overly comfortable academics and social workers.

This is all part of the auto-destruction of the Church, or "church-sponsored" suicide.

Wow, seventy percent of people don't believe in Real Presence...Wow.

Voris spells it out: