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Monday, September 24, 2012

Will German Bishops Now Demand Pro-Life Ethic from German Politicos?

Edit: now that the German Bishops have assured themselves of a relatively easy income by threatening to effectively excommunicate anyone who doesn't pay the German Church-tax, will they be putting their collective feet down in other areas as well?

How about divorced and remarried, or Catholic politicians who support abortion?

For example, there is the Socialist Vice President Wolfgang Thierse, who had the umbrage to receive Communion in the hand encouraged disobedience to John Paul II's wishes about abortion:

The German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine" and public radio station "WDR" have published extracts of a stern letter in which the Pope orders the German bishops to decree an end to the service of public advisers who help women who want an abortion. "It is right to put an end to complicity in the granting of licenses to kill," Archbishop Johannes Dyba of Fulda said.
The revelations have elicited an immediate reaction from political quarters. Social Democrat Wolfgang Thierse, president of the Bundestag, criticized the Pope's decision and expressed the implicit hope that the bishops will have the courage to disobey.
This is not the first time John Paul II has expressed strong criticism of German legislation on abortion. The interruption of pregnancy is free and unrestricted in Germany during the first three months, but the woman who wants to abort must consult a visit a pregnancy consultation center, that is, a place with social workers, psychologists, doctors and religious experts, where the woman is offered material and social aid to raise and educate the child, should she decide to carry the pregnancy to term
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