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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Vox Populi Vox Dei: Pope Attacked by Hoard of Angry Italians in Twitter Rampage

Pope Francis' tweet that 'migrants are first of all human persons' drew fire online 

‘Take the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to the Vatican and you keep them,' tweeted one 

'Say a few words about Jesus, Mary, the Holy Ghost, the resurrection and Hell'

[Daily Mail] Pope Francis has been bombarded with abuse from Italian Twitter users after urging Catholics to pray for migrants.
'Migrants are first of all human persons, and that they are the symbol of all those rejected by today's globalised society,' the pontiff tweeted on Monday.

But his charitable sentiments garnered him abuse from social media users in Italy.

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Monday, December 21, 2015

The God of Surprises: Papal Audiences and Events Dwindling at Christmas

Edit: this is a photo taken from Osservatore Romano by Caminante of a General Audience on December 5. Their editorial has some interesting observations, as papal audiences shrink to lower than expected numbers.  People aren't breeding like rabbits any more...and that the Romans  are beginning to grow tired of their Argentine cousin.

 Thanks Rorate.

(Image by L'Osservatore Romano, selected by the Argentinian blog Caminante Wanderer Revisited.)

The Slovenian People Resoundingly Reject Aberromarriage

In Slovenia, citizens have rejected same-sex marriage  - and declared themselves against the equality of homosexuals.  Opponents of the law received, according to the State Election Commission, more than the legally required number of 342,000 votes.

The Slovenian parliament had allowed same-sex couples  the right to marry and adopt children nine months ago. The conservative opposition and the Catholic Church had then forced the vote. The vote was also declared by them as a vote of no confidence against the government of Miro Cerar, who proposed permits for marriages of homosexuals.
Church and opposition groups rejected the law because it threatens traditional values ​​in their view. Opponents argue that only a relationship between man and woman could give children a happy upbringing.
BRK / dpa

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