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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Benedictines of Nursia Have Made an Album

(Rome)  The traditional Benedictines of the Cloister of Nursia in central Italy have published a "Christmas Gift" Hymns and Antiphons of the Gregorian Chorale.  The Monks, who have lived just a bit more than twelve years together in the Benedictine Cloister in the home town of the founder of the order, Benedict of Nursia in 480, have made an album with Gregorian music on it.  The 21 pieces may be ordered on the internet site of the Cloister in MP3 and downloaded.  The Prior of the Cloister, Dom Cassiano Folsom OSB, describes it as a "little sign of thanks" for the help of benefactors and friends of the monastic community, which is subject to the Papal Commission Ecclesia Dei.  It was not done like a studio production, but in excerpts of the monks during the liturgical celebrations in the Cloister.

The Benedictines of Nursia celebrate exclusively the Immemorial Mass of All Ages [Which they consistently describe as "extraordinary Form"].  They are also entrusted to other Mass locations in Nursia and beyond in the "Old Rite".

1. Hymnus, Audi Benigne Conditor Nostras
2. Antiphon , Ecce Nunc Tempus Acceptabile
3. Hymnus , Lustris Sex Qui Iam Peractis
4. Antiphon , Scriptum Est Enim
5. Antiphon , Angelus Autem Domini
6. Antiphon , Et Ecce Terræmotus
7. Antiphon , Erat Autem
8. Antiphon , Præ Timore Autem Eius
9. Antiphon , Respondens Autem Angelus
10. Hymnus , Aurora Lucis Rutilat
11. Antiphon , In Illa Die
12. Antiphon , Iucundare filia Sion exsulta
13. Antiphon , Ecce Dominus Noster
14. Antiphon , O Sapientia
15. Hymnus , Conditor Alme Siderum
16. Antiphon , O Admirable Commercio
17. Antiphon , Hodie Cælesti Sponso
18. Hymnus , Æterne Rerum Conditor
19. Hymnus , O Lux Beata Trinitas

Friday, February 10, 2012

Comunitates Iesus Sacerdos et Rex und Agnus Dei -- Two Traditional Societies

(Rome) Father Theodossios of the Cross in the Archdiocese of Genoa founded the Fraternitas Beatissimae Viriginis Mariae with the permission of Cardinal Siri in1968. It is today active in Italy and France and operates numerous contacts to Scandanavia and to the Orient, but above all to Greece. The Society consists of two branches of consecrated life. The men's branch has the name Communitas Sacerdotalis Jesus Sacerdos et Rex and is a Society of Apostolic Life. The female branch is called Comunitas Agnus Dei and is in a canonical sense a religious institute.

The Society originated in the confusion which immediately followed the Second Vatican Council, with the objective, to protect and defend priestly identity and the unadulterated Catholic doctrine of the Faith. "In a time of upheavals and alteration Father Theodossios detected a necessity for renewal in the truth of the great tradition of the Church." He saw the roots of the society in the Apostolic School of St. Pope Pius X.

Close to the defense of the patrimony of the Faith, the concern for the Liturgy is the second column of the Society. The priests of the Society celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass simultaneously in the ordinary as well as in the Immemorial Mass of All Ages of the Roman Rite. They also concern themselves with Gregorian Choral and church music. The Society promotes consecration to Mary above all things.

All members of the Society are consecrated to the Mother of God. The priests operate parishes for the Diocese, in which they are recognized. The sisters devote themselves primarily to the spiritual apostolate as catechists, in the education of children, in hospital service and by spiritual retreats for families, custodians of churches and in service to the sacristy.

The General Superior of the Society at the time, Father Giacomo Maria di Jesus Sacerdos et Rex has his seat in Bagnoregio in the Italian region of Latium about 100 kilometers north of Rome. The male as well as the female branches operate educational institutions and retreat houses.

Comunitas Jesus Sacerdos et Rex
via Fidanza 62
Tel. (0039) 0761 792101
Comunitas Agnus Dei
Piazza S. Agostino 7
Der Sitz der Gemeinschaft in Frankreich:
Comunitas Jesus Sacerdos et Rex
3 rue du Château
F-89660 Mailly le Château
Tel. (0033) 03 86 81 43 63
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: divinavocacion