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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Did Thug Gordon steal the identity of a cartoon character?

When Thug Gordon was finishing up college, Pastor K appeared on King of the Hill as a skateboarding loser turned Youth Minister, who has the Resurrection airbrushed on his ride and sports religious themed tattoos.

Be sure to patronize Motherboards, 'cause notting sez hip Katlick like grindin' da face of Our Lady into the pavement.

Let's hope that he doesn't blow his new found wealth on more ink like a street side beggar when he has mouths to feed.  The potential is there to get really creative.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Mutual Adoration Society

Just leaving this up for the readership's commentary.  The position of EF on these two is well known.

FWIW, Frank Walker isn't afraid of a soy boy punching him in the head

Maybe Thugboy can get a job with Pastor K

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Thug Brother Tim Lies About Being Fired for Criticizing BLM

Edit: He was fired for being sexist, apparently violent and attacking BLM, but there's not a lot of evidence for it prior to him being fired. What an Alpha, he deleted the tweets where he did recommend hard tactics against them. His fruity buddy Zmirak is even joking about emptying clips. LOL  

Thanks to Michael Warning.

Thug Brother Tim is on Glenn Cuck this morning.  That's kind of gay, tbh.



Thursday, June 4, 2020

Breaking: Slandering Thug Brother Fired From Job for Hate Speech

Edit: bummer dude.  Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

by: Robert Price Posted: Jun 4, 2020 / 06:19 PM PDT / Updated: Jun 4, 2020 / 07:08 PM PDT

Garces Memorial High School has apparently dismissed a theology teacher after more than 100 students, parents and alumni signed an online petition complaining that he’s been spreading “unacceptable messages of ignorance and hate” on social media and in the classroom.

Garces teacher Timothy Gordon has some strong opinions about Black Lives Matter, about sexual orientation and about street violence, and they seem to have cost him his job.

Americans watch, and in many cases participate in the marches for social justice taking place in their communities, viewing them through the lens of their own experiences and biases. Gordon is no different in that regard. He expresses those views often too — on Twitter, Instagram and in his own regular webcast, Rules for Retrogrades.


Thursday, May 30, 2019

Taylor Marshall and Tim Gordon Slander E. Michael Jones

Update/up 17:12 GMT:

Update: here’s the video. I felt he was being a little hard on Voris, but I’m sure Voris can take it.

Inb4 anyone does a Taylor Marshal and tone polices this blog, I want to point out that he’s the one who’s shooting at Catholics for no good reason and carrying water for George Soros. He’s worse than Mark Shea.

Edit: like a creeping viper, Taylor Marshall moves in to devour another promising Catholic apostolate. A few years ago, he managed to get a small, rare Catholic Liberal arts school in Texas shut down because he didn’t like the tone of his fellow faculty members, so he joined forces with the local ordinary to get the Mass shut down on the basis of some fairly shaky accusations on Marshall’s part.  AKA Catholic’s take was very charitable, and the thing was also covered
At Rorate as well as this blog.

Now he and his new foil, Tim Gordon (Butthead), are aiming their sites at the prolific polymath, E. Michael Jones.  Gordon started out by accusing Jones of calling mother Angelica a lesbian, and Jones took to a video to contradict this false witness.  At that point Marshall did what he does and flagged Jones for copyright.  What kind of Opus Dei snake flags someone’s youtube because it makes them look bad?  Could it be Taylor Marshall, who’s finding E. Michael Jones’ tone and very Catholic teaching about the perfidious Jewish nation to be too much?

Things are heating up on the Twitter and Facebooks!

Taylor Marshall must be doing it wrong because his channels never get flagged.