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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bishop blesses new Catholic church in east Fort Myers

1:10 A.M. — Worshippers packed the chapel of their new church Saturday at Jesus Obrero Catholic Mission, eager for their first Mass in the building.

Bishop Frank Dewane of the Diocese of Venice made his way to the altar through a sea of believers, where he presided over the night’s service.

Arched windows lined the walls of the Colonial Latin American-style building.
“Man, it’s beautiful,” said Daniel Juarez, 42, one of the church’s 3,500 parishioners. “Maybe it’s more than we expected.”

The 16,000-square-foot building on Nuna Avenue in east Fort Myers replaced the 25-year-old, worn-out chapel that sits next door. The new building seats about 1,300, although many had to stand for the Mass,

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More Anglican priests to join Catholic Church

BBC News

Seven Anglican priests and 300 members of six congregations are to join a new section of the Catholic Church, the Catholic Diocese of Brentwood says.

The move involves three parishes in Essex, and three in east London.

It is the largest influx to date into the Ordinariate, which Pope Benedict established for Church of England members unhappy over issues such as the ordination of women.

Three former Anglican bishops have been appointed to lead the Ordinariate.

Ordinariates allow Anglicans opposed to developments including women bishops, gay clergy and same-sex blessings to convert to Rome while maintaining some of their traditions.

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Is The Catholic Church the New Whipping Boy?

Prof. Hudson McLean

Are some writers in LankaWeb running out of material and imagination, and turning to thunder the Catholic Church as a whole, with the presumption of collaborating with the Hindu led LTTE Terrorists to resurrect the Tamil Eelam in North East of Sri Lanka?

Agreed that many of the Tamil Catholic priests and a couple of Tamil Catholic Bishops sympathised with the LTTE. However to assume now HH Pope in Rome has got his hand into the terrorist pot, with the Canadian Catholics using Tamil LTTE, as the “front”, is way, way out.

In my personal opinion, the Sinhala Catholics in Sri Lanka in general, have never ever favoured a partition of the Island. The Sinhala Catholics are as patriotic as any other Buddhist, with the possible exception of some Tamil Christians and Tamil Catholics, who have favoured a LTTE led divided Sri Lanka.

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