Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is The Catholic Church the New Whipping Boy?

Prof. Hudson McLean

Are some writers in LankaWeb running out of material and imagination, and turning to thunder the Catholic Church as a whole, with the presumption of collaborating with the Hindu led LTTE Terrorists to resurrect the Tamil Eelam in North East of Sri Lanka?

Agreed that many of the Tamil Catholic priests and a couple of Tamil Catholic Bishops sympathised with the LTTE. However to assume now HH Pope in Rome has got his hand into the terrorist pot, with the Canadian Catholics using Tamil LTTE, as the “front”, is way, way out.

In my personal opinion, the Sinhala Catholics in Sri Lanka in general, have never ever favoured a partition of the Island. The Sinhala Catholics are as patriotic as any other Buddhist, with the possible exception of some Tamil Christians and Tamil Catholics, who have favoured a LTTE led divided Sri Lanka.

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