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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

St. Josemaria Escriva Didn't Want to Say New Mass

Edit: a few Saints have profanity in their correspondence. St. Josemaria certainly does. Although this may scandalize some Opus Dei members, we were edified by it. And although he was the first to say the New Mass, he did in fact say it -- probably once -- he was also the first to apply for an Indult.

An early collaborator of St. Josemaria Escriva--the first saint to ever celebrate the NOM-- relates the following story: It was in the heady days of the Second Vatican Council, probably after 1965. St. Josemaria Escriva had dutifully learned the New Mass promulgated by Pope Paul VI in the wake of the Second Vatican Council and said it for the first time.

The report is that he fretted in saying it. He found it so exasperating that after putting his vestments away, he hurried to his office to call the Office of Rites in order to request an Indult. Upon describing the Mass to his interlocutor, he said with some vehemence, "what is this shit?"

Shortly after his discussion, he continued saying the Mass he'd always said, having acquired the necessary Indult and we are told he never said the New Mass as part of his private Liturgy again.

"While it may be impossible to verify the details, it is well known that St. Josemaria applied very for an indult very early on, and did not say the NOM in his later life."

Picture was found, here.