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Monday, October 28, 2019

Archdiocese Denies it Owns Latin Mass Chapel Where Occult Event Was Set to Take Place

Edit: We just received an e-mail from someone associated with Santa Fe Archdiocese. Apparently, the occult event planned for that Latin Mass site has nothing to do with the Archdiocese:

The Archdiocese neither arranged for nor approved this event; indeed, we were only made aware of it this morning when e-mails came streaming in.
The Archdiocese no longer owns or directly controls the chapel of San Miguel; rather, it is now cared for by a private entity which states that there was some miscommunication with those who proposed such an event.  They assure us that the event is indeed canceled.

Blessings to you,
Fr. Glenn Jones

It’s the oldest still-standing Catholic church in the United States.
It dates back to 1598 — when it was built over an ancient sacred “kiva” (spot for Indian spiritual ceremonies).
It is the San Miguel Mission in Santa Fe.
The origiImage result for San Miguel Mission in Santa Fenal church can still be glimpsed through holes in the wall and altar floor and this place, at least to some, has more of a spiritual feeling than any other in the city.
On the altar is a statue of the Archangel Michael, who is also represented on a 400-year-old buffalo skin, and in the back, beneath a sloping choir loft, is a large bell that was imported from Spain and constructed in the 1300s.

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