Monday, October 28, 2019

Archdiocese Denies it Owns Latin Mass Chapel Where Occult Event Was Set to Take Place

Edit: We just received an e-mail from someone associated with Santa Fe Archdiocese. Apparently, the occult event planned for that Latin Mass site has nothing to do with the Archdiocese:

The Archdiocese neither arranged for nor approved this event; indeed, we were only made aware of it this morning when e-mails came streaming in.
The Archdiocese no longer owns or directly controls the chapel of San Miguel; rather, it is now cared for by a private entity which states that there was some miscommunication with those who proposed such an event.  They assure us that the event is indeed canceled.

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Fr. Glenn Jones

It’s the oldest still-standing Catholic church in the United States.
It dates back to 1598 — when it was built over an ancient sacred “kiva” (spot for Indian spiritual ceremonies).
It is the San Miguel Mission in Santa Fe.
The origiImage result for San Miguel Mission in Santa Fenal church can still be glimpsed through holes in the wall and altar floor and this place, at least to some, has more of a spiritual feeling than any other in the city.
On the altar is a statue of the Archangel Michael, who is also represented on a 400-year-old buffalo skin, and in the back, beneath a sloping choir loft, is a large bell that was imported from Spain and constructed in the 1300s.

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Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, 8th March 1866 in "The Israelite of America": “Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end..." "The truth must be repeated over and over again ...This was the first time that masons in Germany invited chosen msm, at least for the first 15 minutes, to tout their ritualistic old "Egyptian" mumbo jumbo under the pretext of "wanting to open (themselves) increasingly to society". They are no longer hiding because they fancy having already succeeded in creating their f****** world order. In addition this took place on Michealmas Day in a rented Christian church, which is the most famous Protestant church of Hamburg and dedicated to Saint Michael! Did you notice similar occurrences in your respective countries?

The photo above registers the presence of Freemasons of the State of Pernanbuco, Brazil, surrounding Bishop Bernardino Marchio of Caruaru at his Cathedral after Sunday Mass on December 21, 2008.

On June 25, 2009, Bishop Lelis Lara of Itabira, State of Minas Gerais, gave a lecture in the Masonic Lodge of that city. Bishop Lara, above center standing, is also a canon law counselor to the Brazilian Conference of Bishops. The speech, open to the public, was about the relations between the Catholic Church and Masonry.

Today (09/29/2016) is the day observed by early Freemasons as the FALL FESTIVAL, also known as MICHAELMAS, in commemoration of the Feast of St. Michael. It is one of the four early Masonic assemblies aligned to the solstices and equinoxes, when Masonic communications and activities were made. The other days were the Summer Festival or the Feast of St. John the Baptist (June 24); the Winter Festival or the Feast of St. John the Evangelist (December 27, but usually celebrated during Christmas due to its close proximity to the date); and the Spring Festival, also called Lady Day, in commemoration of the Feast of the Annunciation (March 25).

Masses in Brazil for the Day of the Freemason - I
Above you see four Freemasons - from the left, an apprentice, two companions and a master. In their center is a Catholic priest, Fr. Geraldo Magela Silva, parish priest of Our Lady of the Conception Church in the city of Bom Jardim (Nice Garden), in the State of Pernambuco, Northeast of Brazil. The four Masons are in front of the altar and hold their symbols - a square, hammer and compass - while their grand master addresses the congregation with a short speech. August 20, 2012.

According to a recent news report released by the Grand Orient of Brazil (GOB), Pope Benedict XVI has chosen the latest member for the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences. The new favorite of Pope Ratzinger is Prof. Vanderlei Bagnato of the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Bagnato, a known member of Freemasonry, stated he was honored to be chosen.

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