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Friday, July 1, 2016

Cardinal Napier Slams Cardinal Marx: "Political Correctness is the Main Heresy of Today"

Update: he quickly backpedaled when Skojek tweeted him and returned to his 2004 self.

The Archbishop of Durban rejects Cardinal Marx's claim, the Church should apologize to homosexuals and regard same-sex unions positively.

Durban ( With a pithy remark Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, Archbishop of Durban (South Africa), rejected Cardinal Reinhard Marx's demand that the Church should ask for the "forgiveness of homosexuals."

Cardinal Marx had said at a conference in Dublin, that the Catholic Church had "till a very short time ago" had a "very negative" disposition toward homosexual people. This is allegedly "scandalous and horrible". The Archbishop of Munich and Freising had demanded that the Church should apologize to homosexuals.

A same-sex partnership can not be "worthless" if it has continued over a number of years and both partners are faithful to each other. The Church must "respect" the decisions of people and it is for the state to recognize homosexual unions and giving them similar rights as married couples, Marx had said.

The of Nigerian Pro-Lifer Obianuju Ekeocha had twitted the report by the Irish Times about Cardinal Marx. Cardinal Napier then responded via Twitter: "God help us! Next, we should apologize that we call adultery a sin! Political Correctness is the main heresy today!"

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Edit: We wonder if he's changed since recent years, as he was in 2004, very much in denial of the problem of aberrosexual clergy in his own conference and hostile to the Latin Mass, from Christian Order.  Vox Cantor also noted a twitter slapdown.  Perhaps he has been revising himself and revisiting the Gospels?


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Criticism of an Archbishop: "Some Catholics Show No Faith in the Real Presence of Christ"

(Johannesburg) The South African Archbishop of Johannesburg, Buti Joseph Tlhagale, an Oblate of Mary Immaculate , better known in Germany as Hünfelder Oblaten, expressed shock at the behavior of believers before the Blessed Sacrament. Some believers would show "no faith in the real presence" of Christ, said the archbishop. Many did not even knew that you make at the Sign of the Cross with holy water entering a house of God, let alone what this act means. Or that one kneels to the tabernacle in the church before Christ, not even that, before the Lord present in the tabernacle to genuflect when entering and leaving the church. "A very sensible African archbishop," says noted historian of the Spanish Church and Catholic blogger Francisco de la Cigoña on.

The report of a sermon by Archbishop Tlhagale was published by the Fraternity de Cristo Sacerdote y Santa María Reina (Brotherhood of Christ Priest and Queen Mary). The Fraternity was canonically erected in 2009 as a religious community. It is of priests, brothers and lay people. Among its special charisms is care of the sacred liturgy as it belongs to the Extraordinary Form [Immemorial] of the Roman Rite ( see separate report ).

Archbishop Tlhagale also criticized the removal of the kneelers. Thus the faithful are impelled, almost forced to receive standing when receiving Communion. "Our churches are market places partly before and after Mass, because we banish the Blessed Sacrament to a secluded area and because we lose the awareness of the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. We've given up the peace and pious atmosphere in the churches."

Therefore, the Archbishop of Johannesburg recommends returning the tabernacle back to the center of the altar and recovering the practice of genuflecting and silence in the church. He praised the priests who pray together before the altar before and after Mass. It is for the priests, says the Archbishop, to promote Eucharistic adoration and to disseminate and publish the documents of the Church on the Holy Eucharist.

Church law requires fasting at least one hour before receiving Holy Communion. "The chewing gum in your mouth during Holy Mass is just disgusting," says Archbishop Tlhagale.

The Chief Shepherd of Johannesburg also criticized the way some bring Holy Communion will put the sick. The consecrated Hosts were handed to lay people who meet on the way to the hospital, and any acquaintances or friends and hold idle conversations or go on down the road quickly to the supermarket for shopping: and all this with the Lord. If they do not reach the patient, they would simply take the Lord home instead of bringing Him back into the church.

Monsignor was Tlhagale was Archbishop of Bloemfontein 1999-2003. In 2003 Pope John Paul II appointed him the bishop of the Diocese of Johannesburg and at the same time, ad personam, Archbishop. Pope Benedict XVI. raised Johannesburg to an archdiocese in 2007. Since then, Archbishop Msgr Tlaghale has been in the South African capital.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Santa Maria Reina
Translation: Tancred


Monday, December 7, 2009

South African Government's Oppressive Tactics: Civil War Brewing

Bishop calls for immediate release of ‘Kennedy 13’
Monday, 7th December 2009. 12:05pm

By: George Conger .

The Bishop of Natal has issued a plea for the immediate release of the “Kennedy 13”, claiming the men are political prisoners jailed for “speaking the truth to the power” of the ANC government in KwaZulu-Natal.

On Nov 16, Bishop Rubin Phillip and 40 other Natal clergy gathered outside of the magistrate’s court in Durban to protest the arrest of 13 members of homeless movement Abahlali baseMjondolo.

The accused have been “in prison for two months without trial - two months in prison without any evidence being presented to a court and without a decision on bail. This is a moral and legal outrage that amounts to detention without trial by means of delay,” the bishop said and “borders on unlawful detention.”

In September an armed mob allegedly led by ANC militants attacked the Kennedy Road shanty town, killing four, seizing property and driving many residents from their homes --- while police allegedly watched. After the attack the police arrested 13 of the victims of the violence, arraigning them for attacking themselves.

The attack and the response to the attack by the police and government leaders in KwaZulu-Natal make it “patently clear that there was a political dimension to the attack and that the response of the police has been to pursue that political agenda rather than justice,” the bishop charged.

The “days of the political prisoner” did not end with the apartheid era, Bishop Phillip warned. The detention of the Kennedy 13 and the magistrate’s refusal to hold a bail hearing shows “that this is quite clearly a political trial in which the rules that govern the practice of justice are not being followed.”

He called for “people of conscience outside of the state to join us as we set up an independent inquiry into the attack on Kennedy Road on September 26; the subsequent demolition of the houses of Abahlali baseMjondolo members, the ongoing threats to Abahlali baseMjondolo members, the role of the police, politicians and courts in this matter.”

On Nov 17 Archbishop Thabo Makgoba endorsed Bishop Phillip’s call for justice for the Kennedy 13, calling on the ANC and the government to “take practical steps to reassure us of their commitment to the democratic rights of shack dwellers."

Democracy in South Africa was “being lacerated by the attacks” on the people of the Kennedy Road, the Archbishop said. “Like the Psalmist, I lament with you and pray that you will not lose hope, and that justice with mercy will be possible in your lifetimes.

“I plead with both Minister Jeff Radebe and President Zuma to usher in democracy for all in South Africa, including these displaced, hurting people of God, who are experiencing neither the freedoms nor the fruits of our democracy,” Archbishop Makgoba said.

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