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Friday, July 1, 2016

Cardinal Napier Slams Cardinal Marx: "Political Correctness is the Main Heresy of Today"

Update: he quickly backpedaled when Skojek tweeted him and returned to his 2004 self.

The Archbishop of Durban rejects Cardinal Marx's claim, the Church should apologize to homosexuals and regard same-sex unions positively.

Durban ( With a pithy remark Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, Archbishop of Durban (South Africa), rejected Cardinal Reinhard Marx's demand that the Church should ask for the "forgiveness of homosexuals."

Cardinal Marx had said at a conference in Dublin, that the Catholic Church had "till a very short time ago" had a "very negative" disposition toward homosexual people. This is allegedly "scandalous and horrible". The Archbishop of Munich and Freising had demanded that the Church should apologize to homosexuals.

A same-sex partnership can not be "worthless" if it has continued over a number of years and both partners are faithful to each other. The Church must "respect" the decisions of people and it is for the state to recognize homosexual unions and giving them similar rights as married couples, Marx had said.

The of Nigerian Pro-Lifer Obianuju Ekeocha had twitted the report by the Irish Times about Cardinal Marx. Cardinal Napier then responded via Twitter: "God help us! Next, we should apologize that we call adultery a sin! Political Correctness is the main heresy today!"

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Edit: We wonder if he's changed since recent years, as he was in 2004, very much in denial of the problem of aberrosexual clergy in his own conference and hostile to the Latin Mass, from Christian Order.  Vox Cantor also noted a twitter slapdown.  Perhaps he has been revising himself and revisiting the Gospels?