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Thursday, August 16, 2018

It’s Sort of O.K. to Promote GLBT-P in Motherwell Diocese — God Help You If You Oppose It

Edit: we checked the Motherwell Diocesan webpage and found Father Mathew Despard still listed as a  priest, but has no Parish. Well, as he appealed to Rome, the canonical decision was partly reversed, but was kicked back to Bishop Joseph Toal who has, we are informed by the Chancellor, will not reinstate Father Despard unless he does what Toal wants him to do. Apparently, the conditions set for reinstatement to his benefice is too high, and Father will continue in what is effectively the loss of his clerical state.

While the Catholic Church has been suspending clergy for sounding the alarm, or trying to make amends for the damage being done as Father Mark Morris, who held a rosary in reparation for a GLBT-P event, it has been turning a blind eye or mildly rebuking others like Motherwell’s own Father Paul Morton, whom the Bishop has reinstated after 2015 .  It’s fortunate for Father Paul that all he did was criticize the obscurantism of his priestly colleague, instead of rebuking GLBT-P depravity, for he would surely be facing suspension a divinis now.

One wonders if Cardinal O’Brien would have kept silent about GLBT-P, that he would also have retained his place of honor in today’s modern Church. Some will recall that there was a firestorm of anger from former clergy boyfriends and victims of the Archbishop when he defended traditional marriage.

Life Site Rememebers Father Mathew Despard in its recent story:

Also in 2013, Father Matthew Despard of the Motherwell diocese self-published a book called Priesthood in Crisis in which he alleged the existence of a “gay mafia” among Scottish clergy. He claimed they had bullied him, among others. Condemning the book as defamatory, Bishop Toal rebuked Despard and eventually removed him from his parish ministry.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Courageous Monk Preaching to Heretics in Scotland -- Black Hermits

Edit: this is a truly amazing and authentic Christian witness in one of the darkest places in the earth. Someone in Scotland must be doing some powerful prayer to be fortunate enough to have such apostles in their midst. At one point, they were being thrown out of their housing, because of their "anti-gay" views as of 2015.  They appear to be absolutely fearless.

AN anti-gay Catholic monk sparked an unholy row when he barged his way into a church service screaming: “This is a synagogue of sin.”
Fanatical Damon Kelly, who leads a bizarre sect known as the Black Hermits, claimed he was “doing God’s work” by disrupting the Sunday prayers at two churches in Argyllshire.

Damon Kelly stormed into two churches shocking worshippers as he ranted he was doing “God’s work”

And yesterday as he appeared at Dunoon Sheriff Court the 54-year-old dodged jail as he ARGUED with a sheriff in the dock.
The court heard how the 54-year-old who was staying at a hotel in the town charged into St John’s Presbyterian Church dressed in black robes shouting and ranting in front of shocked churchgoers, the town’s sheriff court.
Then hours later he caused another rammy as Church of Scotland parishioners at a kirk in nearby Kirn were worshipping.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mercenary Shepherd Casting Out Catholic Hermits for Teaching Truth About Aberrosexualism in England

Edit: just look at the seething ire of this article.  It's fairly easy to see that the Tablet approves of the course of action being taken by the "Catholic" ordinary.  The state is going after them and their ordinary.  Kyrie Eleison!
Three hermits living in a presbytery in the Diocese of Northampton say they have been asked to leave by the bishop following complaints about the behaviour of one of their number who regularly preaches and leaflets against homosexuality. 
The self-styled [sic] “Black Hermits” led by Br Damon Kelly say they have been told they have until 20 July to leave the presbytery at St Patrick’s, Millais Road, Corby. 
Br Damon was arrested last December under Section 5 of the Public Order Act for issuing leaflets that were considered by Cambridge police to be of a homophobic nature but did not constitute a criminal offence. His lawyer has said distributing material on the street is protected by freedom of speech although it is understood Brother Damon enters private property to put leaflets through letterboxes.

NB the order is registered in Scotland for tax purposes. Thanks to a kind reader who corrected us.

Link to Table...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Scottish Priest Being Bullied for Writing Book About Gomorrist Bullying

Edit: Father Mathew Despard has been suspended for only putting in writing what so many of us already know.  The book, available on Amazon, is in part about homosexual bullying in the Catholic Church.  Father was outside the parish church before a Mass in which the Bishop announced his decision to bully the priest.  The People of God expressed their opinion of this injustice by walking out of the church.

The book has been removed from Amazon in the UK.

Of course, we've been talking about homosexual bullying for a while now here on this blog.

The furious congregation of a church has walked out in protest after the suspension of their parish priest.

Only a handful of parishioners remained yesterday to take mass at St John Ogilvie's Church in High Blantyre with Archdiocese of Motherwell acting Bishop Joseph Toal after Father Matthew Despard was removed from his ministry the night before.

Before they went into church, people signed a petition calling for the reinstatement of Father Despard, suspended for writing a controversial memoir that claimed there is a culture of homosexual bullying in the Catholic Church.

When Bishop Toal, accompanied by Father William Nolan, tried to take mass, Geraldine Penches said she wanted to make a statement, and received a roar of applause from the congregation in a packed church.

Her short statement referred to Father Despard as "a very honest man" and said: "This is more scandal to rock the Catholic Church which has to be hushed up.

"Because Father tells the truth he is removed from his priestly duties. We the people are the church, not the bishops. When people said on Saturday night they wouldn't return, the Bishop said we'll close the church. I don't think Pope Francis would be very pleased with that."

Imgage and story...

Order book on

Also read 

[Scottish News] “The Catholic Church here in Scotland, and I am ashamed to admit this, has justified itself to Catholic papers by telling lie after lie, denying charges that are true, and claiming they have been defamed when the facts reported in the press are quite simply true.”

The priest’s shocking revelations will be another blow to the Church hierarchy, already reeling from the claims that Cardinal O’Brien tried to seduce a number of trainee priests.

The 74-year-old quit as Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh after the accusations by former and serving priests emerged.

Fr Despard says in his book that he was the victim of inappropriate approaches during his time as a seminarian.

Scotland is Introducing "Gay Marriage", Although the Majority is Against -- Even "Jedi Marriage"

(Edinburgh) On Thursday, the Scottish Parliament will vote on the recognition of "gay marriage". There is little doubt that the bill has  a majority in Parliament, although a clear majority of Scots is against it. Thus Scotland follows the specification of the British Prime Minister David Cameron, who has already  legalized "gay marriage".
According to Daily Mail, 86 of the 128 MPs want to vote for the bill, which is thus directed to the appropriate Commission. This will work out the details and in a year as the House will make a final decision about it.

The End of Freedom of Speech

According to the initiative committee for the protection of marriage and family Scotland for Marriage,  the new law will restrict freedom of expression.  Limitations on fundamental and human rights of free speech for opponents of "gay marriage": "The promises of the government to guarantee the freedom of expression of those who oppose the law have proven to be empty words. It takes  clear, unequivocal and legally established safeguards to protect the civil rights of the majority of Scots who do not want this bill. "

Majority of Scots against "Gay Marriage"

Parliament wants to pass a law that is rejected by a large majority of Scots.  In the largest poll ever conducted in Scotland, more than two thirds of the 77,000 respondents were against the introduction of "gay marriage". The opinion has not effected the political level. There is hardly a party that can escape the gay [Gomorrist] ideology.  Scotland Prime Minister Alex Salmond, a Leftist Nationalist  wants to sign  the government bill into law.

Jedi wedding

In order to legalize "gay marriage", the definition of marriage needs to be changed. Thus begins a domino effect that destroys the legal foundations of marriage and therefore the family. In addition to the recognition of Church and civil weddings and registered partnerships, there a third category is to be created which may be called "Belief Marriage " . The National Presbyterian Church of Scotland protested the "arbitrariness" and described the introduction of a third category as "non-sense". This third category can make any arbitrary claims for rite, which is why Scotland there is  talk of "Jedi Marriage".   If the "Jedi believers" created their own wedding ceremony, it would be acknowledged, relying on the new Scottish marriage definition.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Translation: Tancred


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Insight on Resignation of Cardinal O’Brien by Militant Catholic

Edit: don’t forget that the Scottish Cardinal was exposed by other aberrosexuals among his priests, who were apparently outraged by the otherwise Old Liberal Cardinal’s statements against the evils of that sin.

These priests don’t sound like victims, they sound like willing participants who decided to discredit the Cardinal long after the fact of their interaction.  If this is the case, they should resign.

Also recall this in relation to Father Dariusz Oko’s ongoing research about a satanic lavender mafia working behind the scenes.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Scotish Bishop Meets Sectarian Leader About Homosexual Sectarianism

Edit: you mean the sectarianism of homosexual groups who want unrestricted and eager acceptance of whatever it is they do by society at large? The author of this piece shows great sagacity in identifying the problem:

However, confusion now reigns as to what is a sectarian offence. First Minister Salmond said a clause guaranteeing freedom of speech would be inserted into the legislation, while details of past sectarian-related incidents would be published. He said this would continue on an on-going basis.

The Bishop is still concerned about same-sex marriage in Scotland.

Speaking after his October 6 meeting with First Minister Alex Salmond of Scotland, Catholic Bishop Philip Tartaglia of Paisley said, “I am grateful to the First Minister, for the opportunity to have raised these matters with him in a personal way. I share the concerns of the Scottish Government that sectarianism should be eradicated from Scottish society. Fears that the wide remit of the ‘Offensive Behaviour Bill’ might impinge on the freedom to hold and express otherwise inoffensive views appear to have been recognised and are being addressed.”

Bishop Tartaglia added, “I particularly welcome the First minister’s commitment to track and analyse sectarian crime on an on-going basis using all data relating to Section 74 of the Criminal Justice Scotland Act 2003. Clearly, we cannot tackle a problem without first measuring it.”

Bishop Tartaglia concluded, “Our discussions also afforded me an opportunity to reiterate the Catholic Bishops’ publicly stated commitment to “strenuously oppose” any moves towards ‘same sex marriage’. This matter remains unresolved for the moment since the consultation is on-going. I thank the First minister for his assurance that the Government has not reached a final decision on this issue.” The bishop’s statement followed an October 6 meeting with First Minister Salmond concerning legislation now being considered in Scotland’s parliament that seeks to abolish sectarian threats and violence.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Dramatic increase in Scottish Mass attendance since Holy Father’s visit

By admin, on October 4th, 2010
The Edinburgh Evening News reports that since Pope Benedict’s one day visit to Scotland there has been a dramatic increase in attendance at Sunday Mass.

Local priests told the local newspaper that some Masses over the weekend, the first since the Pope concluded his state visit, had been standing-room-only, with some crowds even spilling out into the streets.

Fr. Michael Henesy, a priest at the large parish of St. Patrick’s in the Old Town, said he believed the reinvigorating effect would continue beyond the immediate impact of the visit. “People were commenting on the increase of our congregation at the weekend,” he said. “The visit overall has been a tremendous boost for us and will have a lasting effect.”

The Evening News reported that “hundreds more” parishioners, and possibly new inquirers, were attending Masses at Catholic churches around Edinburgh.

Read further at Protect the Pope...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Discontent with Pope's Visit to England from "many" Anglicans

Surely, Scotland's Bishops aren't too happy about hosting Benedict. They're too busy doing everything but ensuring that their sheep know the Catholic Faith. Just what is it that they are enthused about besides banal liturgy and uninspiring leadership? Even the Anglicans aren't that hostile and Sky News is at a loss to drum up the kind of hostility John Paul II experienced from the Church of Scotland in 1982.

Are there really Anglicans who have taken the time out of their days being discontented with the Pope's visit? We don't think so.

There is discontent in some parts [Please name them] of the Anglican Church about Pope Benedict XVI’s visit later this year.

Many see the Pope as exploiting the invitation as an opportunity to sleight the history of the Church of England, which split from Rome in the 16th century.

Perhaps this would be the most sensible action of the Pope, at a time when the Church of England seems to be in difficulty. Last year, Benedict coaxed discontented Anglicans to quit and come over to his Roman Catholic denomination, which was regarded by some to be rude, at worse, and impolite, at best.


In 1982 some members of the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly railed against John Paul as the “Anti-Christ”. Will there be demonstrations at the gates of Balmoral in September?

Probably not.

Nor is there likely to be much protest from Anglicans, who will probably be prayerful; just as the Archbishop of Canterbury always seems to be – no matter what happens.

Read the entire article...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Defacto Schism in Scotland

Clerical Whispers and the Scottish Bishops talk about there being a lack of interest in the Immemorial Rite of the Mass in Scotland, but others are seeing a lack of enthusiasm in the Scottish Episcopacy for everything up to and including orthodoxy.

The Clerical Whispers blog entitles its most recent entry about the Pope's visit is misleadingly, "Just a fraction of catholics wants a Traditional Latin Mass." The mistaken view is supplemented by some suspiciously unannotated and unscientific "data:"

But the Archdiocese of Glasgow says there is little appetite for traditional Tridentine mass in Latin among worshippers, with only 0.05% in favour.

Some statements by a few liberal geezers of the clerical type:

Father Tom Boyle, treasurer of the Archdiocese of Paisley, said: “There has never been a great demand for it as far as I am aware.

“Unlike other parts of the world, the church in Scotland has never been polarised on this.”

Canon Donald MacKay, of St Columba’s Cathedral in Oban, said there was more support for a Gaelic mass than a Latin mass among parishioners.

Canon Edward Glackin, of the Diocese of Motherwell, said he conducted one weekday Latin mass, which had an attendance of 25 to 30, compared to the 1000 who attend mass on Sunday.

On the other hand, James MacMillan was concerned about the issue, and too mildly proceeded in defense of the Mass, saying:

“The low numbers mentioned by the Archdiocese would indicate that they don’t know what the issues are.

“They don’t know what they are missing or what the higher standards of liturgy can be. It would be a shame if Scottish Catholics were denied it through a basic disobedience of The Vatican.”

He said Latin mass had the ability to reduce the “slovenliness and banality” found in some services, stressing the issue was not a division between Latin or new mass, but the need to “make liturgy better”.

But there were other voices, indeed another view brought out by the Scotland Herald, whose article entitled, "Depth of Rift amongst Catholics over church worship", stands in stark contrast to the article by Clerical Whispers. The Scotland Herald article itself challenged the erroneous view of the Scottish Bishops on the matter of whether or not there's much demand for the Traditional Mass, or whether or not they are enthused about anything, much less the upcoming Papal visit. It dutifully cites Damian Thompson's critique of the Scottish Bishops, which was challenged by the spokesman of the Archdiocese of Glasgow, whose view was ultimately, and finally challenged by Patricia McKreever, the authoress of the Catholic Truth blog. The exchange and the contrast between the renditions of the issue points to a unfolding development of greater control of information on the part of conservative (or Traditionalist) laity and control of the perceptions and who controls them. Once again, we're seeing that the new medium of the internet is making it difficult for episcopal liberals to control how they're perceived, and more importantly, it is increasingly difficult for them to distort the facts for their agendas, in this case, ignoring Vatican commands as far as the Immemorial Mass and Summorum Pontificum is concerned.

According to Damian Thompson, a commentator on the UK Catholic Church, many Scottish bishops were close to retirement and set in their ways, with some preferring that the Pope did not come to Scotland.

But Ronnie Convery, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Glasgow, describes such claims as imaginative and uninformed.

In a separate letter to The Herald, he writes it was “spectacularly wide of the mark” to state that Scottish bishops did not want the Papal visit “because they are too old and can’t be bothered; too trendy and can’t cope with the Pope’s liturgical preferences or too sensitive and don’t want to upset the ecumenical or interfaith applecart”.

However, Patricia McKeever, editor of The Catholic Truth, claims apathy amongst Catholic bishops extends beyond the visit. She writes: “What informed, orthodox Catholics want now is a complete clear-out of the Episcopal palaces because the current crop are apathetic about a great deal more than just the Pope’s forthcoming visit to Scotland.

“The Scots bishops, without exception, ignore important directives from the Vatican. The Scottish bishops operate independently of Rome. We will continue to press for that Episcopal clear-out, before, during and after the Papal visit.”

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Glasgow's Archbishop criticizes Modern Art

Modern art is paganised and increasingly reflects a culture of death, Archbishop Mario Conti of Glasgow has said.

He was speaking a day after the Pope met more than 250 artists at the Sistine Chapel in Rome, urging them to embark on a "quest for beauty".

Archbishop Conti said in his homily at a Mass for artists in Glasgow that a lot of modern art was "incoherent and dispiriting".

He said: "If we can legitimately speak of a culture of death, much art reflects it: the body is defaced; the marital act prostituted; gender dissembled."

In particular he cited a play portraying Jesus as a transsexual, called Jesus, Queen of Heaven, and an exhibition displaying a Bible with abuse written on it. He has said it was "disgraceful" that both events received public funding.

He compared the offence they caused to Christians to the apparent offence given to a Finnish woman by the display of crucifixes in Italian classrooms - a complaint upheld by the European Court of Human Rights.

Archbishop Conti said the image of the crucified Christ was deemed offensive because it had become a challenge to secular society.

He quoted an editorial in L'Osservatore Romano which predicted a time when public places were stripped of religious symbols "for fear of offending others' sensibilities".

In Europe, he said, "the very foundations of our Christian civilisation are being disturbed", and modern art, as an expression of culture, reflected that.

The archbishop concluded his homily by urging Christian artists to use their work to bear witness to Christ, "and so countering all that obscures his beauty".

His appeal closely echoed that of Pope Benedict XVI in his meeting with 262 leading arts figures in the Sistine Chapel on Saturday.

Guests, who included artist Anish Kapoor, composer Ennio Morricone and Gomorra director Matteo Garrone - though not U2 singer Bono, who was invited but could not attend - sat underneath Michelangelo's Last Judgment and heard a choir sing music by Palestrina.

Pope Benedict told them that they had a "great responsibility to communicate beauty".

True beauty, he said, forced people to encounter reality and pointed them to the mystery of existence and, ultimately, to God.

The Pope appropriated the language of modern art criticism, saying beauty "gives man a healthy 'shock', it draws him out of himself, wrenches him away from resignation and from being content with the humdrum". He said it may even make the onlooker suffer, "piercing him like a dart".

He then distinguished between superficial beauty, which "rekindles desire, the will to power, to possess", and true beauty, which "unlocks the yearning of the human heart, the profound desire to know, to love, to go towards the other, to reach for the beyond". He said: "If we acknowledge that beauty touches us intimately, that it wounds us, that it opens our eyes, then we rediscover the joy of seeing, of being able to grasp the profound meaning of our existence, the mystery of which we are part."

The Pope said that beauty, whether in nature or in art, by pointing beyond ourselves, and "bringing us face to face with the abyss of infinity, can become a path towards the transcendent, towards the ultimate mystery, towards God".

The Pope urged artists to "enter into dialogue with believers". He said that faith "takes nothing from your genius or your art. On the contrary, it exalts them and nourishes them".

Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi-born architect, said afterwards that the audience "was quite an emotional experience". The American architect Daniel Libeskind described it as an "amazing step". Bill Viola, an American video artist, told the New York Times that artists had struggled for centuries "walking that fine line between creative freedom, between bending the rules" and breaking them. But he said the audience had "real potential for something interesting".

Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, director of the Pontifical Council for Culture, organised the event. He has suggested that the Vatican should have its own pavilion at the next Venice Biennale art exhibition in 2011 as well as at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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