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Monday, June 17, 2019

Cardinal Ravasi Hypocrotically Attacks Salvini for Empty Gestures — He Forgets His Own Fabulous Gestures

Remember When?

Edit: this is part of the reason why growing numbers of Italian Catholics are ignoring the Church which has been all too willing to act against the best interests of the laity for the benefit of its evil masters. Banon’s own exhortation to the laity must also be noted.  From Mesa in Latino:

[Mesa in Latino] But couldn't these prelates take more care of the empty churches, the empty seminaries, the dead children killed in mothers' womb, instead of taking care of Salvini?

Andra Zambrano, also happily HERE  reminds him of the organization of the gala at the MET in New York with thePope  Rihanna and side by side with John Paul II's casules mixed with leather caps for bondage (on the disgusting story see MiL HERE.  But, as we know, as Merlin said in the film Excalibur, man's trouble is that he forgets.


Sunday 16 June 11:00 - by Carlo Marini,  Il Seculo d’Italia

Also Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the Vatican "Minister of Culture", stands against Matteo Salvini. «Faith is an existential experience, a radical choice. Religion is the outward manifestation. Shaking the Gospel, showing off the rosary, kissing the crucifix does not necessarily make you a believer ». Thus, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, Cardinal Ravasi, theologian and biblicist and president of the Pontifical Council for Culture.

"Christ condemns those who make external gestures"

In particular, to the reporter's question as to whether theMinister  Matteo Salvini with his recent behavior was wrong or not, Ravasi replied: "These are signs that in themselves do not represent the authenticity of belief. Christ condemns those who take the first places in the synagogue, those who parade the phylacteries, the parchments with the verses of the Torah. Christ forgives all sins, but cannot bear hypocrisy. Self-salvation does not exist. One is not saved by outward manifestations, but by profound adherence to moral and existential choices. It is not the ritual gesture that saves. The sacrament is "opus operatum", an objective act marked by the divine presence, but also "opus operantis", a subjective act, a vital and moral choice. Otherwise it is magic ritual. Magic.”


Monday, June 10, 2019

Prominent Jesuit Compares Salvini With Judas — Bergoglio-Church Takes Another Hit in Polls

Pope Francis with P. Bartolomeo Sorge SJ.

(Rome) The former editor-in-chief of the Roman Jesuit magazine La Civiltà Cattolica comes to his successor's aid and compares Matteo Salvini, the de facto leader of the European sovereignty movement, with Judas.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the Lega, Italian Home Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister, has been the "EU superstar" superstar since last May's EU elections. He has succeeded in forging a cross-party alliance. The sovereignty movement provides, which probably only Steve Bennon thought possible, more than a third of all MEPs, which is concealed by the media as much as possible, because this strengthening is not desired. Of course, the Alliance must first prove how closed it is on individual issues and how well it can get involved in the European Parliament. The first option is the appointment of the EU Commission President.

With 29 seats, the Lega is represented after counting all votes even with the same number of mandates in the EU Parliament as the Brexit Party by Nigel Farage and CDU and CSU together. Farage and Salvini represent the two strongest single parties.

The AfD had felt the headwind of the German Bishops' Conference under Cardinal Marx. An unusual scenario, since for decades the Church has rejected any partisanship as downright indecent, as if such things had never happened.
In Italy, the pressure against Salvini and the Lega was even more massive. Almost verbatim attacks by Church representatives against the AfD and the Lega suggest an ordered, but at least concerted party take. On the Apennine peninsula, however, everything was still a bit more emotional, aggressive and unconditional. In the Federal Republic of Germany it was a Protestant pastor who was caught destroying AfD posters. In Italy, however, it was Catholic monasteries that issued anti-Salvini banners.

The politicization of the Church, initiated by Pope Francis six years ago, has taken on an irritating course.

This includes a message from P. Bartolomeo Sorge SJ, who joined the Jesuit order in 1946 and was ordained a priest in 1958 for the Order. He was born on the island of Elba. His German surname was brought by his ancestors, who arrived in the 18th century to Sicily, whether still under the Habsburgs or already the Bourbons, is no longer known. The origin of the family Sorge, which is at least clear, is found in the Lower Franconian region and is located in the province of Zealand in the Netherlands today.

The seven-years-older P. Sorge was counted, like Fr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio among the group of brothers who were promoted by the Jesuit General Pedro Arrupe. Under Arrupe P. Sorge became the editor of Civiltà Cattolica, the most important Jesuit magazine in the world. At the time, Sorge was already a political strategist of "democratic Catholicism": he advocated a strong Christian DemocraticParty that was to be left-leaning, while rejecting "integralist" Catholic directions and organizations. The opponent for Sorge was on the right. Thus, in the 1970s, he struck the political nerve of the time when the Western European Communists proclaimed "Euro-communism" to emphasize their independence from the Soviet Union, and when in Italy the left wing of the Christian Democrats sought the "historical compromise" with the Communists.

According to a book published in 2017 by journalist Stefania Falasca, Pope John Paul I seriously contemplated P. Sorge in 1978 as a possible successor to the Patriarch of Venice, although he was "associated with some, somewhat suspicious, Catholic currents," as the then Pope himself in a personal letter to the Archbishop of Milan, Giovanni Cardinal Colombo, noted. General Arrupe had already given a positive opinion of Sorge. Resistance came, however, from Antonio Cardinal Poma, the Archbishop of Bologna and then President of the Italian Episcopal Conference. Reason was the public support on the part of Sorge for a "dialogue" with the Communist Party of Italy (PCI). The pontificate of John Paul I lasted only 33 days, and under John Paul II, P. Sorge was no longer eligible for the Patriarchal Office or another episcopate.

Sorge who will turn 90 this October is mentally fit and does not keep his opinion behind the mountain these days. In February 2018 he described his satisfaction with "myChurch  between Martini and Bergoglio". These are the two Jesuit Cardinals Carlo Maria Martini and Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who were also candidates for the papal throne. Cardinal Martini failed at the first attempt in 2005, but Cardinal Bergoglio was successful in the second attempt in 2013. A quick success, considering that only in 2005 the first attempt was ever made in the nearly 500 years of religious history to make a Jesuit Pope.

Father Antonio Spadaro SJ, acting editor of the Civiltà Cattolica, has not been squeamish with Salvini and the Lega in recent weeks. P. Sorge, his predecessor, intensified the tone after Salvini's election victory. The Democratic referendum aroused the Jesuit so much that he drew a drastic comparison:

"Italy is leghistic, not Christian anymore. The Lega follower says, 'The Italians First', the Christian says, 'The Excluded First'. It is not enough to kiss Jesus in public, that's what Judas did. "

Already in advance, bishops, theologians and Jesuits had loudly heard who chose Lega, "is not a Christian.” Something similar was already to be heard from episcopal mouths in Germany.

A Tweet from P. Sorge, in which he compares Salvini  with Judas. Salvini himself spread the anathema from P. Sorge on Twitter to add his answer:

"See what this theologian writes ... All that is missing is that someone demands my excommunication so that we have experienced everything ... Forward: with faith, respect and modesty!"

It is unclear what benefit Santa Marta expects from such a confrontation. Because of the unconditional Refugees Welcome line has lowered approval ratings in Italy for Pope Francis before the EU election even lower than its previous low, according to a survey by opinion pollsters Demos.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Friday, May 31, 2019

Cardinal Müller Decries Church Officials as Amateurish in Their Attacks on Salvini

Cardinal Müller defends the popular Italian Interior Minister Salvini against attacks by Church officials: "It is absurd that the pope’s staff, like P. Spadaro, act here like political judges."

Rome ( Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller has defended Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who allegedly did not receive an audience with Pope Francis, against attacks by left-wing Catholics. Salvini, who is also very popular with Catholics in Italy, has repeatedly used Christian symbols in the election campaign and also referred to Christian roots. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Müller hopes that the Church will come to terms with Salvini and reject the attacks by some church representatives from the close circle of Pope Francis. These are "amateurish" and "inappropriate". "An ecclesiastical authority can talk about theological matters so amateurishly," said Müller. Moreover, one should not interfere in politics, if there was a democratically legitimized parliament and a government like in Italy. "It would be better to talk to Salvini, to discuss with him, to correct him if necessary."

For Müller, the interference of bishops in politics is worse than when Salvini uses religious symbols. "I prefer those who want to talk about Christian traditions to those who want to remove them." It is absurd that Pope’s staff, like P. Spadaro, act here like political judges.” In addition to the attacks of the Jesuit, there were other bizarre attacks on Salvini. The Italian Bishop Domenico Mogavero, for example, said that those who choose Salvini should not call themselves Christians. The bishop even claims that Salvini's views are "inhumane, anti-historical" and diametrically opposed to the Gospel. Cardinal Müller rejects such attacks. "No one can say that those who do not want to have migrants are not Christians, of course we have to welcome migrants, but we can not identify with one single policy."

For Müller, it is strange that Pope Francis is talking to the regime of Venezuela or the Chinese regime, which has persecuted millions of Christians but does not want to speak with Salvini. "But we are here in Italy, not in China, you have to talk to everyone in the spirit of brotherhood."

Trans: Tancred