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Friday, May 31, 2019

Cardinal Müller Decries Church Officials as Amateurish in Their Attacks on Salvini

Cardinal Müller defends the popular Italian Interior Minister Salvini against attacks by Church officials: "It is absurd that the pope’s staff, like P. Spadaro, act here like political judges."

Rome ( Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller has defended Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who allegedly did not receive an audience with Pope Francis, against attacks by left-wing Catholics. Salvini, who is also very popular with Catholics in Italy, has repeatedly used Christian symbols in the election campaign and also referred to Christian roots. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Müller hopes that the Church will come to terms with Salvini and reject the attacks by some church representatives from the close circle of Pope Francis. These are "amateurish" and "inappropriate". "An ecclesiastical authority can talk about theological matters so amateurishly," said Müller. Moreover, one should not interfere in politics, if there was a democratically legitimized parliament and a government like in Italy. "It would be better to talk to Salvini, to discuss with him, to correct him if necessary."

For Müller, the interference of bishops in politics is worse than when Salvini uses religious symbols. "I prefer those who want to talk about Christian traditions to those who want to remove them." It is absurd that Pope’s staff, like P. Spadaro, act here like political judges.” In addition to the attacks of the Jesuit, there were other bizarre attacks on Salvini. The Italian Bishop Domenico Mogavero, for example, said that those who choose Salvini should not call themselves Christians. The bishop even claims that Salvini's views are "inhumane, anti-historical" and diametrically opposed to the Gospel. Cardinal Müller rejects such attacks. "No one can say that those who do not want to have migrants are not Christians, of course we have to welcome migrants, but we can not identify with one single policy."

For Müller, it is strange that Pope Francis is talking to the regime of Venezuela or the Chinese regime, which has persecuted millions of Christians but does not want to speak with Salvini. "But we are here in Italy, not in China, you have to talk to everyone in the spirit of brotherhood."

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