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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bishop Williamson Will Find Support at Least in Brazil

Kloster Heilig Kreuz der
Pius-Benediktiner in Brasilien

Both Can't be Right at the Same Time

Edit:  the place where the straw was placed that broke the camel's back is in Brazil at a traditional monastery where Bishop Williamson confirmed some children this summer against the wishes of his superiors in the SSPX who did not want him performing any public ministry.  The Prior of this place wrote a brief letter to which we've translated here.  It describes the lines at which the Society will fracture if it does.

So long as Old Liberal Rome rules eternal Rome and so long as the largest confusion in Church history -- the Second Vatican Council -- reigns, there will be no solution.  by Father Tomas de Aquino OSB

( At present there are two currents in Tradition:  the one wants unity with Rome and the other doesn't.

The one and the other

Some say: We must enter the Church.

The others think:  Whoever is already in, doesn't have to enter.

But we need canonical regularization -- answer the others.

Such is the case with French Benedictine Cloister Le Barroux and the Apostolic Administration of Campos in Brazil and many other cases -- say the second class.

But we won't fall.  It is impossible that God would let this happen. [Neither is it a guarantee that you won't fall in your sonderweg.]

"Wherefore he that thinketh himself to stand, let him take heed lest he fall," is the warning of St. Paul in the 1st Corinthians 10:12.

The evil endures

The same reason will cause the effect to come.

If Benedict XVI canonizes those who excommunicated Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (+1991) and Bishop Antonio Castro Mayer (+1991), if he celebrates the Jubilee of Assisi, if he defends the Second Vatican Council as conforming with Tradition, then one can see that the evils of the Pontificate of John Paul II have continued under Benedict XVI.

Rome is changing?

But Rome is changing, say the defenders of the negotiations.

In which direction?  Rome allows the Old Mass and removed the Excommunications -- they answer.

But what use is it to allow the Mass of All Times, if Rome allows both forms of Liturgy. [This was a status quo which Archbishop Lefebvre would have accepted.  He was willing to accept far less earlier on.  These concessions by Pope Benedict is actually quite astonishing and have caused untold handwringing on the part of Liberals who wish to pretend that the first 2,000 years of the Church had never happened.]

The New Mass is Hagar

We read in Holy Writ: Cast out the bondwoman and her son; for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the free woman. (Gal 4:30).

Abraham obeyed against his will and made a  contract against it for his wife Sara.

God gave Sara the right, because what is free should not be given over to enslavement.

The New Mass is Hagar, which has no right.  It should be exiled.

Contradictory Context

What the lifting of the excommunications of the Society Bishops refers to: What use is it, to return if one canonizes that which had pronounced against you?

Indeed these two facts do not grasp a certain canonical use.

Actually the spiritual use of the freeing of the Old Mass, which had never been forbidden, and the lifting of the excommunications, which were never valid, is put very much in question by  a contradictory context, in which it would be denounced.

Both may not be right at the same time

 Either John Paul II is right or Archbishop Lefebvre.

One can't praise John Paul II and at the same time withdraw the excommunication of Msgr Lefebvre, in so far as they were really taken back.

Both can't be right at the same time.  That is pure Modernism.

The result is a contradiction

It's the same relative to the Mass.

If both are allowed, the result is a contradiction.

That is the beginning of the solution and the destruction of the Catholic Faith.

It must be composed at the beginning

The defender of the Roman offer will say that Rome can not end the past crisis with a conflict.

Human efforts will not solve it immediately.

In order to end the past chaos, it will require a lot of time.  That is doubtless.

But the beginning of this order will come when the Pope has the intention to initiate this.

How Napoleon?

The question arises now: does Benedict XVI want to create Church order?

Of course -- is what some defenders answer.

Nothing is less certain than that -- say we.

To create order in the Church, does not mean, as like it was with Napoleon, to control the Revolution and institutionalize it in this manner.

In order to create chaos, you need a little order -- says the writer and Catholic Brazilian thinker Gustavo Corçăo (+ 1978).

Reconciliation With Liberalism

Benedict XVI.  is a man of order.  But the order which he wants will not be motivated by the royal grandeur of Jesus Christ.

For him the problem lies in the Council, to bring together two hundred years of Liberal culture.

That is what Benedict XVI works for.

Does a Modernist Fight Modernism?

Actually, the others say: Benedict XVI is on the front defending Tradition.  He told us. He wants our help in order to fight Modernism.

This is what was said in Campos too.

How can Benedict XVI need our help in the struggle against Modernism, when he himself is a Modernist?

He can only fight against Modernism, when he has given up Modernism.

With the methods being used till now there will never come a solution.

The complete Faith

I don't know.  What I know is, that St. Anselm of Canterbury said, that God desires nothing so much on the face of the earth than the freedom of His Church.

Actually, a Tradition, which has no interest to stand for the completeness of the Catholic Faith, is the opposite of that which God loves.

But how can you recognize Tradition and the Church?  Naturally, because the Church is Traditional in its nature and it can never give up this quality.

We are the sons of freedom

We is Benedict XVI., if he is not a Traditionalist?  He is a Liberal Pope, who has subjugated the Church.

To put ones self under his authority, without challenging these errors, would be the same as putting Sara under the same yolk as Hagar or Isaac under the same yoke as Ismael.

We are the sons of the free and not slaves, whose are sons of the Second Vatican Council -- a slave of a two hundred year old Liberal culture.

Through Prayer and Struggle

What is the solution, then?  The penitence of the Pope.

How can one bring about this penitence?  Through prayer and struggle.

God doesn't want victory from us, rather battle, as St. Joan of Arc said:

"The soldiers will stubble and God will give the victory" -- through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

There is our entire hope.

The author is the Prior of the Cloister da Santa Cruz in Nova Friburgo in Brazil