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Friday, July 27, 2012

Descendant of Saxon Kings Has Died

A promoter of the Old Mass

He saw to it that through his example and engagement that Catholic tradition should take root again in his homeland after Communism and Council.

( Maria Emanuel Prinz von Sachsen, Duke of Saxony (86) died on July 23rd.

He was the head of the former royal house of Saxony, Wettin's Albertian line and called himself the Markgraf of Meissen.

His grandfather was Friederich August III (+1932) and was the last Saxon King.

Armed with the Sacraments

The Prince died on Monday at the age of 86 in his house in the 11,000 population community of La Tour de Peitz on the shores of the Genfersee in west Switerland.

He was well provided with the Last Rites of the Church to step before the judgement seat of God.

Childless Marriage

The Markgraf was the recipient of numerous distinctions.

He bore the grand cross of the Sovereign Order of Malta as well as a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

The deceased is survived by his bride, Anastasia-Louise Markgraf of Meissen.  Her marriage was childless.

The Successor

The new head of the House of Wettin will be the adopted son Alexander Prince of Saxony -- Duke of Saxony.

He lives in Germany and Mexico.

Prince Alexander is the son of the deceased's sister.

Visitation in Tyrol

The viewing of the Markgraf will be in the new Saxon Royal Chapel in Imst-Brennbichl in the Tyrolean highlands with close family members.

The crypt is on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, where the grave of the Apostle James is located.

Closely Bound to Saxony

The Prince remained true to his homeland in Saxony.

He visited the residential city of the House of Wetting in Dresden, so often as his health allowed.

There he regularly arranged a Holy Mass in the Tridentine Liturgy for his relatives.

He visited the grave sites of his predecessors, who were interned in the local church in the crypt of the Wettin family.

49 members of the Albertian line of the House of Wettin as well as their marriage partners and children found their last resting place, among others the King of Saxony, Friedrich August I. (+1827), Friedrich August II. (+1854), Albert of Saxony (+1902) and finally Friedrich August III., the grandfather of the deceased.

A Promoter of the Old Mass

Maria Emanuel was a supporter of the traditional Liturgy and tradition of the Church, according to reports from the website ''.

Through his example and engagement, he saw to it that the Catholic Tradition in his homeland would set down roots again.

Through his influence the Immemorial Rite of the Mass was celebrated again in various locales.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Public movement asks to crown the Kremlin Spasskaya Tower with double-headed eagle

Moscow, September 10, Interfax - Participants of the Vozvrascheniye (Return) public movement turned to the Russian President with the request to take away a five-point star from the Kremlin Spasskaya Tower and to set up a double-headed eagle there.

"We're convinced that now after returning an icon of the Savior, it is necessary to erect a double-headed eagle - state emblem of new Russia - to the Spasskaya Tower," activists said in their address conveyed to Interfax-Religion on Friday.

They remind that on October 24 it will be exactly 75 years since the day when a double-headed eagle was thrown down from the Spasskaya Tower where it had been located from mid 17th century.

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