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Friday, July 29, 2016

Archbishop Pozzo: Bishop Fellay to Accept Personal Prelature Arrangement

Edit: this is the article from neoconservative e-commerce website As you can see they are hostile to the Society.

We were right again. Who knew? 

Statements of competent Archbishop that Vatican wants to meet Society.

Bonn ( statements of the competent Archbishop that the Vatican wants to meet the Society apparently. Curial Archbishop Guido Pozzo reiterated in the "Zeit" - section "Christ und Welt" (Thursday) its belief in the documents of Vatican II was "a step of binding". He also spoke of a rapprochement between Rome and the traditionalist SSPX. Pozzo is Vatican Secretary responsible for the SSPX in the Commission "Ecclesia Dei". 

According to the Archbishiop the Vatican is increasingly placing more emphasis on issues of trust next to the clarification of doctrinal issues: "We know that life is more than doctrine" And yet there has recently been significant progress, he said. On behalf of the Vatican, a cardinal and four bishops had attended the seminaries and houses of the Fraternity. "Nothing like this has taken place previously, but it helped the rapprochement."

Pozzo stressed the SSPX affirms the central decisions of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). These included, for example, the doctrine of the sacramental nature of the episcopate, and "the doctrine of the primacy of the Pope and the College of Bishops together with his leadership." The statements of the Council on interreligious dialogue, ecumenism and religious freedom have, in the words of Archbishop, a lesser degree of binding. 

"This is not about beliefs or definitive statements, but instructions or guidance for pastoral practice," says Pozzo. The SSPX found these statements difficult; but these one can also discuss after a canonical recognition with the Society. 

Pozzo confirmed that the creation of a so-called Personal Prelatire had been promised after the model of Opus Dei. The Superior General Bernard Fellay has accepted this proposal, "even if in the coming months details need to be clarified."

The Commission "Ecclesia Dei" is located in the CDF. The head of Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, recently asserted that he expected from the Society unreserved recognition of religious freedom as a human right and an obligation to ecumenism.  In June, he told the "Herder Korrespindenz", that he expects a recognition of the relevant Council declarations. 

There have been tensions in the Catholic Church between the Traditionalists and liberals for decades. [They actually say that the tensions are between the Catholic Church and traditionalists. Such pettiness by Kathnet.] The Fraternity was founded by French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1969, and rejects an important part [sic] of the Council decisions. After the illicit episcopal ordinations, Archbishop Lefebvre Rome was excommunicated with the four bishops consecrated by him  in 1988. Under Pope Benedict XVI. there were  overtures. Pope Francis announced his intention to continue the dialogue. 

Regardless, the  SSPX continues  ordinations as before that are canonically illicit. [Except that the Archbishop of Augsburg has given his approval of ordinations at the SSPX seminary in his diocese.]  A few weeks ago  Fellay accused Pope Francis of causing confusion and introducing doctrinal errors. (C) 2016 CBA Catholic News Agency. All rights reserved.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Bishop Fellay and Pope Francis Met in Vatican This Weekend

Vatican Press Office vice-director Burke, announced on Monday that a meeting took place in the Casa Santa Marta on Saturday, April 2, between Pope Francis and the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X.

We went to the Vatican information site and couldn't find it.  The Vatican  news website is the worst website ever made, but fortunately we have Rorate Caeli.

Rorate says that they, "learned it was a very positive meeting."

Update:  Official SSPX Statement.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vatican Talks with SSPX: Recylcing Tornielli's False Report of Last Week

(Vatikan/Econe)Some people can't help themselves. The supplement Christ und Welt(ex Rheinischer Merkur)the weekly paper of Die Zeit reported in today's edition, that "according to the estimate" of the Italian Vaticanista Andrea Tornielli, the negotiations between the Society of St. Pius X and the Holy See have been a "failure". The Catholic news agency KNA has distributed the information further. Even so it is being assumed by countless worldwide Catholic media.

In fact, it is just the (false) message that Alessandro Speciale spread last week on the 3rd of February which appeared on the same day as Tornielli's report. Speciale stated that the Superior General of the SSPX, Bishop Bernard Fellay had declared the talks a failure. Nothing of the kind was done.

Instead, it was the same day that Speciale had already spread his message in the morning that a meeting between Pope Benedict and Cardinal Levada took place instead, the Prefect o fthe Congregation who led the negotiations with the SSPX. The them of the meeting were the discussions with Econe. The Pope himself discussed the current status with Cardinal Levada and also what the next steps of the Holy See will be. It is in fact the Vatican's turn to answer the SSPX.

A failure of the talks is not excluded, however, any more than there being an agreement between Rome and Econe. What Speciale and others more widely published, was targeted at disruption and torpedoing the talks, an attempt to influence from the outside, which makes the father of this wish easy to surmise. The report from the Christiches Welt and Tornielli's analysis corresponded to the 3 February 2012 (this time only in German). Since then nothing more in Italy has been published on the subject, not even in his own blog. The question of whether or not there has been an agreement or a failure of the talks between Rome and Econe is still open.

Die Zeit's editorial appears to appeal to thoughts which appeal to the failure of the talks, which have newly warmed themselves with the report of last week. That parts of the Catholic Church are interested in the failure of the discussions was known then. The dissemination of these premature negative reports serve to sketch a map, of whom is attaching themselves to this kind of wishful thinking. This is thoroughly decisive for observers of the Catholic Church. It is at the present time, nothing more and nothing less.

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