Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vatican Talks with SSPX: Recylcing Tornielli's False Report of Last Week

(Vatikan/Econe)Some people can't help themselves. The supplement Christ und Welt(ex Rheinischer Merkur)the weekly paper of Die Zeit reported in today's edition, that "according to the estimate" of the Italian Vaticanista Andrea Tornielli, the negotiations between the Society of St. Pius X and the Holy See have been a "failure". The Catholic news agency KNA has distributed the information further. Even so it is being assumed by countless worldwide Catholic media.

In fact, it is just the (false) message that Alessandro Speciale spread last week on the 3rd of February which appeared on the same day as Tornielli's report. Speciale stated that the Superior General of the SSPX, Bishop Bernard Fellay had declared the talks a failure. Nothing of the kind was done.

Instead, it was the same day that Speciale had already spread his message in the morning that a meeting between Pope Benedict and Cardinal Levada took place instead, the Prefect o fthe Congregation who led the negotiations with the SSPX. The them of the meeting were the discussions with Econe. The Pope himself discussed the current status with Cardinal Levada and also what the next steps of the Holy See will be. It is in fact the Vatican's turn to answer the SSPX.

A failure of the talks is not excluded, however, any more than there being an agreement between Rome and Econe. What Speciale and others more widely published, was targeted at disruption and torpedoing the talks, an attempt to influence from the outside, which makes the father of this wish easy to surmise. The report from the Christiches Welt and Tornielli's analysis corresponded to the 3 February 2012 (this time only in German). Since then nothing more in Italy has been published on the subject, not even in his own blog. The question of whether or not there has been an agreement or a failure of the talks between Rome and Econe is still open.

Die Zeit's editorial appears to appeal to thoughts which appeal to the failure of the talks, which have newly warmed themselves with the report of last week. That parts of the Catholic Church are interested in the failure of the discussions was known then. The dissemination of these premature negative reports serve to sketch a map, of whom is attaching themselves to this kind of wishful thinking. This is thoroughly decisive for observers of the Catholic Church. It is at the present time, nothing more and nothing less.

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Dan said...

The disinformation which is so skillfully spread by the enemies of the Church, both inside and out, is meant to disrupt the talks, as the article points out. Alas the internet makes the disinformation spread instantly, which is one of the bad aspects of it.

But those who spread the subtle falsehoods are masters at their craft. The same machinery is at work now in the US as it relates to more unjust, immoral wars the US wants to start in the middle East. What's the solution to all this gobbledygook? I would say, extreme prudence.

The enemies of Catholicism are legion, and they are brilliant liars and propagandists. They reside in Rome, in Israel, in the US and in Europe primarily. Be on guard.