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Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Asylum Crisis is Costing Germany Almost 21.7 Billion Euros in 2016

BERLIN. [Junge Freiheit] The asylum crisis cost the Bundesrepublik 21.7 billion euros last year. This is evident from the monthly report published by the Federal Ministry of Finance on Friday. For this year, € 21.3 billion has been earmarked for the national budget.
For the reception, registration and accommodation of asylum seekers, the federal government spent 1.4 billion euros, for integration services 2.1 billion and for combating the causes of flight 7.1 billion.
Social benefits of the federal government cost another 1.7 billion euros. As a direct relief, the federal government also provided the federal states and municipalities with 9.3 billion euros.
Huge stimulus package"
"More than 90 percent of the federal expenditures," says Ferdinand Fichtner, the economic researcher of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), have, however, continued into the economy, such as the spending of refugees for foodstuffs and other consumer goods, rental payments or construction investments. "This can also be described as a huge economic stimulus program," Fichtner told the news agency Reuters.
In 2015 about 890,000 asylum seekers had come to Germany, 2016 about 280,000. According to the report, "high entry rates" were limited to the year 2015.
"Into the black" could be held
The Ministry points out that on paper, in 2016, the Bundesrepublik could, for the third year in a row forgoing new debts and still keeping in the "black" with the budget. A surplus of 6.2 billion euros had even been achieved. This was due above all to the high tax revenues and low interest rates.
At around EUR 289 billion, the Federal Government achieved a 2.6 percent increase in tax revenues in 2016 compared to the previous year. At EUR 288.6 billion, the increase was 7.7 percent for the federal states. At the same time, the government had to pay 17.5 billion euros interest last year - 2.8 billion euros less than expected. In 2015 the interest payments amounted to more than 21 billion euros. (Gb)
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Refugee Crisis as Swan Song --- Pope Francis Begs Forgiveness of Refugees in New Video Message

Pope Francis and the undistinguished questions of refugees
Edit: rather than calling for a Crusade, he wants to let them into the gates.

(Rome) Pope Francis asks the refugees in a video message "for pardon" that "we" had "too often" not included them.
The video message was released today in Rome. It was created for the 35th anniversary of the  Jesuit run refugee center, Centro Astalli in Rome. Pope Francis admiringly recalled  the controversial Superior General of the Jesuits, Father Pedro Arrupe, whom Pope John Paul II. had ousted in 1981  because of progressive aberrations in the Order. 
Francis lists a number of reasons that cause people to flee and thus would be conferred the status of "refugee" would confer, who would require "to share bread,  house and life." It's an explosive range to justify the worldwide mass migrations.
The video message was delivered by Pope Francis extempore. It is tied with the Lampedusa gestures with Pope Francis' continued visits to the island of Lampedusa (Italy), of Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) and the island of Lesbos (Greece). This includes his appeal of 5 September 2015: " Take all, good and bad ." It's an appeal by Pope Francis that brought complaints about a lack of distinction between the various individuals, whether Islamist, murderer, thief, and so forth..
The video message in English:
Dearest refugees, dear volunteers and full-time employees and friends of the Centre Astalli.
This year, the charity of Centro Astalli has been committed to the refugees in Italy for 35 years. 1
It's an activity that was mainly achieved as one nation, and that is beautiful and true.
I was a stranger, and you welcomed me. I was a stranger.
Each of you refugees who came knocking on our doors, was met by  the face of God,  the flesh of Christ.Your experience of suffering and hope reminds us that we are all strangers and pilgrims on this earth, taken in by someone generous and without merit.
Those of you who fled from their own country because of oppression, of war,  from pollution and desertification, the nature of injustice or unfair distribution of the planet's resources, is a brother,  with whom to share bread, house and life.
Too often we have not adopted you. Forgive us the walling off and the indifference of our societies, who fear that change of life and mentality that requires your presence.
Treated like a piece of a problem, a cost: you are, on the other hand, a gift. You are the witness of how our gracious and merciful God can transform evil and injustice, under which you are suffering, to a good for all. Each of you can be a bridge to bring the distant peoples together. This makes an encounter between different cultures and religions possible, a way to rediscover our common humanity.
And you made me welcome. I was a stranger and you welcomed me.
Yes, the center Astalli is a concrete and daily example of the prophetic vision of Father Pedro Arrupe. 2 [Ugh]
It was his swan song in a refugee center in Asia. 3
Thank you all, men and women religious and lay people, volunteers and paid staff. I encourage you to keep going. 35 years of age is only the beginning of a path which is increasingly necessary, the only way for a reconciled coexistence.
Always be witnesses of the beauty, the beauty of the encounter. Help our society to hear the voice of the refugees, Go your way bravely beside them. Accompany them and let yourself be guided by them. The refugees know the paths that lead to peace because they know the acrid smell of war.


  1. The Centro Astalli of Rome is part of the Jesuit Refugee Service founded in 1980. [ ↩]
  2. The Basque Pedro Arrupe (1907-1991) 1965 was elected the 28th Superior General of the Jesuits. Because of his progressive stance, Pope John Paul II. personally attacked him in the interests of the Order and disempowered Arrupe, who then suffered a stroke. John Paul II then appointed a papal delegate, later Cardinal Paolo Dezza SJ. [ ↩]
  3. The word "swan song" of Pedro Arrupe was used Pope Francis already on 14 November 2015 in a speech to members of the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS). The idea for the foundation of JRS came to Father Arrupe while visiting a refugee center in Southeast Asia. On his return to Rome he suffered a stroke. This was described as Arrupe's  "swan song" by Pope Francis in 2015, which  he described as the "icon", which he apparently meant as a  kind of spiritual testament. [ ↩]

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Videobotschaft CTV/ (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Church for Muslims -- Parish Hall for Holy Mass

Bremen-Wotlmerschausen: Catholic Parish Church
Transformed as Refugee Center for Muslims
(Berlin) The Church as a multifunctional hall. Some churches serve as exhibition halls, others as dining rooms for Christmas dinner, feeding the poor or charity galas, and still others as a cultural centers for lectures and discussions, and more recently some are used even for refugee accommodations. This is also the case in Bremen-Woltmershausen. The Catholic Church of St. Benedict was rebuilt at public expense into a refugee camp for Muslims.
From the 330 square meter church  "small residential units with around 20 square meters" were built, reported the Weser Kurier .
In the former Catholic church some 40 Muslim refugees are to be moved. The Bremen Senator for Social Affairs, Anja Stahmann inspected the renovated and repurposed church  today with some Muslim refugees and considered the effort to be extremely successful. A Catholic church which has been  rebuilt for Muslims,  it is at last  a sensible use. Green Party politician said, "which is lived charity". Surely, you must know, yes.
For now, the Catholic parish has  made the church available for a year. "Worship should be celebrated in this period in the parish hall," said the Weser Kurier. Why   the Muslims themselves shouldn't   move into the community hall so that the liturgy, the nature of the parish community, can be celebrated in the purpose-built church, was not a quetion asked by the newspaper.

Church made available for a year as a refugee accommodation 

"Sacred objects like the altar and the wall Cross remain in the Church", because, according to the newspaper, after one year the church is expected to "be used again for worship". Whether the church was profaned liturgically, Pastor Johannes Sczyrba would not say. He and his parish are rather proud to be the first Catholic community, "which has made their church available, only for a certain time as a refugee accommodation." 
The church was built after the Second World War, as 15 million Germans were brutally driven from East Germany and linguistic enclaves in eastern Europe, which increased the number of Catholics in Bremen. The church was built in 1966 and established as a parish in 1993. Today St. Benedict's is only a
The church was built in 1966 and built in 1993 as a parish. Today St. Benedict is only a filial church  of a larger regional parish.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred