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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bishop Asks Wrestlers to Forfeit Match

There was a small buzz of concern with the Trinity wrestling faithful when the Shamrocks hosted ShippensburgTuesday night.

All over the possibility of a female showing up in the Greyhounds lineup. And of course, how it would affect the match.

In late September, the head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, Bishop Ronald Gainer, handed down a new policy that stated any male wrestler who attends a Catholic school would have to forfeit a match if opposed by a female.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hungary Hands Over Public Schools to Religious Institutions

Catholic procession through the streets of Budapest
Socialists are upset because traditional morals and
values are now being taught in schools with government help.
 Isn't it the role of government to facilitate virtue?
>Edit: we’ve been following this for a while and it’s simply magnificent.  Of course, the Socialists are furious.  In other countries, the exact opposite is happening.

In a way, this is really a vindication of Cardinal Mindszenty who, despite being sold out by his superiors, held true int his passion against the Communist government of Hungary.

[TFP] The Hungarian government is transferring public schools to religious institutions, reported the French magazine L’Express.

This policy has infuriated socialist leaders within and outside Hungary and even in European countries where public education has had calamitous results. The angry complaints center on the fact that traditional morals are being restored with the help of Hungarian government policy.

Schools have brought back the singing of religious hymns as well as beginning the classes with prayer. And students’ parents get to choose the catechism to be taught to their children.

Churches retain their school subsidies regardless of the number of students. In the small town of Alsoörs, which L’Express presents as a typical case, out of a total of ninty-six families only two voted against transferring the school to the Church, underscoring the strong popular support this measure has.

Curiously enough, a Catholic priest, perhaps led by an ecumenical mentality or “dialogue” with the secularized world, after consulting with the bishop refused to take over a school.

The local Lutheran minister Miklos Rasky immediately agreed to do it and, very satisfied, said: “The current government is clinging to Christian values. This enables us to reconnect with our traditional role in the education field.”

The perplexed school teachers, the majority of whom are Catholic, were told by the pastor they will be replaced by Protestants.
Eighty schools have already been transferred by municipalities, which were also glad to no longer have to pay for these expenses that were unsustainable in the current crisis.

Leftist unions and political parties are also angry about the catechism classes now being given in schools that are still in state hands.

Education Minister Rozsa Hoffmann deplores the lack ofmoral values: “We want to restore them, whether it is protection of human life, respect for work and for the law, honesty and love of country. School is not just a place to gain knowledge: it must also transmit values,” he explained.

The education law fits into the context of the new Constitution which extols Christian values and rehabilitates the “Holy Crown” of Catholic Kings, the Hungarian incarnation of sovereign power.
Hungary Hands Over Public Schools to Religious Institutions

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

State Council of Colombia Abolitions Abortion Decree -- No Law Exists

(Bogota) The State Council of Colombia has repealed the government decree, with which the killing of unborn children by abortion had been done with impunity. By the Decree 4444 of 2006, the President allowed infanticide in exceptional cases, which had been addressed by the Constitutional Court in a judgment of the same year: in the risk to the mother's life, and in malformation of the fetus, during pregnancy due to rape. Already in 2009 the decree was suspended.

The State Council did not address the decision of the Constitutional Court for decriminalization of abortion in exceptional cases. That he would not. But he lifted the presidential decree on the grounds that to solve the issue a properly concluded gekommenes state law is indispensable.

Only when a law exists, may the Government dissolve them with corresponding decrees, the State Council said.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Bild: InfoCatolica

Link to Katholisches...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Seminarians of Tradition Visit Abandoned Monastery of Weigarten

(Weingarten) The Community of the International Seminary of the Old Ritual Society of St. Peter made a visit on the 8th of December for the High Feast of the Immaculate Conception to Abbey Weingarten. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is being celebrated for the intention of the benefactors of the Seminary. The Seminarians received the blessing of a blood reliquary guarded by the monastery since 1094.  It contains some soil stained with the blood of Jesus from Golgotha.

The Benedictine Abbey Weingarten was founded in 1056 as a Royal Abbey.  In 1803 the monastery was abolished by an Imperial Deputation.  However there the Archabbey of Beuron however attempted resettlement.  In 2010 followed the second extinguishment of the monastic community.  Internal conflicts had driven the convent to dissolution.  The monks of Weingarten still living there have found a new cloister.  The most famous among them is the 101 year old Moral and Pastoral theologian Father Anselm Günthör.

The visit of the seminarians of the International Priestly Seminary of Wigratzbad and the celebration of the Old Mass, which is used as a parish church, but which is joined by orphaned monks, has been filled with new life, who carry the seeds of renewal in them.  With that there is a photo gallery which shows also some events taking place during the visit of the seminary community in October to the Church of the former Imperial Abbey Salem and St. Nikolaus Münster of Überlingen.

Link to katholisches....

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hungary's Prime Minister: "A Europe Governed by Christian Values Would Regenerate"

Edit: Hungary has been challenging the established order now for some time, invoking St. Stephen, King of Monarchy, and attempting to abolish abortion. What else is in store? Also, remember, this man isn't Catholic, but protestant, but he's defending a Catholic order all the same.  The following is an attempt to translate the article from InfoCatolica with some help from google:

The presentation of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, at the XIV Congress of Catholics and Public Life on "Hope and Christian Response to the Crisis", did not disappoint the expectations of the public, with a standing ovation that broke the silence that had followed his conference. Orban said that European economic depression does not respond to a "situation", but is a result of a crisis of spiritual order. Specifically, what is happening in Europe is the result of the forgetfulness of Christian values ​​that were the basis of their prosperity.

(CEU / InfoCatolica) The Hungarian Prime Minister wondered how it was possible that the collapse of the European dream of union based on Christian beliefs was still driven by them. "The European crisis," he said, "has not come by chance but by the carelessness, neglect of their responsibilities by leaders who have questioned precisely those Christian roots, that is, the driving force that allowed European cohesion, family, work, credit ... These values ​​were the old continental economic power, thanks mainly to the development which in those days was done in accordance with principles."

As an example of the economic collapse that led to the crisis, he cited a change in direction of the credits previously granted to persons accredited, as responsible, but have come to offer to those who were not. There was a credit, yes, explained Viktor Orban, but even this was subject to the "standards" of Christianity. Thus, in a "Christian Europe" the excesses that caused the current difficulties, would not have been possible, he said. "A Christian Europe would have noticed that every euro is worked for. A Christian Europe would not have allowed entire countries sink into slavery to credit."

Loans with usury, uncollectible lead to debt slavery

He recalled how the Old Testament prohibited usury and how the Church has always rejected the abusive charging interest ... until the Reformation which gave way to greed, so that now the credits have been stripped of their moral dimension and entire countries have become enslaved by debts. "The yoke is no longer the sword to become debt," he added. This has become a more acute crisis in which political leaders have begun to forget the human aspects to be forced to pay the debts of the former, who in turn, have safeguarded their personal interests placed in large companies or institutions after "a career" in politics, said the prime minister of Hungary. The new leaders look with scorn and mock Christian values, especially for the defense of life, family.

The Example of Hungary

Orban has stated his belief that behind every successful economy there is "some kind of spiritual driving force." "A Europe governed according to Christian values ​​would regenerate" stressed in the light of this reasoning."

He gave the example of his country, Hungary, explaining that a poor country like Hungary with a legacy of communism and where the average pension is 250 euros, has begun to rebuild morally. Calling to mind that their first king, St. Stephen offered the crown to the Virgin Mary, dying without issue.

Your new constitution is based on the dignity, freedom, family, nation, fidelity, and love, with the express obligation to help the poor. That is, it is based on Christian values, something that has deeply angered the European left that came to condemn in the Parliament in Strasbourg , because it wants to make Europe a continent where atheist family concept is replaced by individualism.

As a result of his own experience, Viktor Orban proposed a renewal of culture and politics based on Christian values ​​and, more precisely, in the description that St. Paul makes where charity rejoices with the truth. "We must make our that message and not see another way ..." Orban said at the end of his lecture, enthusiastically acclaimed by the audience for a few long minutes of applause.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Poland: Catholic Youth Accuse "Madonna" of Blasphemy

Edit: first she's booed in Paris and her audience wants their money back.  Now a Polish youth organization is planning a substantial protest against her appearance in Warsaw on August 1st, on the anniversary of the 1944 uprising against the Germans.  Madonna is an invader of a different sort.

Student organization "Crusade of the Youth" is accusing Madonna of blasphemy.  45,000 Poles joined up Friday to protest against the concert on the Internet.

Warsaw (  in Poland, there are protests against a concert planned for next Wednesday by pop star Madonna.  As the Polish news agency KAI reports on Friday the Catholic student organization "Crusade of Youth" has asked the Warsaw city council to ban the show.  They accuse Madonna among other things, of blasphemy.  45,000 Poles joined Friday's protest agains the student organization of the concert.

Meanwhile, three Catholic priests called on the faithful to pray for a cancellation of the show. The concert was the main aim of Madonna's, to mock God and Christianity, according to a joint appeal by the Rev. Andrzej Grefkowicz and Pawel Wiecek Robert Pajak and the Jesuits.[Really?] Previously, the Catholic Association of the Journalists of Poland, Madonna had turned against the appearance of the new National Stadium. The spokesman of the Polish Bishops' Conference, Jozef Kloch does not wish to take a position in the dispute.

There is also criticism that the concert on the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising which takes place on 1 August 1944. Every year on this day of some estimated 200,000 Poles are remembered to have been killed by German occupiers during the suppression of the revolt. The organizers of the concert met the critics with the assistance of the City Council. Prior to Madonna's appearance a two-minute film about the Warsaw uprising will be shown. The Veterans Association of the combatants of the Warsaw uprising, however, will observe a minute's silence.

(C) 2012 Catholic News Agency KNA Inc. All rights reserved. Photo: (c) Wikipeda / Madonna 1990 / Alan Light

Saturday, June 30, 2012

SSPX Benedictine Says Mass at Desolate 1,000 Year Old Monastery


Pius Benedictine Saying Mass at
Michealsberg Monastery
At the end of the thousand year history of the Benedictine Abbey on the Michealsberg there is yet another Old Mass being said for which the old monastery had been built in the first place.

(, Siegburg)  On May 25th the SSPX Benedictine Bernhard Huber said the levitical High Mass in the Abbey Church of St. Michealsberg in Siegburg.

The 40,000 population city of Siegburg is some 35 km south east of Cologne.

The local Benedictine Abbey has been closed after an almost 1,000 year history.  It will in the meantime be transformed into a hotel and serve as an Old Liberal adult miseducation.

The house full of glory is in desolation

Father Huber celebrated Mass at the Michealsberg as part of a pilgrimage with about 100 traditionalists from the surrounding area.

At the end of the Mass they sang the hymn "A house full of glory shines far over the land, from every stone built by God's mighty hand."

The text of this song was written by the poet and priest, Fr. Joseph Mohr (1848 +), at the moment he saw the now dissolved Abbey on the Michealsberg.

The Vatican is helping the Archdiocese of Cologne Hop

The Old Mass at the Michealsberg was clearly only possible after an intervention from the Vatican.

This is from a report at the German website of the SSPX ''.

Because in his sermon, Father Huber thanked the Vatican authorities for the permission to be allowed to celebrate the pilgrimage Mass.

It was not mentioned that tho authorities of the Archdiocese of Cologne were causing difficulties.

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