Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hungary Hands Over Public Schools to Religious Institutions

Catholic procession through the streets of Budapest
Socialists are upset because traditional morals and
values are now being taught in schools with government help.
 Isn't it the role of government to facilitate virtue?
>Edit: we’ve been following this for a while and it’s simply magnificent.  Of course, the Socialists are furious.  In other countries, the exact opposite is happening.

In a way, this is really a vindication of Cardinal Mindszenty who, despite being sold out by his superiors, held true int his passion against the Communist government of Hungary.

[TFP] The Hungarian government is transferring public schools to religious institutions, reported the French magazine L’Express.

This policy has infuriated socialist leaders within and outside Hungary and even in European countries where public education has had calamitous results. The angry complaints center on the fact that traditional morals are being restored with the help of Hungarian government policy.

Schools have brought back the singing of religious hymns as well as beginning the classes with prayer. And students’ parents get to choose the catechism to be taught to their children.

Churches retain their school subsidies regardless of the number of students. In the small town of Alsoörs, which L’Express presents as a typical case, out of a total of ninty-six families only two voted against transferring the school to the Church, underscoring the strong popular support this measure has.

Curiously enough, a Catholic priest, perhaps led by an ecumenical mentality or “dialogue” with the secularized world, after consulting with the bishop refused to take over a school.

The local Lutheran minister Miklos Rasky immediately agreed to do it and, very satisfied, said: “The current government is clinging to Christian values. This enables us to reconnect with our traditional role in the education field.”

The perplexed school teachers, the majority of whom are Catholic, were told by the pastor they will be replaced by Protestants.
Eighty schools have already been transferred by municipalities, which were also glad to no longer have to pay for these expenses that were unsustainable in the current crisis.

Leftist unions and political parties are also angry about the catechism classes now being given in schools that are still in state hands.

Education Minister Rozsa Hoffmann deplores the lack ofmoral values: “We want to restore them, whether it is protection of human life, respect for work and for the law, honesty and love of country. School is not just a place to gain knowledge: it must also transmit values,” he explained.

The education law fits into the context of the new Constitution which extols Christian values and rehabilitates the “Holy Crown” of Catholic Kings, the Hungarian incarnation of sovereign power.
Hungary Hands Over Public Schools to Religious Institutions


Anonymous said...

Quite a few of us have taken note of the happenings in Hungary in the past year. I would have thought that something like this would be taking place in Porutgal, considering the words of Our Lady of Fatima.

I rejoice with you, O Hungary my Carpathian cousins!

Fr. John+ said...

That Hungary is willing to allow the 'cujus regio, ejuus religio' construct of the old Lutheran realms, in that whichever majority of adherents reside in a certain area, control the religious expression of a local area, is also a healthy sign, for a number of reasons.

First, this action restores local control to the local residents, both of their educational autonomy, forever severing the statist 'we know what is best for you' mindset. Utterly brilliant. How does that saying go? "Think globally, act locally." Thus, overarching 'globalist' gobbledygook on matters creedal, sexual, and cultural is removed, at a stroke.
Bela Kun, and all the other Bolshevik culture-destroyers must be rolling in hell, with added flames for the failure of their master (satan's) schemes, after a hundred years of Talmudic bolshevism.

Secondly, it makes the actions of the areas accountable to all of those residing in a specific area- in other words, "It takes a villiage." For now the group assumes moral cohesion for a specific area- again, making morality and cultural cohesion, LOCAL. Laxity in morals in a region, will therefore point out the fallacy of the religion being expressed (old comparisons of 'Protestant, vs. 'catholic' countries of the 19th-century writers come to mind). And, since Jews no longer have a majority anywhere but Israel (where they do the EXACT same thing, and are NEVER castigated for 'being Jewish' - hint- double standard via the Media!) jewish 'globalist/internationalist' propaganda schemes are derailed, at the source.

Positively Brilliant, Hungary. Way to go!