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Friday, October 28, 2016

Bishop Bonny of Antwerp Accused of Homophilic Statements by Catholic Laity in Rome

(Brussels) The Bishop of Antwerp, Msgr. Johan Bonny, has been brought on charges in the Roman Congregation for the Clergy. "We demand clarity as to whether this is still a Catholic, what Bishop Bonny has claimed or not," said the Belgian, Catholic lay association Pro Familia .
The Bishop has been widely known in recent years primarily through his homophilic utterances. Born in Ostende in West Flanders 1955, Bonny was appointed in 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI, however, he is a "product" of the former primate of Belgium, Godfried Cardinal Danneels, and the then apostolic nuncio, Karl-Josef Rauber. Danneels was retired and "disowned" in 2010 by Benedict XVI.  because the German pope did not see Danneels'  ideal progressive candidate as fit to succeed, but chose the "conservative" André-Joseph Léonard instead. Rauber was also retired by Benedict XVI. Both Danneels and Rauber are, incontrast, held in high regard by  Pope Francis.  Danneels belonged toTeam Bergoglio , who [illegally] organized the election Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the conclave of 2013. Rauber was raised by Francis to Cardinal, while he denied Archbishop Léonard the purple.

"Acknowledge Homosexual love" 

The controversial Bonny-book

Last October 11 is Bonny's book "Mag ik? Dank je. Sorry. Vrijmoedige dialoog over Relaties, huwlijk en gezin" (May I? Thank you. Sorry. Frank dialogue about relationships, Marriage and Family) appeared. As the Gazet van Antwerpen had already reported on October 6, Antwerp's bishop speaks for "new religious rituals" from "which we can recognize the reality of life between homosexuals also from ecclesiastical and religious perspective?" The marriage is indeed  a connection between man and woman, but it is though that the Church should recognize homosexual unions and bless them in a private ritual.
The Belgian Association of Catholic laity Pro Familia (not to be confused with the West German branch of the international abortion group Planned Parenthood ) was no longer prepared to accept this "Belgian situation." They filed a complaint because of  several lines in Bonny's new book with Cardinal Beniamino Stella, Prefect of the Roman Congregation for the Clergy.
Bishop Bonny writes therein:
"In no way could we continue to assert that there is no other form of love outside of heterosexual marriage. We encounter the same love even in a man and in a woman's life in the experience of a gay or lesbian couple.

Roman Congregation for Clergy now has to give an answer

"The Roman Congregation is the competent, senior administrative body, which now must provide an answer to the question of whether what Bishop Bonny teaches is Catholic, or whether it is a false doctrine that contradicts the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Catechism refers to aberrosexuality as "an objective disorder". The Congregation will have to consider also whether the bishop is to be condemned for it or not," said OsservatorioGender Rodolfo de Mattei.
They had arrived at a crossroads. It is no longer possible to turn a blind eye. The Catholic lay organization calls for clarification, since the Catholic deposit of faith is not a hotchpotch of different opinions.
The step of the Belgian Association of Pro Familia can also be seen against the background of great confusion caused by the post-synodal papal Letter Amoris Laetitia, which has been driven to new heights. It gives the impression that the Catholic Church has spread the idea everywhere, the "air of a spiritual Wild West" where everyone  - whether episcopal conferences, dioceses or individuals - are trying to do what he wants, and to interpret in his own way, even the most controversial parts of the recent post-synodal letter.
When it became known that the complaint would be introduced, Bishop Bonny said: "Everyone is free to go where he wants." At the same time, he urged his critics to read the texts of Pope Francis again, "especially Evangelium Gaudium  and Amoris Laetitia" before they turn to the Congregation of Clergy. 

"Variations in the perception of moral teaching"

"Bishop Bonny showed ostentatious security by 'spoking for all who today want to be Christians' of, respect, and of variations' in the perception of moral teaching within the Church," said OsservatorioGender.
The Catholic lay organization Pro Familia sees the matter differently: The Church can not bless what God has forbidden. Bishop Bonny had already been made similarly worded statements in the past.  Nevertheless, he was sent by the Belgian Bishops' Conference as the only representative to Rome for the Synod of Bishops on the Family.  There must be a limit of endurance. The Catholic lay organization made it clear that it is not going to be satisfied with an evasive or noncommittal answer from Rome.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: CR / Lannoo (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Double Game of German Bishops

Church is intimately linked with child murder 'pro familia'
Why do articles from "Organized Sexual and Family Planning Advisors in the DDR" from the lobbying publication of an abortuary chain appear in the required reading of a Catholic Motherhood counsellor.

( On September 5th the pro-lifer Markus Miller posed an open question to Cardinal Joachim Meisner on this website ‘’.

Miller's question involved the website of the 'German Work Circle for Youth, Marriage and Family Counseling."

In the work circle the German Bishops' Conference cooperated with the German Abortion Firm 'pro familia'.


On the list given by Miller is a list of literature.

They were put together by the 'pro familia' directed collaborators of the associated counseling facilities.

Millers question to Cardinal Meisner was:  "For what reason do articles like "Organization of Sexual and Family Planning Counselors in the DDR" from the 'pro familia magazine'  -- which is itself operating itself as a 'pro familia Lobbying paper' --  appear as  required reading of German pregnancy counselors and even in 'esperanza' -- a co-worker with your Archdiocese?"

"What will you personally do?"

The pro-Lifer informed the Cardinal also on the 'German Society for Counseling' with its HQ in Cologne.

There the butcher society 'pro familiia' appears right alongside Catholic organizations on the member list.

This institution participates with Cardinal Meisner's Archdiocesan Director for Marriage, Families and Life Counseling, Dr. Hanspeter Schmidt.

Miller's question: "How should we Christian pro-Lifers argue with any foundation, if our Church officially cooperates and overshadows with that the message of the sanctity of human life?"

And: "what do you want to do personally, in order to end the cooperation of the Church with 'pro familia' immediately?

Society with National Socialist Background

Miller also reformed the Cardinal  that Christian pro-Lifers receive massive attacks from 'pro familia'.

He explained also that 'pro familia' has a diabolical heritage of its founder and decades long president and old-Nazi, Hans Harmsen (+).

Harmsen made career of making propaganda during the Third Reich for the murder of  handicapped people.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

German Bishops Conference Cooperates With Abortionists

It is an open secret that the staff of the Cardinal  is infiltrated by neo-Liberal abortion lobbyists .  By Markus Miller.

( In Germany there is a 'Catholic Federated Society of Works for Marriage, Families and Life Counseling, Telephone Counseling and an Open Door'.

It was established by the Bishops Conference as a Super-Diocesan point of contact for questions of Marriage, Families and Life Counseling.

A Determined Life Defender

Its current chair is the Diocesan Administrator for Marriage, Family, Life Issues in the Archdiocese of Cologne, Dr. Hannspeter Schmidt..

The Association resides in Bonn and also the Archdiocese of Cologne.

Joachim Cardinal Meisner of Cologne has always presented himself personally as a determined defender of life.

He has courageously compared the murder by abortion of millions of innocent children with the atrocities of King Herod and also of Hitler and Stalin.

He also gets to be cursed by the mass media, which finds itself safe in the hands of the international abortion mafia.

Entangled with the hard core abortion lobby

It is, however, an open secret that Cardinal Meisner's staff is infiltrated by neo-Liberal abortion lobbyists.

The Cardinal appears to be effectively powerless against this.

An example?

The so-called 'Catholic Work Association' has participated for years in a collaborative effort.

This bears the name 'German Work Team for Marriage, Youth and Family Planning.'

The other members of the 'Work Team' are:

- a 'Conference Assocation for Childcare'

- a 'German Work Society for Youth and Marriage Counseling'

- the 'Evangelical Conference for Families and Life Planning'

- the Association 'Pro Familia'.

That is an bitter enemy of the Church

'Pro Familia' is a charter member of the 'International Planned Parenthood Federation'.

The first president and founder of 'Pro Familia' was the former National Socialist politican and racist Hans Harmsen († 1989).

'Pro Familia' insists upon the right of a mother to abort her own child.

The grouping is part of a world wide string pulling operation of the international abortion industry.

In Germany 'Pro Familia' operates numerous abortion facilities.

These are advertised to the public deceptively under the euphemistic title "Medical Center".

Such places for the killing of children are located in places like Rüsselsheim, Bremen, Saarbrücken, Mainz, Kassel and Berlin.

'Pro Familia' propagates a sexual morality that is diametrically opposed to Catholic teaching.

This is the Consequence

The so-called 'Work Team' sees its mission under the direction of 'Pro Familia' as, providing "Essentials and Standards in Institutional Planning" of youth, married couples, families or even pregnancies.

For this purpose, the counselors have partners to cooperate with.

For that reason the website of the Work Team has published a written literature.

These are also combined together with the 349 Marriage, Family and Life Planning operated by the Catholic Church and their 1.200 skilled employees.

The publication list contains among other things advertisements for 'Pro Familia Magazine'.

That is the house newspaper of the German abortion lobby.

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