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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Refugee Crisis as Swan Song --- Pope Francis Begs Forgiveness of Refugees in New Video Message

Pope Francis and the undistinguished questions of refugees
Edit: rather than calling for a Crusade, he wants to let them into the gates.

(Rome) Pope Francis asks the refugees in a video message "for pardon" that "we" had "too often" not included them.
The video message was released today in Rome. It was created for the 35th anniversary of the  Jesuit run refugee center, Centro Astalli in Rome. Pope Francis admiringly recalled  the controversial Superior General of the Jesuits, Father Pedro Arrupe, whom Pope John Paul II. had ousted in 1981  because of progressive aberrations in the Order. 
Francis lists a number of reasons that cause people to flee and thus would be conferred the status of "refugee" would confer, who would require "to share bread,  house and life." It's an explosive range to justify the worldwide mass migrations.
The video message was delivered by Pope Francis extempore. It is tied with the Lampedusa gestures with Pope Francis' continued visits to the island of Lampedusa (Italy), of Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) and the island of Lesbos (Greece). This includes his appeal of 5 September 2015: " Take all, good and bad ." It's an appeal by Pope Francis that brought complaints about a lack of distinction between the various individuals, whether Islamist, murderer, thief, and so forth..
The video message in English:
Dearest refugees, dear volunteers and full-time employees and friends of the Centre Astalli.
This year, the charity of Centro Astalli has been committed to the refugees in Italy for 35 years. 1
It's an activity that was mainly achieved as one nation, and that is beautiful and true.
I was a stranger, and you welcomed me. I was a stranger.
Each of you refugees who came knocking on our doors, was met by  the face of God,  the flesh of Christ.Your experience of suffering and hope reminds us that we are all strangers and pilgrims on this earth, taken in by someone generous and without merit.
Those of you who fled from their own country because of oppression, of war,  from pollution and desertification, the nature of injustice or unfair distribution of the planet's resources, is a brother,  with whom to share bread, house and life.
Too often we have not adopted you. Forgive us the walling off and the indifference of our societies, who fear that change of life and mentality that requires your presence.
Treated like a piece of a problem, a cost: you are, on the other hand, a gift. You are the witness of how our gracious and merciful God can transform evil and injustice, under which you are suffering, to a good for all. Each of you can be a bridge to bring the distant peoples together. This makes an encounter between different cultures and religions possible, a way to rediscover our common humanity.
And you made me welcome. I was a stranger and you welcomed me.
Yes, the center Astalli is a concrete and daily example of the prophetic vision of Father Pedro Arrupe. 2 [Ugh]
It was his swan song in a refugee center in Asia. 3
Thank you all, men and women religious and lay people, volunteers and paid staff. I encourage you to keep going. 35 years of age is only the beginning of a path which is increasingly necessary, the only way for a reconciled coexistence.
Always be witnesses of the beauty, the beauty of the encounter. Help our society to hear the voice of the refugees, Go your way bravely beside them. Accompany them and let yourself be guided by them. The refugees know the paths that lead to peace because they know the acrid smell of war.


  1. The Centro Astalli of Rome is part of the Jesuit Refugee Service founded in 1980. [ ↩]
  2. The Basque Pedro Arrupe (1907-1991) 1965 was elected the 28th Superior General of the Jesuits. Because of his progressive stance, Pope John Paul II. personally attacked him in the interests of the Order and disempowered Arrupe, who then suffered a stroke. John Paul II then appointed a papal delegate, later Cardinal Paolo Dezza SJ. [ ↩]
  3. The word "swan song" of Pedro Arrupe was used Pope Francis already on 14 November 2015 in a speech to members of the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS). The idea for the foundation of JRS came to Father Arrupe while visiting a refugee center in Southeast Asia. On his return to Rome he suffered a stroke. This was described as Arrupe's  "swan song" by Pope Francis in 2015, which  he described as the "icon", which he apparently meant as a  kind of spiritual testament. [ ↩]

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Videobotschaft CTV/ (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mass Immigration: Pope Francis Flies to the Island of Lesbos -- Lampedusa 3

Pope Francis on Lampedeusa in 2013
(Rome) Pope Francis announced his visit to the Greek island of Lesbos, which is currently the flashpoint of mass migration ignited toward the direction of Europe. After visiting the island of Lampedusa on July 8, 2013, Holy Mass on the border fence on the US-Mexico border on February 18, 2016, Lesbos will be  the third act on the 15th of April of papal refugee activism.

Pope Francis is, next to German Chancellor Merkel, currently the most media effective "Ambassador" for an uncontrolled and undifferentiated mass immigration to Europe. Like no other world leader, he knows how to make the "migration Front" visible and at the same time engage a  one-sided indictment of  "separation" and "exclusion." Here even the Pope spoke last March 4th of an " Arab invasion" of Europe, which he would like to understand, however,  as an "opportunity".

What will change the agreement between the EU and Turkey?

The island of Lesbos is currently in the media spotlight. The reason is the agreement between the EU and Turkey. Turkey has agreed to take back rejected asylum seekers from the EU, but only under conditions. The first condition are billions of payments to Ankara. The second condition is that for each asylum seeker withdrawn from Turkey, another is admitted to the asylum procedure in the EU. In addition to the costs, it means the regulation of mass immigration can be continued in the EU, with the approval of Brussels and Berlin.

Whether the agreement holds that Turkey is a reliable partner, and if the rejected asylum seekers will behave remains to be seen. Additionally it  must be shown whether the agreement is followed through on.

Doubtful helping hand by the Pope

The advocates of "welcoming culture" have been put to the test  of their outrage at Brenner on 3 April on the Italian-Austrian border. They  see the island of Lesbos as a symbol of a "repressive" EU migration policy. Organizations have been called to  rally at Brenner, who were allegedly involved in the deadly "escape route" at Indumeni. Migrants were incited to force entry into the EU by the European extremists. They refer to themselves as "river helpers", had compelled them to force their way into the European Union.  Three migrants who arrived at the torrential border river died.  For these "staged humanitarian catastrophes" none of the inciters was still held criminally responsible. The radical nature of these forces appears even to condone the death of their "protégés," in order to force a population exchange in Europe.

Pope Francis in turn appears poised by his presence, to provide indirect help to protect the extreme position. There currently is no evidence that there will be the desired effect for an anticipated differentiation of the phenomenon on his third visit that one would expect from the Catholic Church leader on Lesbos. The intellectual honesty demands a differentiation and the people of Europe expect a differentiation, that it should no longer be impressed with the impression that there is merely interest in the fate of migrants, but not the fate of Europe and the Europeans.

See about the contribution Background of the Refugee Crisis .

Text: Andreas Becker
Image: Romano (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Rome and the Society of Saint Pius X: "The Meeting Went Well" -- "It Goes in the Direction of a Personal Prelature"

"The Meeting Went Well", according to Il Foglio according to
its Vatican Sources
(Rome) Matteo Matzuzzi, the Vatican expert of the Italian daily Il Foglio , reported initially on Monday  that Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, was received by Pope Francis in private audience last Friday. Here is Matzuzzi's piece:

The Pope Met Bernard Fellay, head of the Lefebvrians

The pope on Saturday 1 received Bernard Fellay, the superior general and direct successor 2 of Monsignor Marcel Lefebvre at the head of St. Pius X. The conversation "was positive" as Il Foglio  learned from Vatican sources. Between Francis and Fellay "the consultation went well."
It is a further step towards canonical recognition of the Fraternity to the Holy See in the form of an ad hoc erected Prelature on the model of Opus Dei, therefore with far-reaching and not only organizational autonomy.
In an interview recently translated into five languages ​​and published on the website of the  Society, Fellay showed himself very open to dialogue, by repeatedly emphasizing his appreciation for the reigning pope:
"I would not be more surprised if he sees us as one of those margins, to which he obviously gives preference. And precisely in this perspective he uses the expression "to travel part of the way" with the people on the periphery, in the hope of being able to improve things. This is therefore not a firm resolution to come directly to the destination, one way or another, a way to go ... but the main thing is is quite peaceful, nice, without knowing very well where that will lead. This is probably one of the main reasons. "
Already towards the end of 2013 there was, as the internet site Rorate Caeli brought to light,  a first meeting in Santa Marta. However, It was not a conversation, but more of a chance encounter.
In an interview Fellay noted another aspect of which reveals how far the path to reconciliation has already progressed:
"Very surprising, since it is clear that Pope Francis wants to give us life and to survive. To anyone who wants to hear it, he says he will never do anything evil to the Fraternity. He also said that we are Catholic. He has refused to convict us as schismatics, he said, you are not schismatic, you are Catholic ', even if he subsequently used a somewhat enigmatic word  when he said we were on the way to full communion. For this expression, full communion, 'we would like to have a clear definition, because it looks as if  it corresponds to nothing precise. This is a feeling ... you do not know exactly what it is."
A decision in Econe where the Society has its headquarters 3 was particularly appreciated, relates to the pope granting permission that  Catholics may confess to  Lefebvrian priests. The Pope explained that in the letter last September 1, in which he granted an indulgence for the Jubilee Year:
"A final consideration concerns those faithful who for various reasons choose to attend churches officiated by priests of the Fraternity of St Pius X. This Jubilee Year of Mercy excludes no one. From various quarters, several Brother Bishops have told me of their good faith and sacramental practice, combined however with an uneasy situation from the pastoral standpoint. I trust that in the near future solutions may be found to recover full communion with the priests and superiors of the Fraternity. In the meantime, motivated by the need to respond to the good of these faithful, through my own disposition, I establish that those who during the Holy Year of Mercy approach these priests of the Fraternity of St Pius X to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation shall validly and licitly receive the absolution of their sins."
Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Il Foglio (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Friday, March 11, 2016

Africa's Cardinals Prevent Audience For Bill Gates -- Pope Francis and the Financial Magnates

Tom Cook With Pope Francis
(Rome) Pope Francis' criticism of  the "economy that kills" and the reception of financial groups is perceived as a contradiction, at  least it's not really an easily decipherable gesture. Vatican expert Sandro Magister has published a list of "all the financial magnates and technocracy, who Pope Francis granted an audience to this year alone", and from whom he "receives lavish gratuities".

"The economy, which kills"

"Pope Francis is adamantly against the rich man who let poor Lazaruses starve, against what he called 'the, economy, kills," said Magister.
In the enjoyment of the papal attention, for example, came Christine Lagarde, who was received on last 18 January at the Vatican. On February 19, Lagarde was confirmed for a second term at the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). On March 1, she was praised by Pope Francis as "an intelligent woman" who will argue "that the money must be in the service of humanity and not vice versa". It's praise that the Pope expressed in front of a stunned delegation of Socialist deputies from France.
"At the beginning of his pontificate Jorge Mario Bergoglio surprised all by 'preaching a poor Church of the poor,' but also welcoming consultants of the most famous and from the most expensive manufacturers and organizational and financial systems to the Vatican, from McKinsey about Ernst & Young to Promontory and KPMG ,"  said Magister. Consultants, who promote socio-politically  the opposite of what the Catholic Church teaches (see Homo lobbying: McKinsey, Ernst & Young, KPMG ... and all work for the Vatican ).

Rendezvous at the Vatican with lush donation

"Now there is a different tune. There are no longer Vatican coffers, for these companies to pay into the accounts. There are the great entrepreneurs who are admitted to the meeting with the Pope, who bring him rich donations," said Magister.
There are those who speak about it, and others who do not. On January 22 was Tom Cook, CEO of Apple at the Vatican. He made ​​no secret of it, "to have  pressed a donation in  Francis' han d at the audience." The audience took place, as well as the others of its kind, "not in the prosaic guest house of Santa Marta, but instead at a magnificent space of the papal library in the Apostolic Palace," says Magister.
On January 28, Leonardo Di Caprio did the same. In the video recording of the meeting an envelope with a check for the pope can be seen, "for works of love that you care about." Di Caprio had gotten the audience not so much  as a successful and world famous film actor, but as chairman of a foundation against global warming. He appeared a few days before on behalf of the foundation at the World Economic Forum taking place in Davos and was awarded a prize.
Even Pope Francis had his voice  heard  at the Forum in Davos. He delivered a message for the integrity of creation and for an "integral" development of man.
Di Caprio and the other visitors received from the pope in return, a red bound copy of his encyclical Laudato si.

"Nature and technocracy"

"Nature and technocracy is the successful twin pack," said Magister. Seven days before Tim Cook of Apple was received, there was Eric Schmidt, the number one of Google. Schmidt has been head since early autumn of 2015, the CEO of the Holding Alphabet in which all Google companies are combined. He was accompanied by Jared Cohen, head of Google Ideas. They also have a foundation that operates in the field of poverty, energy and the environment, whose motto is "Do not be evil". Schmidt is ranked at number 100 in the world rankings of the richest men.
At the end of February, Kevin Systrom was received by the Pope. He is the founder and CEO of Instagram , a photo social network with 400 million users worldwide. In February, a delegation of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature was received in the Vatican, led by the chairman Yolanda Kakabadse.  WWF is currently promoting for mountain gorillas in different countrieswith the misleading slogan: "Gorillas are 98% human." The reference applies to the similarity of genes, but is considered an improper assertion. It is either human or animal.  The 98 percent man does not exist. Gorillas are 100 percent animal. The slogan is a play on words with which a theoretical evolution of man is propagated that's unscientific and unacceptable for the Church in this form.

Light spectacle Fiat Lux - A gift from the World Bank

"But the biggest coup in this area was the light spectacle, Fiat Lux, which took place on the evening of December 8 2015 on the opening day of the Holy Year of Compassion,  linked with the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris COP21, projected on the facade and the dome of St. Peter's. The spectacle caused quite a stir, but was very controversial, especially in Catholic circles because it is "a hymn to nature, but without the slightest indication of their creator," said Magister.The light show was also very expensive, but it was a give to the Pope entirely intended as gifts by the World Bank , the foundation Okeanos and the company Vulcan. The founder and CEO of Vulcan, Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, is currently considered the fortieth richest man in the world.

Protest by African Cardinals prevents audience for Bill Gates

And it was only just barely missed that Pope Francis would even receive Bill Gates in audience, the absolute number one from Microsoft and - according to Forbes -   the richest man in the world. The operation failed because the African cardinals intervened with the Pope against it vigorously. They reminded Francis that because the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation advocates the worldwide spread of abortion and particularly gives money and contacts in emerging, mainly poor countries to enforce the killing of unborn children. Bill Gates's father was on the board of the largest abortion lobbyist, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). His son partakes of the same neo-Malthusian ideology for population reduction.
Not that you would not have known at the Vatican, but there are indications that the papal court would have overlooked it without the African resistance. Since the beginning of the Argentine pontificate, a trend is recognizable to downplay the "non-negotiable values" in favor of new alliances with neo-Maalthusian aligned international powers (US, UN and EU) in the background. Pope Francis has already announced this paradigm shift to the dismay of many Catholics and the right to life organizations in 2013. The appointment of neo-Malthusians as members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences is just one element of the new direction.
No resistance was stirring, however, at the audience for the second richest man in the world, the Mexican, Carlos Slim, a telecommunications magnate. The total cost of the transmissions and the press centers, during the visit of the Pope Mexico last February, were taken over by him.
Text: Settimo Cielo / Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Friday, February 19, 2016

Pope Francis Writes Letter to One of His Bitterest Critics, Antonio Socci

Letter from Pope Francis to Antonio Socci
(Rome) The Catholic journalist Antonio Socci, a persistent  Pope critic, has received a personal letter from Pope Francis. It is not the first time that Francis has shown  his attention to critics. Shortly before his death, he telephoned  the legal philosopher Mario Palmaro in Fall of 2013, who was then one of the most intellectually sharpest critics of this pontificate.  Antonio Socci went so far in his Pope criticism in his 2014 published book "He is not Francis", to challenge the validity of the Pope's election. He was followed in this by neither canon nor other church representatives.  In his latest book, "The Last Prophecy" he corrected [Socci publically disavowed this already?] this position. He has  recognized since then, the election, but maintains his criticism of this pontificate. Now, he's received a surprising letter from the Pope. In the daily newspaper Libero , he reported it:

The letter that the Pope wrote about my book "The Last Prophecy." And my answer

by Antonio Socci
Last Friday, I looked  quickly over the house of my parents, it's full of memories of my father like his best picture: The miners carried one of their mates on a stretcher (my father risked  his life in the mine  and became handicapped).
He taught me that life is a struggle for the truth, and that truth and freedom are more important than  bread. It was he who as a Catholic miner fought for the freedom of our country on April 18, 1948, I owe him the most important lesson: to live without lies.
And I thought immediately of him on Friday, when I received this letter by express delivery. My mother astonished, handed me a white envelope with the stamp of the Vatican City, by whispering to me: "Did the Pope write you?"
And indeed, the handwriting is unmistakable. He has written my address with a fountain pen in black ink  (wherever he has found), on the back was the sender and underneath: "Casa Santa Marta - 00120 Vatican City".
I thought of my father, because he is a symbol for me of those Christian people, who are so despised by the pseudo-intellectual establishment that Pope Francis celebrates (I think of "La Repubblica"). That Christian people that has felt abandoned in the last three years by their  shepherd.
Pope Francis has indeed triumphed among the anti-clericals with a big media success, but has led the Church into great confusion.  It suffices to reflect on the statements yesterday made on the return flight from Mexico, where he "mixed" greatly in immigration policy, but stated that he would not interfere in the Italian debate on gay marriage (though he is Bishop of Rome and Primate of Italy).

The Imperium

On Friday, just when I got his letter, I saw the Holy Father on television because of the jointly signed statement by him and the Orthodox Patriarch Cyril. It involved  memorable historico-political  remarks, which has stuffed the "Obama Agenda" together with the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Church,  which the Pope has disastrously circulated.
The declaration brings the Church back on the path of Benedict XVI. and is a true torpedo against "the dictatorship of relativism" of the West and against the dictatorship of Islamism in the East. It is a cry of freedom that allows the celebration of Christian values from the Atlantic to the Urals, and we returns to the big story of the Europe of the peoples and the cathedrals.
It's the opposite of what Francis did in those years.
The explanation takes decidedly (finally)  to the defense of persecuted Christians and religious freedom at all longitudes, and does so with an appeal to a courageous Christian witness in public life. It attacks the nihilistic technocracy of Western Europe, which has denied its Christian roots and excludes the Christian to contempt. Finally, they vigorously defend the natural family and life from conception to its natural end.
However, immediately after the ceremony, carried out before the television cameras, Pope Bergoglio tried to "withdraw" his signature from the publication of this document by playing down its importance. He reduced everything to a proper "photo-op".
What explains this repentant and incredible backpedaling? Obviously, it allowed the Imperium of the "resigned" Benedict XVI. and "cropped" the pontificate of Francis, it impedes him from overturning the geopolitical positioning of the Church.
Therefore Francis (who showed in 2013. a bold  independence with Syria) returned immediately in the assigned limits. It was not difficult for him because of the ease with which he normally speaks, withdrawing and contradictorily depending  on the interlocutor. His Magisterium is often as changeable as the dress Saruman.
Probably one now wonders in the Patriarchate of Moscow, how many  Franzi kisses are actually in circulation. We've asked that for three years. All boats  so guided  capsize, and in fact confusion rules in the Churc.
Perhaps the Pope is begging so emphatically because he wants prayer.
Unfortunately, he has many sycophants, courtiers, shoeshine boys and fans who celebrate him, but few of them pray for him and for the boat of Peter, which threatens to drown in the applause and the laughter of the world.
However, I pray for him.

The letter

When I opened the envelope, I saw that it came from him entirely. I understand the meaning of certain details: the popes communicate through the State Secretariat (in the past I have already received a papal letter of this kind).
That this was even handwritten by the Pope and a directly forwarded letter, without going through any Vatican office, has a precise meaning: It is intended to be of a familiar character, a fatherly gesture of affection and of Community.
Although I know how happily Pope Bergoglio leaves formalism behind, I would not have expected it. I sent him a copy of my book from the publisher Rizzoli. In it there is a dedication with which I tell the Pope that the book contains what my conscience requires me to tell him.
I was therefore very surprised to see his letter and read his truly informal words.
Vatican, February 7, 2016
Mr. Antonio Socci
Dear Brother:
I have received your book and the accompanying letter. Thank you for this gesture. May the Lord reward you.
I started to read it, and I am sure that many of my things in it will bring good things. In reality, critics help Us also, to walk in the right way of the Lord.
I really thank you very much for your prayers and those of your family.
I promise you that I will pray for you all and ask the Lord to bless you and the Blessed Mother, to protect you.
Your brother and servant in the Lord,
These are words  that do not leave me indifferent. There are things this Pope does that move me deeply (as I have written in the book).
His evangelical freedom and his simplicity inspire me, his standing outside the clerical schemes. It is moving when he speaks of the view of Jesus, or as in the past few days in Guadalupe from the maternal eyes of Mary. And he recalled that Our Savior wants that no one is lost and is ready to invite everyone on His shoulders.
But ultimately, there is in his pontificate primarily from his Magisterium and from the government of the Church, and  the face of disorientation and confusion that have entered the Christian people in these three years,  so I wanted to tell the truth, even at the cost of professional and moral suicide.

Parrhesia, not hypocrisy

I've thrown into the nettles what the world calls by the name of 'Prestige,'   built in decades of work, to be an outcast of the Catholic world, which is my home. I was, with one blow thrown among  the "lepers."  In those two years I had to digest a lot of verbal abuse. The most common were: "You are possessed by the devil" and "You're crazy."
Others called for an exorcist for me or even a judgement of excommunication. They even have assumed that I was in some sect, under some guru or an obscure "power" under a fog, but in any case outside of the Church.
I was banished from their media and my book has been placed on an index in certain Catholic bookstores, which probably has no problem having Augias and Mancuso for sale.
Today, however,  the words of Francis gives justice for months and months of defamation. They are above all, for each one of us, an example of humility and fatherhood.
The legitimacy of the "criticism of the Pope", which is contained in the letter, also seems to teach that we should be bold and not fearful or opportunistic Christians. One should talk of parrhesia and not calculated hypocrisy.
In my book I quoted the words of the Spanish Bishop Melchor Cano (1509-1560), a great theologian of the Council of Trent:
"Peter does not need our lies and our flattery. Those who defend blindly and indiscriminately any decision of the Pope, are those that undermine the authority of the Holy See:. They destroy its foundations  instead of strengthening it."
Francis knows, moreover, that for him, the danger does not come from the sincerity of the children of God, but from his court: one day he went so far as to say that "the Court is the leprosy of the papacy."
Incidentally, it is also true that a climate of real terror reigns in the Roman Curia and the other Curias during his pontificate, a never before experienced oppressive inquisitorial air. And for that he is responsible.
The way he has led Church affairs in these years and the recent Synod, unfortunately, shows that next to the paternal and understanding Francis there is also one who uses the power in a very hard way. Sometimes, in order to impose the Church heterodox teachings.
He is the one who raises an iron fist against large religious families  and orthodox faith and then praises those who promotes the chasing of the winds of secular ideologies.
I continue to hope and pray that he will put an end to this climate and call for all to stay in the freedom and dignity of the children of God in the Church, as well as the Council teaches (without fearing purges, revenge and humiliation).
I hope above all that he remains faithful to  the mission of Peter and defends the Catholic faith and neither sells it and nor  tips it over: this is not permissible for him. He can not do it.
For even the Pope can not do what he wants, as Joseph Ratzinger has said. He is not an absolute monarch, as once some rulers were. He is the exact opposite: He is the guarantor of obedience.  He is the guarantee that we are not of his opinion or the opinion of whomever, but profess the faith of all times, to defend it against the opinions of the moment. 
Introduction / Text: Giuseppe Nardi
picture: Antonio Socci
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pope Francis and the Remarried Divorced of Tuxla Gutierrez

(Mexico City) While the media is reporting an insignificant incident at the meeting with the youth, a more important thing happened at the meeting with the families in the context of  remarried divorcees.
In the incident on Tuesday, Pope Francis was understandably incensed because teenagers were so strongly drawn to him that he almost  fell over a disabled boy in a wheelchair. The incident took place at the meeting with more than 100,000 young people in Morelia.

Protect family from destruction by ideological colonization

More significant, but largely unnoticed, was another incident on Monday of Pope Francis'  meeting   with  families in Tuxla Gutierrez. Pope Francis defended the traditional family in his speech. In Mexico, there is a bitter political slugfest to legalize "gay marriage" and the introduce an adoption law for homosexuals:
"Nowadays we see and  experience on several fronts, as  where the family is weakened, as it is called into question, as one thinks that it is an already obsolete model and has no place in our societies, and how under the pretext of modernity, increasingly, a home based on the isolation model is favored. In our societies - which describe themselves as free, democratic, sovereign societies - penetrated with an ideological colonization, which  destroys society, and in the end we are all colonies of ideologies, which destroys the family,  the family at its core, the foundation of any healthy society ."
Previously, the Pope had listened under the hot sun of Chiapas to the testimony of four families who have been "injured" in different ways, as it is  described in the newer Church language. In some couples (picture) there were remarried divorcees. Humberto and Claudia had married again after a divorce registry office, which because of the validity of a first marriage, Claudia is excluded from an ecclesiastical marriage.

Testimony of a couple remarried divorcees

Humberto and Claudia, remarried divorcees, with Pope Francis
The couple personifies the "irregular" union which not a few bishops, priests and theologians would like to grant admission to the sacraments, because their number is increasing more and more. Two Synods argued on this point. Cardinal Walter Kasper's has, since 2013, been the spokesman of the "Possibilists" who advocate admission to Communion. But both times the Kasperians could not impose this.
Since the conclusion of the second Synod of Bishops end of October 2015, the Church awaits a decision by Pope Francis and his Post-synodal letter, to be published in February.
The encounter with the couple in Tuxla Gutierrez did not lack explosiveness. How did Pope Francis react?
But the couple did not ask for the admission to Communion. "We can not approach the Eucharist," Humberto said, "but we can participate through our needy, sick,  brother, deprived of his liberty, at  Communion."

The reaction of Pope Francis

Pope Francis said in his reaction first: "Humberto and Claudia try to pass on to us the love of God through service and assistance to the neighbor." Then he spoke directly to the pair:
"You have taken courage and you pray, you are with Jesus, you are immersed in the life of the Church. You have used a beautiful expression: We keep comunio [community] with the weak, sick, needy and imprisoned brother '. Thank you thank you!"
In Osservatore Romano, the newspaper of the Vatican, the testimony was reproduced in summary.  Humberto Gomez was still single when he civilly married Claudia 16 years ago, who was already divorced and brought three children. Their son was born eleven years ago, who is now an altar boy, "as the Father adds, visibly proud". The couple had initially suffered from the exclusion from the sacraments, then they slowly came to a rapprochement through the group Divorciados vueltos a casar  which offers pastoral care in Mexican dioceses  for the divorced and remarried. Through this group, the pair began to volunteer to care for the sick, the imprisoned women and drug-addicted prisoners.

Provided evidence of integration without admission to communion

"If there is need   for evidence to support 'integration' and the 'full participation" of members as "living members" in the  Church, as the Relatio, the final report of the Family Synod, according to the teaching of the Church, of remarried divorcees proposed as living members  and without admission to Eucharistic Communion, then this pair has done this," said the Vatican expert Sandro Magister. "And Pope Francis, listened to them and nodded with conviction. It remains to be seen what he will write to the anticipated post-synodal document. "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
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Trans: Tancred