Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mass Immigration: Pope Francis Flies to the Island of Lesbos -- Lampedusa 3

Pope Francis on Lampedeusa in 2013
(Rome) Pope Francis announced his visit to the Greek island of Lesbos, which is currently the flashpoint of mass migration ignited toward the direction of Europe. After visiting the island of Lampedusa on July 8, 2013, Holy Mass on the border fence on the US-Mexico border on February 18, 2016, Lesbos will be  the third act on the 15th of April of papal refugee activism.

Pope Francis is, next to German Chancellor Merkel, currently the most media effective "Ambassador" for an uncontrolled and undifferentiated mass immigration to Europe. Like no other world leader, he knows how to make the "migration Front" visible and at the same time engage a  one-sided indictment of  "separation" and "exclusion." Here even the Pope spoke last March 4th of an " Arab invasion" of Europe, which he would like to understand, however,  as an "opportunity".

What will change the agreement between the EU and Turkey?

The island of Lesbos is currently in the media spotlight. The reason is the agreement between the EU and Turkey. Turkey has agreed to take back rejected asylum seekers from the EU, but only under conditions. The first condition are billions of payments to Ankara. The second condition is that for each asylum seeker withdrawn from Turkey, another is admitted to the asylum procedure in the EU. In addition to the costs, it means the regulation of mass immigration can be continued in the EU, with the approval of Brussels and Berlin.

Whether the agreement holds that Turkey is a reliable partner, and if the rejected asylum seekers will behave remains to be seen. Additionally it  must be shown whether the agreement is followed through on.

Doubtful helping hand by the Pope

The advocates of "welcoming culture" have been put to the test  of their outrage at Brenner on 3 April on the Italian-Austrian border. They  see the island of Lesbos as a symbol of a "repressive" EU migration policy. Organizations have been called to  rally at Brenner, who were allegedly involved in the deadly "escape route" at Indumeni. Migrants were incited to force entry into the EU by the European extremists. They refer to themselves as "river helpers", had compelled them to force their way into the European Union.  Three migrants who arrived at the torrential border river died.  For these "staged humanitarian catastrophes" none of the inciters was still held criminally responsible. The radical nature of these forces appears even to condone the death of their "protégés," in order to force a population exchange in Europe.

Pope Francis in turn appears poised by his presence, to provide indirect help to protect the extreme position. There currently is no evidence that there will be the desired effect for an anticipated differentiation of the phenomenon on his third visit that one would expect from the Catholic Church leader on Lesbos. The intellectual honesty demands a differentiation and the people of Europe expect a differentiation, that it should no longer be impressed with the impression that there is merely interest in the fate of migrants, but not the fate of Europe and the Europeans.

See about the contribution Background of the Refugee Crisis .

Text: Andreas Becker
Image: Vatican.va/Osservatore Romano (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com
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Unknown said...

More "solidarity" and a "welcoming attitude" to what exactly? To the increase of Islam in the west? That is what welcoming these refugees amounts to. This is a papacy intent on the self-destruction of the Church.

Anonymous said...

Just like every politician and government in The West.

Unknown said...

This is Francis' army.

Seattle kim

Eirene said...

What exactly are people to think about Francis' behaviour here? He has no business involving himself in this disastrous migrant tsunami. Of course he will be aligned with the perpetrators of the Open Borders philosophy! Where are his advisors? Does he have any?

Anonymous said...

Muslim lover/Catholic hater Pope Francis.

Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

I think 90% of Catholics will be thankful when this "pope" Francis is gone.

Hopefully the next one will be a Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering: Has the Vatican welcomed any Catholic or Muslim refugees?

Anonymous said...

Catholic refugees??? HAHAHAHAHA! They're all 100% Muslims, and the refuges who have streamed into Europe for 40+ years have ALL been Muslims either from the Middle East, or Africa. They live in Muslim ghettos, many of which are breeding grounds for terrorism.

Anyone who thinks any of the refugees are Catholics lives in fantasy land. They're ALL Muslims, and Pope Francis is the naïve boob who is their champion!
Damian Malliapalli

Henri said...

More live ones!

Anonymous said...

Francis,just like Paul VI and JP2,are crypto-Jews and everything is going according to plan.
Francis is very far from Naive and his ability to fool you is proof.