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Friday, March 11, 2016

Africa's Cardinals Prevent Audience For Bill Gates -- Pope Francis and the Financial Magnates

Tom Cook With Pope Francis
(Rome) Pope Francis' criticism of  the "economy that kills" and the reception of financial groups is perceived as a contradiction, at  least it's not really an easily decipherable gesture. Vatican expert Sandro Magister has published a list of "all the financial magnates and technocracy, who Pope Francis granted an audience to this year alone", and from whom he "receives lavish gratuities".

"The economy, which kills"

"Pope Francis is adamantly against the rich man who let poor Lazaruses starve, against what he called 'the, economy, kills," said Magister.
In the enjoyment of the papal attention, for example, came Christine Lagarde, who was received on last 18 January at the Vatican. On February 19, Lagarde was confirmed for a second term at the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). On March 1, she was praised by Pope Francis as "an intelligent woman" who will argue "that the money must be in the service of humanity and not vice versa". It's praise that the Pope expressed in front of a stunned delegation of Socialist deputies from France.
"At the beginning of his pontificate Jorge Mario Bergoglio surprised all by 'preaching a poor Church of the poor,' but also welcoming consultants of the most famous and from the most expensive manufacturers and organizational and financial systems to the Vatican, from McKinsey about Ernst & Young to Promontory and KPMG ,"  said Magister. Consultants, who promote socio-politically  the opposite of what the Catholic Church teaches (see Homo lobbying: McKinsey, Ernst & Young, KPMG ... and all work for the Vatican ).

Rendezvous at the Vatican with lush donation

"Now there is a different tune. There are no longer Vatican coffers, for these companies to pay into the accounts. There are the great entrepreneurs who are admitted to the meeting with the Pope, who bring him rich donations," said Magister.
There are those who speak about it, and others who do not. On January 22 was Tom Cook, CEO of Apple at the Vatican. He made ​​no secret of it, "to have  pressed a donation in  Francis' han d at the audience." The audience took place, as well as the others of its kind, "not in the prosaic guest house of Santa Marta, but instead at a magnificent space of the papal library in the Apostolic Palace," says Magister.
On January 28, Leonardo Di Caprio did the same. In the video recording of the meeting an envelope with a check for the pope can be seen, "for works of love that you care about." Di Caprio had gotten the audience not so much  as a successful and world famous film actor, but as chairman of a foundation against global warming. He appeared a few days before on behalf of the foundation at the World Economic Forum taking place in Davos and was awarded a prize.
Even Pope Francis had his voice  heard  at the Forum in Davos. He delivered a message for the integrity of creation and for an "integral" development of man.
Di Caprio and the other visitors received from the pope in return, a red bound copy of his encyclical Laudato si.

"Nature and technocracy"

"Nature and technocracy is the successful twin pack," said Magister. Seven days before Tim Cook of Apple was received, there was Eric Schmidt, the number one of Google. Schmidt has been head since early autumn of 2015, the CEO of the Holding Alphabet in which all Google companies are combined. He was accompanied by Jared Cohen, head of Google Ideas. They also have a foundation that operates in the field of poverty, energy and the environment, whose motto is "Do not be evil". Schmidt is ranked at number 100 in the world rankings of the richest men.
At the end of February, Kevin Systrom was received by the Pope. He is the founder and CEO of Instagram , a photo social network with 400 million users worldwide. In February, a delegation of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature was received in the Vatican, led by the chairman Yolanda Kakabadse.  WWF is currently promoting for mountain gorillas in different countrieswith the misleading slogan: "Gorillas are 98% human." The reference applies to the similarity of genes, but is considered an improper assertion. It is either human or animal.  The 98 percent man does not exist. Gorillas are 100 percent animal. The slogan is a play on words with which a theoretical evolution of man is propagated that's unscientific and unacceptable for the Church in this form.

Light spectacle Fiat Lux - A gift from the World Bank

"But the biggest coup in this area was the light spectacle, Fiat Lux, which took place on the evening of December 8 2015 on the opening day of the Holy Year of Compassion,  linked with the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris COP21, projected on the facade and the dome of St. Peter's. The spectacle caused quite a stir, but was very controversial, especially in Catholic circles because it is "a hymn to nature, but without the slightest indication of their creator," said Magister.The light show was also very expensive, but it was a give to the Pope entirely intended as gifts by the World Bank , the foundation Okeanos and the company Vulcan. The founder and CEO of Vulcan, Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, is currently considered the fortieth richest man in the world.

Protest by African Cardinals prevents audience for Bill Gates

And it was only just barely missed that Pope Francis would even receive Bill Gates in audience, the absolute number one from Microsoft and - according to Forbes -   the richest man in the world. The operation failed because the African cardinals intervened with the Pope against it vigorously. They reminded Francis that because the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation advocates the worldwide spread of abortion and particularly gives money and contacts in emerging, mainly poor countries to enforce the killing of unborn children. Bill Gates's father was on the board of the largest abortion lobbyist, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). His son partakes of the same neo-Malthusian ideology for population reduction.
Not that you would not have known at the Vatican, but there are indications that the papal court would have overlooked it without the African resistance. Since the beginning of the Argentine pontificate, a trend is recognizable to downplay the "non-negotiable values" in favor of new alliances with neo-Maalthusian aligned international powers (US, UN and EU) in the background. Pope Francis has already announced this paradigm shift to the dismay of many Catholics and the right to life organizations in 2013. The appointment of neo-Malthusians as members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences is just one element of the new direction.
No resistance was stirring, however, at the audience for the second richest man in the world, the Mexican, Carlos Slim, a telecommunications magnate. The total cost of the transmissions and the press centers, during the visit of the Pope Mexico last February, were taken over by him.
Text: Settimo Cielo / Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred