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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Germans Have Little Faith in the Catholic Church -- Pope's Popularity Declines

Edit: Imagine my shock. You would think that Marx's big push to legitimize mortal sin would make him and his confreres MORE, not less popular.

Germans consider television more trustworthy than the Catholic Church. In a survey, it is only in the rear midfield among 26 institutions. Trust in the pope also decreases.

Statistics | Bonn - 04.01.2018 According to a survey, Germans do not trust the Catholic Church with great confidence. Among 26 "non-political institutions," the Catholic Church in a study by the opinion research institute forsa for the television station RTL and ntv is only ranked 18th At 27 percent, however, it improved compared to the previous year by one percentage point. Here, the perception in West and East Germany deviates strongly from each other. For example, only 13 percent of East Germans give their trust to the Catholic Church; by contrast, 30 percent among the West Germans.

The Protestant church increased by two percentage points to 48 percent, ranking it in 13th place. In West Germany, 50 percent of the respondents trust them, in eastern Germany 34 percent.

Confidence in the pope, on the other hand, declined significantly last year. He is trusted by 54 percent of the respondents, which represents a decrease of 6 percentage points compared to 2016 and means 9th place in the current ranking. Here too, West and East Germany deviate strongly from each other. The pope enjoys, according to the data, 40 percent of the East Germans' trust, but 57 percent of West Germans.

Islam lost the most confidence

The strongest loss of confidence was recorded by Islam. It fell in the "trust ranking" from 25 percent in the previous year to 9 percent. That means rank 24. Behind it lie only managers with 6 per cent and advertising agencies with 5 per cent. Forsa boss Manfred Güllne believes Islamist attacks are responsible this low value for Islam.

37 percent of the respondents trusted the Central Council of Jews, three percentage points less than in 2016. The "trust ranking" is headed by the police, universities, doctors and their own employers. The media in the form of radio, press and television had each suffered 4 percentage point losses. According to the poll, 56 percent of Germans trust in the radio (8th place), the press comes to 40 percent (15th place), the television 28 percent (17th place).

The survey took place between December 15 and 20, with 2,307 people polled. (Well / KNA)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Newsmax Poll on New Pope and State of the Church

Edit: currently with a little under 3,000 votes cast, most are Catholic, against birth control by a slim margin, overwhelmingly against priestesses, overwhelmingly favorable to the new Pope and overwhelmingly favorable toward the Catholic Church.

Cast your vote, here….

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Only a Third of Americans believe that Obama is a Christian: Ergo, Obama Goes to Church

Obama Visits Marines in the wake of His DADT Decision

Washington ( idea) During his Christmas holiday to Hawaii Barack Obama went to Church with his family.  Obama, his Frau Michelle and both daughtetrs Malia and Sasha took part in a service at St. Michael's church at the US-Marine Base according to "Christian Post" (Washington).

In the past year the president didn't go to church while he was in Hawaii.  Polls afterward showed that only one third of Americans believe that Obama is a Christian.  In the past year about a half of the population was of this opinion.  Protestant pastors weighed in at  41 percent that the US President is a Christian.  In this year's Christmas message Obama recalled the origina and the meaning of the Christmas feast:  "It is the time in which we celebrate the most simple and at the same time, deepest gift -- the birth of a child, who committed his life  to a mission of peace, love and salvation, a mission, which tells us: we are all equal, and we are called to love one another.  We are the protectors of our brothers and sisters."

Link to original...

But he goes to church to  hear a Muslim speaker at this "inter-faith" service where he gave a Kwanza greeting.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

44 Percent of Germans want the Old Mass

Catholic Knight reports similar numbers for the States, here.

The past running brutal Church persecution in Germany has also revealed, that the believers themselves are having a change of attitude about the means of healing for their religion.

At least 44% of practicing Catholics in Germany would regularly participate in an Old Mass, if the requirements of the Motu Proprio 'Summorum Pontificum' were established in their country.

This was reported by the French organization '' today in an article.

The organization maintains, that a great part of the German hierarchy is hostile to the liturgical rapprochement desired by the Pope.

The Bishops are at pains to disparage the numbers of requests for the Use of the Motu Proprio.

Indeed, now '' has launched a representative poll with the US opinion research institute 'Harris Interactive'.

The poll was held from the 18th to the 25th of February. 2,611 Catholic households in Germany with ages above 18 were questioned. Here are the questions and answers:

First Question: Do you go to Holy Mass?

Every Week: 5.9%
Once a Month: 4.1%
For a big Holy Day: 18.9%
Occasionally (e.g., weddings, funerals): 42.3%
Never: 28.8%

Second Question: Do you know, that the Pope has allowed two forms of Mass, a modern one with the people facing the priest and communion in the hand, and the traditional latin, with the priest facing the altar and Communion orally received on the knees?

Yes: 43.1%
No: 56.9%

Third Question: Would it be normal, if both forms were regularly celebrated in your community?

Normal: 50,6%
Not Normal: 24.5%
No Opinion: 24.9%

Fourth Question: Would you attend the old Mass, even if the new Mass were also celebrated nearby?

Answer of regular or monthly Massgoers:

-25 percent would participate every week.
-19 percent would participate once a month.
-9 percent would participate by great feasts.
-40 percent would occasionally [wow] participiate.
- 7 percent would never, [ever?] attend. [wow, only 7?]

The organization '' maintains, that every fourth German who practices would attend the Old Mass every Sunday, if he had the opportunity in his community.

A further 19 percent would at least attend the old Mass once a month. That gives a total figure of 44 percent. [!]

In Germany 1,185,310 Catholics go to Mass every Sunday. A further 823,690 visit Church services at least once a month.

'' informs, that this investigation in Germany yielded similar results in Paris, Versailles, Italy and all of France.

Opposition against the Old Mass is, with 25 Percent of all Catholics, in a decisive minority.

© Bild: birmingham_lms_rep, CC