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Sunday, December 6, 2020

My Own Personal Experience Doesn't Justify the Destruction of Tens of Thousands of Businesses and People's Livlihoods -- Let Covid Run Its Course You Nancies!


Edit: bvs asked how I was doing. I hate confessional blogs where people talk about themselves. Maybe there's a good reason for writing such a blog, I don't know. It's just not me.  I'd rather spotlight people I love and respect, like E. Michael Jones or Roberto de Mattei (Who no doubt disagrees with me on Covid) In any event, my suffering through this disease should give me a little authority to speak about Covid and how the liberties of the West are being destroyed by efforts to respond to its mostly non-existent effects. 

Saint Nicholas Punching Arius

How am I?  Horrible!  I'm very slowly and painfully pushing my lungs to expand so I can keep them from getting more pneumonia and spit out the old stuff.  Still on 0xygen.  My family doctor is concerned it's taking so long. But so what, folks?  I'm in middle age and while there are people who depend on me, if I die, would it be such a great loss? 

In any case, obviously this has not changed my view on Covid.  Just because it's affected me personally in such a severe, potentially lethal and horrible way, it's no reason to suppose it's a great threat to most people. The real threat are the Communists exploiting it to control people's lives and destroy independent businesses and freedom of speech!

Deaths from people who have preexisting donditions or are very elderly,  do not justify putting millions of people out of work and destroying the livlihood of businesses while it enriches the usual suspects like Bezos, Soros, etc...

This disease has been awesome for me spiritually.  If I had died, I might have spent thousands of years in Purgatorio, but I'd have gotten to Heaven eventually, barring any last minute lapses that were part of my own wickedness anyway. Maybe I'd have become more powerful than leftist progressives could ever imagine?  I don't deserve salvation, but God's will, please don't let me die forever as I deserve, O' Lord.  

Thank you God, for this trial and the opportunity to suffer and pray manfully through this pain!

Note: I'm also very grateful to God's creatures (like my cats) who gave me phone calls, consolations, prayers, had Masses said for me and offered up their own sufferings for my benefit.  It's truly humbling.