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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cardinal Meisner Oversteps Mandate: Condemns the SSPX

He excommunicates his own people:  "Whoever rejects completely or partly doctrinal statements, can not be in full communion with the Church".
Joachim Kardinal Meisner
Pressebild Erzbistum Köln

(  The Society of St. Pius X is schismatic.

This nonsense is maintained by the Neoconservative laissez-faire Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne on his website ''.

The Neoconservative Prince of the Church, who allows Old Liberals to do as they please, has shown himself  to be a bitter enemy of the Society.

Second Vatican Council:  "Abortion is a horrible crime"

In his Diocese the Cardinal lets the Devil dance.

So does the aid agency 'Caritas' which is under his supervision, link to the Nazi founded anti-Church child murdering chain 'pro familia', despite numerous protests.

'Caritas Cologne' propagates its gender madness and would like that children live in abnormal sexual role models.

The Catholic pregnancy counselor of the Archdiocese of Cologne  sends pregnant mothers to advice counseling, which issues death certificates for child slaughter.

From Cardinal Meisner's own people, there is no demand of the acceptance of the statement of the Second Vatican Council that abortion is a "horrible crime".

Stupid statements and completely out of the question

The text of the Cardinal consists of bowing and scraping to the Pope and various problems against the Society of St. Pius X.

Benedict XVI. has experienced a setback, he winced:  "Only think of the stupid and completely unacceptable statements of Bishop Williamson."

It is related to a legitimate historical request, which hasn't received till today an answer.

Yet he still has no problems collaborating with an Old Nazi organization like 'pro familia'.

Did Christ not Die For the Jews?

The Holy Father has "always made it clear" that the Society must unmistakably accept the Magisterium -- writes Cardinal Meisner of the Pope.

The recognition of the Magisterium contains acceptance of all of the Councils.

To that belongs -- the magisterially sparsely binding -- Decree 'Nostra Aetate' on the relationship of churches to non-Christian religions.

This is distorted today by the supporters of Cardinal Meisner in a distorted anti-Semitic meaning related to the Jews , that Christ did not die for the Jews.

Vague Allegations

Cardinal Meisner complains that the Society should withdraw its "criticism of the Holy Father.

They have -- supposedly -- said, that the Pope is "not right believing".

It is completely unclear what the Cardinal is accusing the Society of doing.

Dusted off the schism club tucked away before the Council

The Prince of the Church even had the insolence to project things which are really applicable only to the Conciliar Church of German, onto the true believing Society.

"Whoever rejects partially or completely the doctrinal expressions of the Council,  can not have complete communion with the Church."

Cardinal Meisner's unjust condemnation against the Society is in reality a break with the Conciliar Church.

Conciliar Church without a Future

They remain "thus they are suspended and continue as a schismatic group along with their bishops" - rants the Cardinal, but has nothing to say about the gay-friendly Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki of Berlin.

 The state of the Brotherhood will only change when they fully recognize the "Second Vatican Council" fully, including its decrees on religious freedom, the relationship with the Jews and the currently valid form of the Liturgy of the Catholic Church."

 The problem is that before that happens, the dogmatically unbinding Pastoral Council, together with the Conciliar Church, will be long since piled up on the trash heap of history.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Catechism Contradicts Doctrine: "The Church is Divided"

Mother Church is One and Not Divided

(  The 'Catechism of the Catholic Church' from the 90s is not in touch with other works since the Counter Reformation  in terms of faithfulness.  This is what Bonn philologist, Heinz Lothar Bart stated in an article for the orthodox monthly magazine 'Kirchliche Umschau'.

Barth refers to the important Dutch Dominican, Father Johannes van der Ploeg (+2004).

Reality is Silenced to Allow Error

Father van der Ploeg noticed that the texts of the traditional Liturgy are not mentioned in the Catechism -- as if this Liturgy had never existed.

Although it is an excellent source of Church doctrine.

In place of this the Catechism chose the Pastoral Council as the main source.

Father van der Ploeg criticized the unclear language of the Council and the Catchism.  This manner of expression is dishonest.

Luther as a Master Teacher

Barth warned of an overemphasis on the universal priesthood.

As the source for this, he described the schismatic, alcoholic and polygamist Martin Luther (+1546).

Barth cited Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki of Berlin.  He spoke in November 2011 about this that Martin Luther's concerns had been taken up by the Church.

As an examples he described the stress on the priesthood of all the faithful as well as so-called religious freedom.

The Church contains the Unity in Itself

Barth also takes note of the fact that the Catechism writes that the Church was divided.  As it says in paragraph 1398: "So you feel the painful divisions in the Church" -- in Latin, "Ecclesiae divisiones".

Catholic Faith had -- says Barth -- spoke of a "division fo the Church -- in Latin, "separationes ab Ecclesia".

Because the Church, as opposed to Chiristendom, as well as the Community of the baptiszed, is divided.

Unity is a mark of the Church. It is indestructible.

Barth cited St., Cyprian of Carthage (+258):

"The unity can not be rendered, the body can not be torn apart by the loss of its structure, can not be fragmented through inner tearing."

What is separated from the womb, can not survive alone, and loses the most important precondition for holiness -- said the Saint.

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