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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Next Attack Against Cardinal Burke -- "The Pope will not let himself be stopped by populists, but will go full speed ahead."

(Lisbon) A concerted action seems to be taking place against Cardinal Raymond Burke. After the attacks of New York Times, Washington Post and La Nacion, yesterday followed the attack of the Portuguese daily, Publico.

There is hardly any chance of coincidence, especially since the tone and direction of leading media are the same in different countries.

"Burke. Orosto dos conservadores na luta contra o papa. "

"Burke, the Conservative's face in the struggle against the Pope," is the title of a detailed article which Cardinal Burke is not portrayed as a legitimate opponent in important questions concerning the office of the incumbent Pope, but as a dangerous enemy of Francis, whose attempts to "modernize" has been hindered by "conservatives."

Jason Horowitz threw the stone into the water in the New York Times when he created a connection between Cardinal Burke and the new US President Donald Trump. The connection exists only indirectly via Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon, nevertheless the intention of the NYTimes article seems to be, namely, to form fronts.

Donald Trump is so hateful in left circles that anyone who has to address Trump is motivated by the same hatred. According to this logic, Pope Francis is on the side of the "good". The Wallstreet Journal of 24 December saw him as the new leader of the global left after the leftist electoral defeat in the USA. Cardinal Burke, for whom Trump's current chief strategist Bannon, as head of Breitbart News found a word of praise for him in 2014, must accordingly belong to the "axis of evil" with Trump. In this way, Horowitz has extended the anti-Trump struggle to the Catholic Church. An interest in this may be the United States, where Catholics are by far the largest religious community. Since the US is a world power and the Catholic Church is a world Church, Horowitz's interference in internal church affairs leads to worldwide shocks.

Publico quoted the US-American Vaticanist John Thavis as saying:

"The Vatican is based on tradition, and when the different parts of this tradition begin to conflict, it is a dangerous sign."

The article is very Francis-friendly, whether it is Amoris laetitia or the Order of Malta, the blame is always pushed onto Cardinal Burke. The fact that Maltese internationally distributed contraception in emergency areas, including the abortion pill, is only known to the Portuguese daily, that a Vatican's examination commission had declared that there was nothing to it. That the attacks against Cardinal Burke are not a coincidence due to a connection with US President Trump, was apparent in the first press conference of Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, reappointed by Pope Francis as Grand Chancellor of the Order of Malta (see Boeselager Press Conference or How I educate the international press I attack Trump).

The concluding speech was given by Father Antonio Spadaro (2 + 2 = 5), Pope's confidant, and the head of the Jesuit journal Civiltà Cattolica, who saw Pope Francis as a guard against populism, whose chief exponent was Donald Trump. Pope Francis will not be stopped by the populists (whether Trump or Burke, is the context) in his reforms: "He goes forward, and fast forward," says Spadaro.

In the context of the Pope, some consultants seem to have taken an opportunity to see new alliances between the "Argentine" Church leadership and the mainstream of the Left.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Publico (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

900th Anniversary of the Maltese Order Celebrated in Switzerland

Schwyz, 22.6.13 (Kipa) Over 100 knights and ladies of the Maltese Order in Switzerland as well as 50 members of the Maltese Emergency Service are meeting on Saturday and Sunday in Schwyz for their anniversary meeting. According to media reports it is entirely in recognition of the 900th Jubilee of this religious lay order, which operates numerous hospitals and elder hostels.

The Maltese Order was recognizes in 1113 by Pope Paschalis II.. He also simultaneously granted them their independence from secular and ecclesiastical jurisdiction. Ever since the order abei verlieh er ihm gleichzeitig die Unabhängigkeit von weltlicher und kirchlicher Gerichtsbarkeit. Seither ist der Orden with the charismata tuitio fidei (»Defense of the Faith») und obsequium pauperum (»Service to the Poor») is sovereign and ha sthe rank of a subject of international law.

Worldwide There are Over 13,500 Knights and Ladies

Today the Maltese Order is among the most important organizations active worldwide. It operates hospitals and elder hostels in over 120 different countries and employs around 25,000 employees. Worldwide there oder has about 13,500 Knights and ladies.

The Maltese Order of Switzerland is called in its full name «Helvetische Assoziation des Souveränen Ritter- und Hospitalordens vom Hl. Johannes zu Jerusalem, genannt von Rhodos und von Malta». Today's Swiss Order was reestablished in 1961 and has its headquarters in Luzern. It has about 200 knights and ladies as well as over 1,000 volunteers in all of Switzerland.

Reception of New Members

The Jubilee Celebration began on Saturday with an address about the first rule of the Maltese Order, which had been written by Grandmaster Raymond de Puy in 1120. From this start the first written rule from 1153, which is held in the national archive of the Canton of Aargau in the National Document Museum in Schwyz. On Sunday, the Solemn High Mass will be celebrated in the parish church of St. Martin, in Schwyz, celebrated by the Chur Auxiliary Bishop Marian Eleganti.

New members will be received at the Mass. Future knights and ladies will also be presented to the delegation. The Grand Master of the Order will eventually decide in consultation with the sovereign council.

The president of the «Helvetischen Assoziation des Souveränen Malteser Ritter- und Hospitalordens» is Gilles de Weck.