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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Largest Muslim Gathering of Norway Demands the Stoning of Adulterers and Homosexuals

(Oslo) A video showing the largest  Islamic Assembly took place in Norway, which the Muslims are aiming for their own representation in Parliament. The Assembly voted unanimously for the stoning of women accused of adultery, and for the stoning of homosexuals.
The incident dates back to last March, but  is becoming known just now. The video does not show any underground Muslims in a hidden basement, beyond the state's authority. Quite the contrary. The video shows the assembly of an official Islamic center in the Norwegian capital Oslo. This is not  a banned Islamist group meeting secretly. The film images show a regular meeting of ordinary Muslims  living in Norway, many of whom already have Norwegian citizenship. The three-day meeting, entitled Peace Conference Scandinavia 2013 by Net Islam took place from  23-25th March in which about 4000 Muslims took part. Islam Net , of course, according to website is an umbrella organization of Norwegian Muslims.

"Are you Satisfied with the Stoning of Adulterers and Homosexuals?"

In part of the session focused on issues such as separation of men and women, stoning of women and homosexuals. The organizer of the meeting, Fahad Ullah Qureshi of Islam Net, asked the audience whether they favor or oppose it.
One question is: "How many of you are happy with any written in the Koran and the Sunna penalties, be it  killing, whether stoning for adultery, or what ever, that they come directly from Allah and his Prophet, that it happens to be the best punishment for people and that it is applicable in this world? Who agrees? "The majority of Muslims present advocated it. As the pictures show, the result is even unanimous.

"Are you Radical Muslims?"

Another question is: "Are you radical Muslims?". No one perceives himself as such and says, yes. The question of whether homosexuals are to be stoned, is receives a popular plebiscite. Again, the moderator asks, "And now, what will they say of us, that we are extremists?" The Assembly provides evidence that positions that are rejected as extremist in the West and also by Christianity, are not extremist in Islam, but an expression of true Islam.
The death penalty is in many Islamic states, cite the Koran in force. You will be arrested  for apostasy, but can also be imposed for adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, betrayal and other occasions.

"Islam is the Truth" - Calls for Muslim Representation in Parliament

A young Muslim asks why in Islam men and women must be separated from each other, while this is not the case with the Christians or Jews. The moderator replied: "The answer is simple: Islam is the truth that Christianity and Judaism are not the truth."
The video was posted by organizer Islam Net Posted, itself. The organization was officially brought together  to  demand a separate representation in the Norwegian Parliament.  The event organized by Islam Net  was the largest Islamic gathering in Norway.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: AsiaNews
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Corpus Christi in Norway: "Never is Man so Great as When He Kneels Before God"

(Oslo) Accion Liturgica has published images of the Corpus Christi procession in Bergen, Norway, which was attended by over a thousand Catholics. Attention was given to the fact that almost all participants knelt before the Blessed Sacrament. "An exemplary attitude, as it is virtually impossible to encounter in Catholic Spain," said the page. The knee laziness of Catholics is not only found in Spain and is representing one of the key indicators of a general relaxation of the life of faith. This is not altered by the fact that among the Catholics of Norway, of which 80 percent is Lutheran, of a land in which Catholics are only two percent of the population, and immigrants from Poland or Latin America.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Norway: The State Church to be Abolished

Edit:the State Church of Norway is going not so much with a bang, but with an interfaith whimper.

Oslo (kathnews/RV). In Norway the centuries long tradition of the Evangelical Lutheran State Church has come to an end. On Monday the parliament voted on a constitutional amendment which is the establishment for a new church law. It was expected to pass by a wide margin. Already the parliamentary committee for the church, education and science were unanimous. The new will see among other things, that appointees of the state in the future will name Norwegian church Bishops and provosts. The state is no longer "confession bound"; the status of the Lutheran recognition as the "official religion" will be abolished. Even church tax in its present form will be abolished. Ministers are no longer required to be church members.

Church Members Welcome the Development

Trude Evanshaug, speaker for the Church Council explained that this goal has been worked towards for a long time. "We desired this change, because we live in a diverse society, and many residence of this country are not church members. The new law is a sing for the equality of all faith communities," she said to Norwegian public television. For people themselves there won't be any significant changes forthcoming, and even the feast days (holidays) won't change. Jens-Petter Johnsen, the director of the Church Council states that it enables a future legal status in the church, to develop independently. "That is the best as well for the state as also foor the church and the population", said Johnson.

The state can engage with more conviction for human rights now, and the church will receive more space for its own initiatives. In a common announcement by the parliamentary committee and the Church it is what one has known all along as "State Church", that will become a more open and democratic people's church. Svein Harberg, President of the Council, spoke of a "historic" step. "The Norwegian church will then be a faith community just like any other", he said. The new law underscores the fundamental values of Norwegian peace in the Christian and humanistic heritage. The religious activity of the church is now no longer the subject of the state, actually it has this purpose to support the church as a faith community.
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Friday, December 9, 2011

New Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway

Edit: Norway is heavily dependent upon German Catholics for support. God help them. Why don't they just ask for the Cathedral the Lutheran Church in Norway stole? The Norwegians don't even really use it any more do they?

Trondheim (kathnews) As Ansgar-Werk reports the Bonifacius work in connection with the Northern Bishops Conference have recently proposed a new project for the new construction of a Catholic Cathedral in Trondheim. "The structural condition o fthe old Church is not safe and not able to be renovated, and the old church is too small for the growing community in Trondheim, so we've decided to build a new one," says the Apostolic Administrator of the Prelature and Oslo's Bishop, Bernt Eidsvig. The Bishops from Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finnland and Denmark have met at the invitation of the Bonifatius work and the Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker in Paderborn.

Msgr Eidsvig would like the completion of the church in 2014 to commemorate the thousand year anniversary of the baptism of St. Olaf († 1030). From 1015 to 1028 Olav II Haraldsson became King of Norway, Rex Perpetuus Norvegiae. For the planned project, the costs are expected to be 9.5 Million Euros. "The Prelature of Trondheim with about 9.300 Catholics can not pay for the building of the Cathedral alone. They need help from Germany", clarified Msgr Georg Austen, general Secretary of the Bonifacius work, and assured his support. The Catholic Christians in the area of Trondheim make up about 1.3 percent of the population in an extreme diaspora.

In north European lands, the number of Catholics is estimated between 0,2 to 3 percent so that the costs for the building and the support of churches, chapels and community homes themselves can hardly be born. "Much which is existentially necessary for the Churches in our countries are necessary wouldn't be possible without help from Germany", stressed Stockholm's Bishop, Anders Arborelius. Arborelius is the president of the Northern Bishops Conference and Grand Prior of the Commandery of Sweden of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

In 2010 the Bonifacius work received a further 2.1 Million Euros from Catholics in Northern Europe. So that with German Help Works, this will support 13 building projects as well as projects for children and youth. Important projects are among other things the Newman Institute in Uppsala, Sweden, which was recognized as the first Catholic University in Sweden after the so-called Reformation, by the State and the building of a Contemplative Cloister in Trondheim-Tiller, Tauntra and Munkeby (Norwegen).

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Oslo Butcher is For Abortion: Satanism

For a time Anders Breivik wanted to be Catholic.  Actually he remarked that Benedict XVI is a "cowardly, incompetent, corrupt and illegitimate Pope".

( It is "thoroughly tedious" that the police continuously and immediately describe the Oslo Butcher, Anders Behring Breivik (32) as a "Christian Fundamentalist".

This revelation comes from the famous Italian specialist in cults and sects Massimo Introvigne (56) on the 25th of July.

According to Introvigne, who studied at the Vienna Observatory for Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians, insists that the concept "fundamentalism" can be a tool of anti-Christian discrimination.

Introvigne insists that the concept has a precise definition. It describes a very anti-Catholic current in protestantism.

Actually Brevik must be understood according to the following sources:

-his profile on the social networking site ''
-sixty site posting on an anti-Islamic, Norwegian website
-his 1500 page book "2083, A European Declaration of Independence", which he sent a few hours before the massacre to friends and the media.

A Fundamentalist Looks Differently

Breiviks membership in the anti-Catholic Masonic Lodge was made known by an entry in his ''.

Introvigne explains that his present Lodge practices the Swedish Rite. This "Christian belief" is explained by his membership.

Fundamentalism is very ill-disposed to Freemasonry according to Introvigne.

Otherwise it comes from Breviks 'Facebook' profile that he has a friendship with the operator of the largest Norwegian porn-site -- "despite his decrpit morality" -- added Breivik.

It is also the case that Breivik had sent his book to an ordained minister of "The Church of Satan".

He published the botch job on the 23rd of July on the Internet. The "Church of Satan" is very widespread in Scandinavia.

He dreamt of a prostitute

The tone which Breivik struck reminded Introvigne of the Dutch Homosexual, Pim Fortuyn († 2002).

Fortuyn founded an anti-Islamic party in his country.

Still more, Breivik indicated in his book that abortion is acceptable.

The supposed fundamentalist reported additionally that he laid down two million Euros on the site.

He wanted to pay the money for the execution of his "mission" with a prostitute "of high quality, a real top-model".

The great hierarchy-free Oecumene

According Introvigne's assessment, Breivik's biggest concern isn't religion, rather the 'war against Islam', which in his mind threatens to overwhelm Europe.

Breivig wrote that he had received baptism and confirmation at the age of fiteen.

He himself comes from a wealthy and Godless family, who allowed him "free choice".

Some years after veering into Protestantism Breivik came to the view that the Protestant community was dead and that it had fallen to multi-culturalism and philo-Islamic ideology.

For a time Breivig desired to become a Catholic, according to his own admission.

Actually, in his opinion the Church was sold to Islam, as the Pope then had decided, to engage in so-called inter-religious dialogue with the Moslems.

About Benedict XVI, he said, that he had lost "Christendom and the European Christians".

He must be termed as a "cowardly, incompetent, corrupt and illegitimate Pope".

For that reason Breivik wanted to eliminate the protestants and the Church, and a "Christian Congress of Europe".

From that he expected a completely new "European Church" to arise.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Norway: a bomb threat closed the airport station Oslo

Editor: coordination between Anarchist and Al Qaeda cells shouldn't be overruled.

 OSLO, Dec. 23, 2010 | The alert was lifted Thursday night in the railway station to the airport in Oslo, excavations on a train carrying a bomb intended as a message board found no result Norwegian police said.

AFP | 23.12.2010 | 23:02 AFP | 23.12.2010 | 11:02 p.m.

. The alert was lifted Thursday night in the railway station to the airport in Oslo, excavations on a train carrying a bomb intended as a message board found no result, Norwegian police said.

Traffic, suspended four hours after the evacuation of the train station and Oslo-Gardermoen, resumed shortly after 2200 (21HOO GMT), officials said.
 "While the train was searched, but found nothing at all. Traffic is now reopened," said the head of police operations Romerike, Svein Arild Hallaas, the agency NTB.
  The evacuation of the train and the station occurred around 1715 GMT but the air traffic and the airport itself, located about thirty kilometers northeast of the capital of Norway, were not affected .

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