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Sunday, September 23, 2012

More News : Rock Abbot Re-Elected to Benedictine Order

Abbot Notker Re-elected -- Abortionist Nina Hagen plays at event with Cardinal Woelki -- Cameldolese General Chapter

Rock Star or Abbot?

Old Liberal Remains Abbot Primate of the Benedictines

Italy.  [] On Friday 250 Abbots of the Benedictine Confederation re-elected Abbot Notker Wolf (72) as Abbot Primate. He has had this office since the year 2000 inclusive and has been elected for still another four years. Abbot Wolf represents about 7,350 Benedictines and 15,400 nuns.

Diversity is a value in itself? In the Criminal Museum There is a Diversity of Instruments of Torture
Abortion Fiend Nina Hagen

Germany. On the Saturday before last there were about 20,000 eager spectators at the Berine Alexanderplatz for a "Festival of Churches". The rock singer and defender of the violence of abortion, Nina Hagen, gave a free concert. For an additional eent there was an ecumenical service with the Old Liberal Homo-Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, the Evangelical Lay-Bishop Markus Droge and the Greek Orthodoox Metropolitan Augoustinos. There were about 170 booths supposedly informing about the "diversity" of the Christian community.

Cameldolese Begin their General Chapter

Italy. On the 18th September the General Chapther of the Catholic eremitical order the Carmeldolese began. This was according to the website ''. The order of eremites was founded by St. Romuald of Camaldoli (+1027). The General Chapter took place in Rome.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nina Hagen Spouts Off: From Hinduism to A Kind of Christianity

Editor: Nina and Anne Rice should compare notes.

Homosexual Ideologues and Abortion Promoters are Not Christians

[] Germany. God loves the Homosexual. This was according to rock star and Protestant Nina Hagen for a Homosexual Magazine. The Sodomy is "just as holy" as a similar act by Christians, and whoever condemns Homosexuality, are "not Christians": "That is fascistic thinking" -- she exclaimed. The singer wanted to be baptized Protestant and not Catholic, because the Protestants are "more liberal". Frau Hagen thinks child murder is OK, she said, because the mother must decide herself.

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