Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nina Hagen Spouts Off: From Hinduism to A Kind of Christianity

Editor: Nina and Anne Rice should compare notes.

Homosexual Ideologues and Abortion Promoters are Not Christians

[] Germany. God loves the Homosexual. This was according to rock star and Protestant Nina Hagen for a Homosexual Magazine. The Sodomy is "just as holy" as a similar act by Christians, and whoever condemns Homosexuality, are "not Christians": "That is fascistic thinking" -- she exclaimed. The singer wanted to be baptized Protestant and not Catholic, because the Protestants are "more liberal". Frau Hagen thinks child murder is OK, she said, because the mother must decide herself.

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Anonymous said...

Nina Hagen is AWESOME and follows Jesus. That is so much more than I can say for many who claim to be followers of Christ.

Tancred said...

Why are you being so judgmental?

I think it's indisputable that Hagen is a very confused individual.

Anonymous said...

I'm affirming/defending. If I were judgmental, I would call someone a confused individual.