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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Note in Response to Mudslingers on Father Corapi's Military Service


Edit  GMT 0.105 June 22, A lot of interest in Father Corapi's military records, again since Mark Shea, a non-soldier if I've ever seen one, has decided to continue his dark Crusade.   First, bear in mind that military records are notoriously inaccurate and that a lot can happen, especially given the irregular nature of Special Forces units in general.  Father Corapi may have also served on a B-Team [which doesn't require the intensive training of A-Team members] and trained at an SF Training unit which was actually at Fort Knox during the time he was assigned there as an Infantryman.  It may be possible to belong to a B-Team without having jump wings and it's also understood that you can move up to advanced  parachute training, and the like, later on.

I'll also point out that I'm confident that most of the people commenting are rear-echelon, non-serving, failed mainstream journalist types who have no special knowledge of the Special Forces or the historical time period being discussed, the height of the Vietnam War just before Tet, when the demand for men and material was high.

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Just a personal anecdote, a dear departed friend of mine was in a Special Forces unit "deployed" to Cambodia.  He didn't talk much about his experiences there, save only to offer vague anecdotes related to our wargaming.  He was a Medic by training, but there was no indication on his DD form that he was anything but a Paratrooper.  His DD form described a 003 designation and that  was It, no unit of assignment or even Fort Bragg, whether he was a B-Team guy or not I don't know, but he got to clear the scum off the water of a river to get some water out when he drank it, and talked about their unit's pet rat.