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Monday, May 21, 2012

Suppress Now: Jesuits Continue to Evade their Duty

How Jesuits Act When Liberation Theology is

Edit: There's an old maxim that the corruption of the best is the worst.  That's the case with the increasingly decadent and conforming Jesuit Society.

And you people complain about the Society of St. Pius X?

The writer William Blatty  , who wrote 'The Exorcist', has responded to them by invoking canon law.  The Jesuits have invited a pro-abortion speaker to have a position of honor speaking at their commencement ceremony.  It's nothing short of scandalous.  Imagine, having such a defining moment besmirched by the appearance of a Marxist operative like Sibelius.

Yet the Jesuits seem as determined as ever to ignore their duty as much as they ignore anyone else who tries to remind them of how much they've departed from their true function.

We were unable to get a statement from James Martin SJ as of yet.  He's too busy defending elitist, big charity nuns.

Even the Washington Archdiocese thought this was a bad thing.  How about an interdict?

We aren't the only ones calling for an exorcism, except, we're serious.  They really do need it and a quick visitation by Dominican Inquisitors.