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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Professional Catholic Cancer Bill Donohue Attacks Steve Banon

Edit: professional Catholics are the worst of the worst and anyone who's been around this site for more than a few years knows that we really despise Bill Donohue. Like an inner-city youth leader defending the crimes of local "youth", he's on the scene to defend his constituents, no matter what evil they've perpetuated, he'll jump to their defense. Instead of attacking the people pointing out how the Bishops hate their host nations, despise the West, despise the Catholic Faith, why not defend the Catholic Faith, instead, even though it's not as lucrative...

Steve Banon is absolutely correct about the bishops. They are a political extension of the DNC and like the DNC they see their political power enhanced by the invasion of immigrants. This is manifestly true and it's the mission of Pro-Catholics like Donohue to keep the laity from seeing this obvious fact.

[Catholic League] Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a remark made by Steve Bannon that will air on “60 Minutes” on Sunday:

There is nothing wrong about criticizing the bishops for any position they take on public policy, though when invidious motives are ascribed to them, such conjecture is unacceptable. That is what Steve Bannon has done with regard to their statements on immigration.

It is certainly true that most of the bishops promote a liberal position on illegal immigration. That is open to fair criticism, but to say that their motive is to “fill the churches” is inaccurate and unfair. Indeed, it feeds the worst impulses of anti-Catholics. The bishops are making their case based on their compassion for the dispossessed.

Link to Pro-Catholic Website... Notice how these leftist journalists are practically jumping to the defense of the Catholic Church. And he's a boomer.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Berlin Capitulates to Leftist Terror

Burning car in Berlin (archive): Pampered terrorists Photo: dpa
Whoever speaks these days about Berlin has to talk about terrorism.   Cars have been burning daily for weeks, police officers are attacked and shop windows of businesses and politicians offices  are repeatedly destroyed. Yes, that's terror. What else would it be?
That national media and federal politics, if it ever addresses the issue, does it just as a side note for a simple reason: The perpetrators are left-wing extremists. Wearing disguises and armed with stones, paint bombs and explosives, they track each night throughout the capital.
Politicians call for discussions and de-escalation
A "black July" was announced with attacks on police officers and all "beneficiaries of the prevailing logic" by terrorists from Riga Street. "As much as you can take is what's allowed!" This is the provocation to the citizens of the city. They are the ones who have to co-finance the terror of dubious "democracy programs" and in the "fight against the right".
But Berlin would not be Berlin if the hatred of the Left was not at  least combined with stupidity and insolence of the politicians in charge. Berlin's mayor, has now called for a "de-escalation approach" something like the quintessential Berliner slum factor. Yes, even talking with the left-wing extremist scene. This should break the "spiral of violence."
Went even further the domestic policy spokesman for the pirate faction in the Berlin City House, Christopher Lauer. His logic: give leftist extremists their squat, then they will stop the violence.
A thought experiment shows all the madness
A thought experiment is enough to understand the bizarreness  of these proposals. What would Lauer and Müller do if  right-wing extremists or Islamists occupied a Berlin trolley and daily attacked policemen and set cars on fire? But would be what's going on.
At least inside Senator Frank Henkel (CDU) has recognized this and just drawn this comparison.Just help the Berliners with this little hindsight. For years, the excesses of the left-wing scene was downplayed, ignored, relativized or even celebrated.
No, Berlin does not need a de-escalation concept and no ominous "civil society". Berlin needs a war on terror.
Link to Junge Freiheit..  Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blasphemous "Our Father" in Barcelona -- Anti-Clericalism is Definitive for the Left

(Madrid) Hostility to Christianity has many faces and there are many ways to persecute Catholics. That is mockery since the Protestant Revolt and  the French Revolution's social exclusion. "It's called, 'freedom of expression,' thus justifying the worst obscenities of blasphemy," so says Corrispondenza Romana . The poem "Our Mother" falls in this category, which  last Monday was the winner of the literary competition, Premio Ciudad de Barcelona de Poesia, presented by the city of Barcelona at an award ceremony.
Dolores Miquel (image) of Lleida in Catalonia writes poetry in order, in her own words, "to provoke". This is in order to attract attention so that she continually incites provocation. On Monday she introduced a distortion of the Our Father, which she called "Our Mother" in order to set a feminist tone:  "Hallowed be your c***, thy will be done in our womb" and called for abortion: "Do not let the bastards abort love and promote war ".

"This has deeply offended me. With Catholics anything is always allowed"

Alberto Fernández Diaz, the group spokesman of the Spanish Popular Party left the event in the City Hall of Barcelona. "What I have heard has deeply offended me," said the PP representative. Then he wrote on the social networks: "It is a matter of respect. With the Catholics anything always  allowed, everything, but at the same they reject this when the same understanding of "freedom" is used of others who ridicule, for example,  Islam."
. Even the Bishop of Terrassa, Mgr José Ángel Saiz, left no doubt: "This poem is undoubtedly blasphemous. How long will you still abuse the patience of the Catholics?"
The former Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Xavier Trias, described the sad incident as an "institutional failure" because it took place during an official ceremony of the city administration. Trias was from 2011-2015 c Mayor of Barcelona, and ​​belongs to  the liberal-conservative, national Catalan  Democratic Convergence of Catalonia CDC party.

The Left's Anti-Clerical Identity

Leftist Mayor of Barcelona receives criticism for blasphemous poem

Since the local elections of 2015,  Ada Colau is Mayor of Barcelona. The leftist activist belongs to a newly founded  opposition coalition of the left-wing populist Podemos party, Greens and Left-Catalan nationalists. The alliance won 25 percent of the vote and eleven of 41 mandates. With the support of other left parties (Left nationalists ERC, the Catalan PSOE offshoot PSC and the radical left CUP) Colau was elected for mayor by a mere 21.
The nun Lucia Caram, who otherwise contains good relationships with leftist Catalan nationalists, said she was "surprised and disappointed" about the "superficiality and hostility to the Church," from Ada Colau "and her Muchachos".

The PP party spokesman Fernandez has called for the resignation of all those who have "offended with such adulterations of the 'Lord's Prayer' and contempt for the religious feelings and convictions of others in the name of a completely distorted idea of freedom of speech."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Picture: Youtube / El Confidencial (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Monday, July 20, 2015

Progressive Agenda -- The Horrifying Example of the Diocesan Synod of Bozen-Brixen

Circular Synod in the Diocese of Bozen-Brixen: "All Concerns
Will be Addressed"
(Bolzano) The fact that the diocese of Bolzano-Brixen is part of German-speaking regions, it is impressive, however, is currently proving to be negative.  The German Bishops' Conference and progressive circles would be thrilled.
In June 2013 Bishop Ivo Muser, since 2011 in office, had surprisingly announced the convocation of a diocesan Synod. Catholic observers are tearing their hair in horror over the bishop's genuflection before the influential green left   rooted in the group of priests and laity. Anyway, you know who is in charge in the diocese.
The reason why the Synod of Bishops called the 50th anniversary of the Diocese of Bolzano-Bressanone has to do with the recent political history of South Tyrol. A weak motive, finally, since the Diocese of Brixen boasts a 1500 year  history. But it's no accident what hides behind it, if even a dubious change of agenda: there has only been a Church  since the Second Vatican Council.

Long on Palaver with Fixed Progressive Output

The Synod "Heed Your Word ... With Joy and Hope"  is two years in expectation. The magic incantation is: dialogue, but the unilateral line of approach was - not difficult to predict - already firmly fixed with the chosen form of a mixed Cleric-lay Synod.   As many (selected) Catholics should in as many committees, discuss as long as possible. The Goal? At the end of the great palaver the progressive agenda is to learn with the appearances  "basic democracy"  officially confirming sham marriage. 
In the Diocese of Bolzano-Bressanone, the leading European full-time church apparatus and the tips of the Catholic voluntary sector have slipped to the left since the 1980s. They responded enthusiastically to the Synod announcement.   Faithful Catholics, however, stood shaking their heads to the question: What good is that? The fact that the intolerant progressives would usurp this forum and draw on one side,  was clear from the outset, is the form of the diocesan "lay Synod" which is its conciliar invention. Faithful Catholics were naturally "brought". The dialogue professionals had already reserved the marginal places for them. Whoever engages in the defense of Catholic doctrine, is demonstratively identified as a "troublemaker". You sense who "belongs" and who does not. The bishop himself seems more interested in belonging, than  to be seen  conducting and directing. The Synod decisions are not binding for him, but put him under severe pressure for non-compliance. The question is unanswered in the room, what really prompted him to offer the already vociferous heretical part of the diocese such a stage.

"The Majority of the Baptized Expected Long Been Impatient of Reforms"

Bishop Ivo Muser offers progressive forces a large stage
Now  the first results of the Synod are on  the table. The Synod majority speaks openly of "demands for reform", which have been looked for "since the 60s". The Church has not taken the social changes since then  into account. They are very democratic, "majorities" relied: "The majority of these people of the baptized who profess as Catholics have  impatiently expected reforms for a long time. The gap between the Magisterium of the Church, the Church hierarchy and the reality of life for the people is visible. "
The final documents of the  Chair Circle Synod confirm the fears of faithful Catholics who have to deal with the negative experiences of the "70s Synodalbewegung" [Synod Movement of the 70s]. At that time a first Synod was held in the Diocese of Bolzano-Bressanone. Numerous formulations appear to have been brought forth out of mothballs from that first Synod.  There are now a lot of new "vision papers". They are untimely and wordy documents at a loss for substance. The same with the product of chair circles of all sizes, from the mini-circle of chairs to Paul Zulehner-circle of chairs. But what good is it if you listen to the wrong "Master"? In a circle of chairs one always looks at himself, not to God. It's a form of self-fixing. The previously submitted "vision papers" thus provide exemplary examples of haughty rebellion against the doctrine and the discipline of the Church.

"The Synod Opens Towards Aberrosexuals and Remarried"

The faithful will be annoyed with meaningless empty formulas as: "The Way the Synod is Man" or "The Church is Always Open and Dynamic". And the disbelieving people show themselves not the least impressed in the religious. There are many politically correct slogans, summarized in the biggest media headlines describing the biennial spectacle: "The Synod opens towards homosexuals and remarried". On the Facebook page of the Synod  a Catholic commented with bitter irony: "yielding to the world and betraying Christ ... good job."
Previously, the Synod had made a mandatory Mea culpa: "We apologize to whomever we have otherwise referred to as 'other'.".Those referred to were "single mothers, people who opt for a pre-marital and non-marital cohabitation, extra-marital children, remarried and homosexuals." They all had been "injured" by the Church. The synod informed the public: that if people do not live according to the will and the order of God, then the church has not only adapt, but also   to apologize for it that she dared to proclaim the commandments of God and to exhort compliance.

"Cry of the People" and "Women Priests"

Synod with many "vision papers"
Against this Church of the past, the Synod will prove to be capable of learning, such as with the motto: "Where  all are the same, there is indifference." It could have been borrowed  from a manifesto of the Green Party.  Progressive denial of reality arise even in formulations that reveal especially the Marxist foundation of the authors: "We must not be deaf to the cry of the people who expected a bold and accurate response towards a path of renewal". That "renewal" means first of all for Christians, conversion and personal conversion, is a spiritual and not a structural process.  The Synod in Bozen-Brixen is obviously an uncharted territory, that has been completely avoided to stay on the safe side.
The Synod has abandoned the vertical and transcendent level. Instead, it says: "Our church has a common project that unites all of us in out  diversity. Our Earth is a home for all, in which each and every one participates in the construction of the common good."
The Synod has announced after two years of wanting consecrated  women as "priestesses" for the Church. Indeed, the Church offers the image "of an aging patriarchal ecclesiastical structure. Especially the younger generation of women feels increasingly in such a male-dominated Church, they are not to be taken seriously and have investigated other spiritual services."  In addition, the Synod announces a church,  which "is open to other forms of cohabitation, not only for  sacramental marriage, and a church that "those individuals and families are respected who fail in their relationships and accompanies them without restrictions in ecclesial praxis." The Vision Paper 8  states, "How a Christian Can Live Marriage and Family in Various Forms Today?"
The Catholic premises could  barely be distorted any further. According to self-definition, the Synod sees itself as follows: "We are a Church that lives and proclaims the Gospel primarily through the life and witness of faith. We are a Church that speaks in community  with a language adapted to the time. "
For this reason, the Synod utters not a word about the murder of the unborn children.
In the autumn there will follow three more synodal assemblies. On December 8, the nightmare will have then come to its end and many papers will be produced for the drawers. Yet on the Facebook page of the Synod states already satisfied: "We now look forward to the fruits". This could take a very long time.
Text: Martha Weinzl
Image: News Cattolici / Facebook (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
Link to Katholisches...