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Belgian Church Working Group Sought to Normalize Pedophilia in 1982 (I)

Bishop Vangheluwe 2008 in Africa.

by Ferdinand Boischot

In hardly any other country was the secularization and de-Christianization following the Second Vatican Council as deep and broad as in Belgium, and especially in the northern Dutch-speaking area.

Left-oriented, progressive "believers" seized the ecclesiastical structures. Theological expertise, patristics and fundamental theology were quickly removed. With a so-called Haalbaarheidsmoraal ("accessibility morality", but de facto relativization of all moral norms) a complete adaptation to the zeitgeist was carried out and in particular a takeover of the total sexual freedom and a fixation on it.

Within this framework, what is well documented is an almost complete homophilization of the clergy.

The abuse scandals revealed over the last 20 years have also emerged in this context.

The Cardinals Suenens and Danneels and Bishop Jozef Desmet (Diocese of Bruges) were internationally renowned for their progressiveness (Suenens and Desmet played a prominent role in the Second Vatican Council revolution.) Suenens and Danneels propagated sexual freedom at all levels and practiced tolerance, where the successor of Desmet as Bishop of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe, not only hushed up all sexual scandals, but himself preyed for many years on the children of his own brother.l

Where, at the moment, the Catholic Church is shaken by pedophile and homosexual abuse scandals and this vile situation is denounced by Pope Em. Benedict XVI. and leading cardinals and bishops (Card. Brandmüller, Card. Sarah, Archbishop Viganò), some modernist theologians in Germany and the United States  recite the mantra denying any connection between homosexuality and homophily on the one hand and pedophilia on the other.

It may not be true, but it is true:

In the years immediately before, during and especially after the Second Vatican Council, a mafia-like, male, homosexual and paedosexual group has taken root in the clergy.

The Dutch-language Catholic Church Kerkelijk Leven ("Church Life") had in 1978 at that time a very Catholic Flanders circulation of about 500,000 copies and a then estimated readership of 1.5 million readers. It was the most widely read newspaper in Flanders. It was conducted by the West Flemish diocese of Bruges (then headed by Bishop Emile-Joseph De Smedt) and the Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels (Archbishop Danneels), with the Theological Faculty of the University of Louvain which played a major role (so-called Bruges -Louvain axis).

Editor-in-chief of the rather boring paper was the West Flemish priest Felix Dalle, who had very modern views. Some very modernist books were not well received by literary criticism in the 1970s (De vluchtheuvel).

Under Dalle, as part of modernization, the Church paper was renamed Kerk en Leven (Church and Life).

On August 9, 1984, an article about the "Ecumenical Working Group on Pedophilia" appeared in this official North Belgian church paper:

"For some years there has been an ecumenical working group on pedophilia in Flanders.
This working group consists of Catholics and Protestants.
This working group wants to sensitize the churches to the phenomenon of pedophilia, to pass on information and to reduce prejudices.
At the same time, the working group wants to find out about everything that appears in the field of pedophilia.
In addition, the working group aims to create a meeting place for pedophile people to share thoughts and encourage each other.
Everyone is welcome who would like to get to know pedophilia and pedophiles on condition that this happens in openness, respect and reliability.
At the beginning of the new season, the working group will also be involved: Pastor (Pastoor) Jef Barzin, Duinstraat 30, 2008 Antwerp, Tel. (03) 2366395.

The next meeting of the Ecumenical Working Group on Pedophilia will take place on Saturday 8th September in the chapel "The Olive Branch" in Brasschaat, Leopoldslei 35, from 10:00 to 14:00 at the latest.

We are happy to bring a small refreshment.
Further information can be obtained from: Mr. L.P.G. van Tricht, Dorpsstraat 86, 2080 Chapels. For the working group: Th. Weerstra, Van der Meerschenlaan 73, 1150 Brussels. "(2)
(Own word-accurate translation)

It can not be said much more clearly.

Text: Ferdinand Boischot
Picture: MiL

(1) The Rhine flows into the tiber by Ralph M. Wiltgen S.V.D., Sarto Verlag 2004

The role of Bishop De Smedt in rejecting the prepared scheme of Father Sebastiaan Tromp SJ is also highlighted in the Lexicon of Theology and Church.

In particular, the website edited by the Faculty of Religious Studies of the University of Leuven from 2009ff on 24 November 1962 and 1 December 1962 (Intervention of Bishop De Smedt with the key words: triumphalism, clericalism, juridism).

The website was directed by the then Dean of the Faculty of Arts Matthijs Lamberigts and Karim Schellekens. The latter was also known as co-author of the multi-volume biography of Cardinal Godfried Danneels, in which both the affair of the disappeared ring  of Card. Danneels and the existence of the Mafia of St. Gallen is mentioned. The book launch took place on September 22, 2015 in the Vita Hall under the basilica of Koekelberg. The video can be found on YouTube.)

(2) Kerk en Leven, 9 August 1984.
Illustrations of the original article can often be found on the internet, i.a. very meritorious in the sarcastic Flemish national weekly paper, t Pallieterke (2004). This was the first report in the Dutch-speaking press in Belgium since 1984! See also here  A detailed discussion and photo documentation at (also with a joint photo of Bishop Bonny, Bishop Vicar Selderslaghs and Dean Jef Barzin).


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Pierre Jean DeSmet was born in Belgium and was a great "black robe" missionary here in the Midwest. Florissant was the "Valley of Flowers" and the home of St. Stanislaus Seminary which was brimming with candidates for the Jesuit order. He was buried in the cemetery there.---Along comes the liberalization of Saint Louis University and his body was dug up and brought to the SLU campus and no one knows where it is. After the recent riots in Ferguson, any reference to the black robes was taken down on campus in deference to the suppression of Indians by the cross in paintings and statues. DeSmet was small in stature but great in heart.---Now, to read of a DeSmet associated with the reference in this article makes my blood boil. The truth of what has happened to the Church is being laid bare. Perversion is at its very core.