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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Has Cardinal Schönborn Left the Catholic Church in Pectore Already

In an interview with "Die Presse" journalist Nowak Cardinal Schönborn has replaced the cross by a seven-branched candle holder of the Jewish B'nai B'rith lodge.

Has the Archbishop of Vienna, Schoenborn "caught" the false confession?

The Cross

The Catholic Church has a strong sense of the setting of symbols, gestures and actions. In the Holy Mass, they stand pars pro toto , hints describe the whole, the unspoken. In particular, in the liturgy before its denaturing by the evil spirit of Vatican II, the individual acts and gestures have been thought important.
Not coincidentally  "simple" clerics (and certainly bishops and cardinals) attend the cross that is just perceptible in the public pictures of them, which is seen as a guide in the best sense of the word.

Schönborn's Seven-branched Candlestick of the Jewish B'nai B'rith lodge

Not so with Cardinal Schönborn: In a conversation with the editor of the Viennese daily "Die Presse" of 25 March 2014 for the ORF   “someone” had chosen as an image background something other than the expected cross, but a sparkling seven-branched candle holder.
The number seven, however, does not point out that it is seven spirits before the throne of God (Rev 1,4), rather it is here referring to the seven-branched candlestick, which the Archbishop, himself the son of a Freemason, received  as a "special appreciation" from the Jewish Loge B’nai Brith   in late October 2013.
“As luck would have it" Cardinal Schönborn wanted to curry favor even when "Press" editor in chief Nowak, who refused military service and had done instead performed civil service at the extreme left-wing "Documentation Archive of the Austrian Resistance”.  He's likely me much less brave representatives of the Church.

Schönborn: Christ had "deserved the death penalty ..."

The partisanship for Jewish interests is also evident in his essay "Judaism and Christianity" in "The Jewish Echo", Vol 46, pp. 15 ff here represents Cardinal Schönborn the right positivist view that it was "undeniable" that Christ has "by the applicable laws deserved the death penalty ... [for blasphemy] ."
Eminence, have your interpretation by then - in an analog to legal positivist thinking - maybe  the Jews had "earned"  the legal consequences of legal validity as subsisting in Nuremberg Race Laws  or here is perhaps  a logical fallacy on your part?

"Excessively" Evil Christians and the “Terrible" Question of Who is Christ

Cardinal Schönborn mentioned in this article, there was indeed a persecution of Christians by Jews, only they were "rewarded in abundance" by the Christians:
"The more it broke [the question of who Jesus was] from the outside in, booming, full of terror, spreading fear  and often death. In the memoirs of the rabbi's son David Tulman I read,” writes Cardinal Schönborn, that for his own - and for how many Jews over how many generations! - Good Friday was a terrible day. To him it came with pogroms, they were the 'murderers of God', who were the 'perfidious' Jews who crucified Jesus, who were persecuted by the riotous Christians."

Hands-on anti-Catholicism: "perfidious" instead of "faithless"?

The Archbishop of Vienna, used here not by chance the name, 'perfide Juden', mixing Latin with German and gives here the pejorative smell of perfidy to the  traditional Good Friday prayers for the conversion of the "perfidious Jews" ("Oremus et pro perfidis Judaeis") that just means something completely different than infidelity.

Weird - No Blessing by Christianity?

“It is not infrequently encountered  by Christians on the seriously flawed statement that Jesus proclaimed a loving Father God instead of the Old Testament God of wrath - a sign of how deeply the anti-Jewish furrows are dug in Christian soil,”  Cardinal Schönborn would have gone further.
The Archbishop of Vienna "dared" "the statement ..., Christianity is reminded by Judaism of its  order to be a bearer of blessings  for all peoples," and ". Anti-Judaism is therefore infidelity to God."
Only one must ask why the theocracy of Israel locks out  parts of the Muslim population on Jewish high holidays by the "blessing" of access restrictions.


- Is Cardinal Schoenborn Really an Apron Chaser? [English]

Trans: Tancred

    Friday, October 25, 2013

    Pope Francis Reminds Jews About Pius XII's Sacrifices And Suffering Christians in the World Today

    (Vatican) Pope Francis received representatives of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in audience today. On this occasion, the Catholic Pontiff recalled the "suffering exclusion and real persecution" of many Christians around the world. He also reiterated his condemnation of "any form of anti-Semitism." The Pope expressed his "appreciation" for the work of the Simon Wiesenthal Center , "to combat all forms of racism, intolerance and anti-Semitism, to keep alive the memory of the Shoah, and to promote mutual understanding through education and social commitment".

    Pope Francis reaffirmed the importance to pass on to younger generations, "not only the knowledge of the history of Jewish-Catholic dialogue about the difficulties experienced and the progress made in recent decades." It is applicable "above all" in order "to convey passion for the encounter with the other and get to know, through the promotion of an active and responsible involvement of our youth." The Pope also said: "I encourage you to continue the to value you in the joint effort to convey, to reject walls and build bridges between our cultures and faith traditions."

    Four Meetings with Jewish Organizations in Four Months -  No to Anti-Semitism Four Times

    In addition to a larger number of messages and letters to Jewish institutions it was the fourth meeting with senior Jewish officials within four months, in which Pope Francis issued a clear rejection of anti-Semitism and emphasized Catholic-Jewish friendship emphasized.

    We kicked off the audience for the International Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultatations (IJCIC) last June. At that time, the Pope described the Jews as "elder brothers" of Christians and said, "Because of our common roots, a Christian can not be an anti-Semite" He stressed the long friendship between Christians and Jews, and encouraged continuation on this path.

    On the 2nd of September, Francis received the leadership of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) under the WJC President Ronald Lauder. The Pope reiterated his statements made ​​in June and added, "To be a good Christian, it is necessary to understand Jewish tradition and history."

    Francis recalls Catholics helping Jews during the War under the Direction of Pope Pius XII.

    On the 11th of October the Pope received a delegation from the Jewish Community of Rome, whom he addresses as "beloved friends". The "oldest" Jewish community in "Western Europe", had often experienced "misunderstanding and real injustices" in the past two thousand years. "But with God's help" we have made ​​"friendly and brotherly relations for many decades," the Pope said. He recalls the help of many Catholics for the Jews during the Second World War and the fact that "many monasteries, institutes and papal basilicas at the request of the Pope" accepted Jews.

    In this context, Pope Francis identified this as "grace, a grace because it was" that he could afford as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, a contribution to the "closeness and friendship" with the Jewish community.

    It was shortly after his inauguration into office on March 22nd that a first meeting of the new pope with a Jewish delegation took place. Israeli President, Shimon Peres was the first head of state Pope Francis received in audience after his election. The meeting was held last April 30th.

    Text: Giuseppe Nardi
     Image: L'Osservatore Romano
    Trans: Tancred

    Link to katholisches...

    Note: Simon Wiesenthal himself was a terrible fraud. Even Israeil intelligence thought so. AMGD

    Wednesday, April 17, 2013

    From the “Egomenical” Council to the Homosexualization of the Church -- Ariel Levi di Gualdos

     (Rome) He is young and combative, his life was a struggle between Judaism and Christianity, he decided for Jesus Christ and became a Catholic priest. The talk is of Ariel Gualdo di Stefano Levi, born in 1963. He is a student of the Jesuit Peter Gumpel, a priest of the Diocese of Rome and has the fire of a convert. He is the author of several books and editor of the theological journal series Fides Quaerens Intelletcum. In 2007 Erbe Amare, il secolo del sionismo (Bitter Herbs: The Zionist Century) appeared, 2009 Nada te turbe, 2011 E Satana si fece Trino relativismo, individualismo, disobbedienza. Analisi sulla Chiesa del terzo millenio (And the devil makes ​​himself triune. Relativism, individualism, disobedience: An Analysis of the Church of the third millennium).

    The Priest and Jewish convert's writings to provoke

    Each of his works is like a cold shower and a heated provocation at the same time. It is this emotional roller coaster Levi di Gualdo wants to achieve in his readers. A tepid middle ground does not exist for him. The most recent book, The Devil Made Himself Triune is a razor-sharp polemic from the priest and theologian, as it is explained in the subtitle. In order to tap the full meaning of the title, it is necessary to resort to the Church Fathers. St. Jerome and St. Augustine described the devil as a monkey god. A monkey aping God to turn things upside down and create a parallel perception to reality.

    The book is divided into three parts. The first part is dedicated to the free loyalty and obedience to the Church. The Second Vatican Council was “deformed by the post-conciliar theologians into a egomaniacal Council" and abused as an instrument of apostasy and rebellion within the Church. The neologism of "ecumenical" and "egomaniacal" gives you an idea of ​​Levi di Gualdos militancy.

    An Absolutist Mind at all Times is Characteristic of Apostates

    Substantiated without circumlocution and with plenty of buttressing, the author assails the progressives in the Church who pretend to be an army of priest and theologian rebels, who are always have their mouths open and are ready at any time to demand "more collegiality and democracy" but to have built true dictatorships in the church at the same time.  "The hegemonic and absolutist mind is not something typically conservative, but rather of the apostates of all time, who gave rise to the worst forms of the suppression of freedom of thought and made the dominant opinion into a forced unity.”

    This small army of dilapidated priests in jeans and tie theologians, who have neared to the people of the church, have initiated forms of clericalism, as they had never been before. The consequences were that "after decades of theological and liturgical scurrility, oddities, the churches of the West are half empty, and the crisis of credibility weighs like an executioner's ax on the clergy." The presumption of this modern clericalism was to reduce to the author, God, to an object, which one could impose one's will. "This fact leads to the denial of God as a God who is no longer recognized as the Lord of life and history.”

    Bultmann to Ravasi - Is the condemnation of Modernism by Pius X no longer valid?

    As an example, the author draws the chapter "From Bultmann to Gianfranco Ravasi," the world of ideas published by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, president of the Pontifical Council for Culture an "autopsy". Here Levi di Gualdo raises the question of whether the contents of the Encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis, with Pope St. Pius X. Modernism condemning it as a synthesis of all heresies would still be valid today. The question is of crucial importance, since many of the Pius X theses condemned today the basis of numerous published theological writings expected to be learned in the theological faculties and seminaries. "The question that arises is: This happens because of the changing historical circumstances that the validity of those condemnations is extinguished, or is it because the soldiers have risen from the belly of the Trojan horse and now frolic inside the walls?”

    Levi di Gualdo maintains that Cardinal Ravasi illustrated in the preface to the first, the Italian edition of the first volume of the work, "Jesus of Nazareth" by Pope Benedict XVI. that the use of “real” instead of “historic” is able to contradict what the Pope says in the book. The author sees this as "the usual word game” used by Bultmann and the thesis of the reality of the myth. "A thesis in the preface to the book of Benedict XVI. hurled like a ripe tomato against a white wall. “

    Psychological Homosexualization the Church an Epidemic Evil

    The second chapter of the book is devoted to the psychological homosexualization the Church, which accounts for the author and held to be far more serious than the pedophilia scandal. In Church history it was made an unprecedented phenomenon in the last decades. Homosexuals have created an internal Church lobby, which they operate with mafia-like methods. This lobby has created a form of clerical Pornokratie and has a negative effect on the life and institutions of the Church. "The request from the Holy See for years has forcefully imposed, not to ordain candidates with open or latent homosexual tendencies, that is simply ignored by many dioceses in which they act contrary to Roman directives. You can not have peace of mind, when severely limited to strict public statements, while a homosexual priest then increases his, in the same proportion as the bishops increase who march parallel to the ideological advance of homosexualization, proceeding in concert with a latent homosexual psychology. Or to put it more bluntly: some seminarians in the seminaries formed "religious brotherhoods” during in the 70s and 80s are today bishops, and no sooner had it, than they have to be first surrounded with like-minded subjects who systematically are placed in all key positions in the diocese, including seminaries where they mutually protect each other and reproduce.”

    Rome must remove Homo-bishops - to Crush the Snake's Head

    Ariel Levi di Gualdo assesses the decision "to be moved to concrete action: removal of the bishops from their diocese who promote and propagate homosexuals to the sanctuary.” It means that the Church “is to be cleaned of this dangerous homosexual decadent disease," says the Roman priest. "In various dioceses in which homosexuality has come to power, today the heterosexual candidates are excluded from the ordination. If they are already priests, they are discriminated against and discharged by a homosexual lobby. Appeals and recommendations at this point are no longer sufficient, readiness must be to cut the snake off at the head.” The author himself doesn’t lack a sense of humor in this subject. “In view of a blatant case", but this by no means was even a single case where in a diocese "in the last 20 years, eight of ten ordained priests" had “evident operational errors”, then “it suddenly struck me," and I said to the bishop, "he would have rather been consecrated as the prioress of the Discalced Carmelite nuns, as the Reverend Mother was the last man in the clergy of his diocese.”

    The third chapter is devoted to the freedom of free choice of the people for good or evil, will be discussed soon.

    Text: Giuseppe Nardi
    Image: Fides et Forma
    Translation: Tancred

    Friday, March 29, 2013

    Traditionalist Lawrence Auster Has Ended His Life as a Catholic

    Edit: sometimes death can reveal friends we never knew, and throw light on a life of bright and perspicacious industry, lived out on a crystal page of light. Life can also show God’s providence for those who are paying attention. But it’s almost as if the conservative writer and God had planned things this way. Lawrence Auster was a Jewish convert to Christianity by way of the Anglican Church on Holy Thursday 15 years ago.

    He received Extreme Unction and the Sacraments as he was received into the Catholic Church on Monday.

    His blog will remain on line for those who did not get to know him while he was alive.
    Lawrence Auster died today at 3:56 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time, at a hospice in West Chester, Pennsylvania. His death came after more than a week of rapidly worsening distress and physical collapse caused by the pancreatic cancer he endured for almost three years.
    On Monday evening, after arriving at the hospice in the late afternoon, Mr. Auster read and responded to a few emails. He then closed his battered and medicine-stained Lenovo laptop for the last time. “That’s enough for now,” he said, holding his hands over the computer as if sated by an unfinished meal.
    He did not expect that to be the last.
    But the blogging career that stands out on the Internet and in the history of American letters as a tour de force of philosophical and cultural insight was over. Mr. Auster entered a state of sedated and sometimes pained sleep the next day, after a night of agony. He spoke no more than a few words during the next two days and died peacefully this morning after about ten hours of unusually quiet and mostly undisturbed rest.
    Link to Thinking Housewife…

    Link to Orthosphere with articles on Lawrence Auster.

    H/T: Professor Arndt.

    Friday, March 22, 2013

    B’nai B’rith “Memorial Liturgy” in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires With Cardinal Bergoglio

    (Buenos Aires) Hardly had he been elected, when the attempt was made to insinuate Pope Francis' involvement with the military dictatorship (1976-1982). The intention was quite arrested by the categories of "politically correct” thinking, which many European media and public figures are incapable of thinking beyond. In the Left-Liberal spectrum of roles is clear from the outset and always that: the military dictatorship is rejected, because the enemy is always on the right.

    Far more generous if you look at the other side, where all sorts of leftist romped, armed terrorist groups, not only resisted against the military dictatorship, but not insignificantly as combatants for Marxism, partly with Soviet support, the reason for this was that it was against the military dictatorship.

    "Entanglement" of Pope Francis with military dictatorship reveals just how liberals tick

    It seems at present, that even the ideologues and ideologies that do not deserve it, be "cleansed" in an infusion of the persecuted innocent persecuted by the generals, should have anything to do with the Catholic Church. Not everyone, be he Franciscan or Jesuit being pursued at that time in Argentina was a faithful son of Holy Church. Many had swapped the cross for a Kalashnikov.

    Jorge Mario Bergoglio had resisted them and has remained true to his priestly vocation. As the Good Shepherd, he fought for the imprisoned brethren, of which he was suspected for years, completely unjustly as being an informer. One reason why the election of this new pope caused the German Jesuits little enthusiasm. A suspicion, which incidentally has now been withdrawn by one of the then imprisoned Jesuits imprisoned by the Junta, Father Francis Jalics.

    Explanation needed for "Holocaust memorial liturgy" of B'nai B'rith in Catholic Cathedral

    Because of the military dictatorship Pope Francis has no need for explanation. At least, however, a " commemoration of the [Reichs] Kristallnacht “ appears to require some explanation, which was organized with the Jewish organization B'nai B'rith on the 12th along with the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires on November of 2012 to "commemorate six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust." The commemoration of the Jewish Lodge, officially even called a "commemorative liturgy", took place in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, as the then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio participated actively.

    B'nai B'rith does not belong to official Freemasonry, although there are some overlaps and human forms of cooperation. The "Sons of the Covenant” [Söhne des Bundes], the German translation of the name originated in 1843 at a time when Jews were often rejected in Masonic lodges, so they formed their own parallel lodges, which in contrast to Freemasonry, are not a secret society. The Independent Order of B'nai B'rith may therefore, with all the differences, referred to as a kind of Jewish form of Freemasonry with its own rites and identification. The individual branches are therefore called lodges. The lodges of a country are gathered in the District Grand Lodge. This Jewish order was founded to represent Jewish interests in political terms. It also wants to promote the ethics of the brothers, which is very similar to that of Freemasonry. In the USA, almost ten percent of all male Jews of the lodge, appropriate weight, a corresponding number in the associated lodges.

    Why did the Jewish Lodge organize a Jewish memorial for Jewish victims in Catholic churches?

    Argentine Catholic organizations wondered how it was possible that a Jewish organization, also a lodge, might hold a memorial service in the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. The Archdiocese might have helped out differently because of space problems. But why was a liturgical space was made available in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament of Christ Himself? As Cardinal Bergoglio was keynote speaker at the event, it is clear who made ​​the misappropriation, Pagina Catolica even speaks of the possible "desecration" of the Cathedral. In fact, with the "memorial liturgy" a kind of worship was celebrated. Since the event has been running for several years, there are already rehearsed rites similar acts. Before the altar there sat several representatives of Christian denominations (Lutheran, Prebyterianer, Methodist) next to the Cardinal. The official program book with the symbol of B'nai B'rith and the coat of arms of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires is called an "Inter-religious Liturgy." Six candles symbolize in this Holocaust memorial ritual each of the six million Jewish victims. Rabbi Alejandro Avruj lit each candle along with the representative of a Christian denomination or a Jewish organization. The last of the six candles he lit together with Cardinal Bergoglio.

    Cardinal Bergoglio has cultivated close contacts with B'nai B'rith with an annual series of meetings and mutual invitations, where the cardinal especially emphasized his praise for the social commitment of the Jewish Lodge. For this reason, the Jewish representatives of the Grand Lodge officially opened on the 19th of March at the inauguration ceremony of Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square in part and the next day at the reception for the religious leaders in the Vatican, including the Director of B'nai B'rith-Committee for UN Affairs, David J. Michaels.

    Under Archbishop Bergoglio it became customary in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires since 1994 that B'nai B'rith, performs its annual memorial service held for the Jewish victims of Nazism in Argentina's Catholic churches. In 2005, the Acto de Recordación de la Noche de los Cristales Rotos was held in the Catholic church of San Nicolas de Bari. Even then Cardinal Bergoglio was present, as a photo of Rabbi Felipe Yafe shows. In 2009 in the Catholic parish church of Santa Catalina de Siena, also in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. In 2008 the memorial was on the 70th Anniversary of Kristallnacht, also exclusively for Jewish victims of the Shoah, in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, in the presence of the Israeli, German and Austrian ambassador. In 2007, the ceremony was held in the San Ignacio Church of Buenos Aires.

    Inter-religious ritual compatible with Catholic understanding?

    After a meeting between Cardinal Bergoglio and Mario Wilhelm on the 4th of June, the Argentine president of B'nai B’rith and Boris Kalnicki, who is in B'nai B'rith responsible for inter-religious dialogue, said in a press statement for the Jewish organization that the "traditional commemoration of Kristallnacht" again will take place in 2012 and will “include a generous cooperation of Cardinal." The event was organized for the 8th November “at a church, decided at upon at a later time". It was finally not just any church, but the Diocesan church itself. The fact that the event takes place in a Catholic church, was self-evident for B'nai B’irith.

    In 2011 the place for the Kristallnacht commemoration was in the cathedral church of the Diocese of San Isidro instead. For most of the Diocesan Commission for Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue, B'nai B'rith Argentina, an Argentine Jewish-Christian brotherhood and fellowship Lamroth Hakol, organized to hold a commemoration on the 10th November with texts by Rabbi Leon Klenicki and the Catholic theologian Eugene Fischer for their own "Interfaith liturgy", "with witnesses, songs and references to the night of the 9th November 1938 in Germany and Austria, the 20th which is regarded as the beginning of the Jewish Holocaust of the 20th Century or the Shoah." It was also the basis of the "memorial liturgy" 2012.

    The question is not why the Jews commemorate those events in Argentina. But the question is, why is the Catholic Church in Argentina which is not directly related to these events in faraway Europe 70 years ago apply, which - as explicitly emphasized B'nai B'rith - by no means all of the victims, but only the Jewish victims of National Socialism. Why then is this Jewish memorial to Jewish victims held in a Catholic church?

    Kathredale occupied twice by political groups

    In any case, it has been moved to the Cathedral of Buenos Aires. It has been occupied by political groups in the last five years. When the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Bergoglio was already in Rome and just begun in the conclave, 200 activists of the leftist Movimiento Popular La Dignidad (MPLD) occupied the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, as the Spanish church historian Francisco Fernandez de la Cigena reported. The Parish Priest had to cancel the celebration of Holy mass. In 2008 the cathedral had been abused for political purposes. At that time, the cathedral church was occupied by the leftist Madres de Plaza de Mayo. In both cases, the protest was addressed against cuts in government funding for projects in which the respective occupying groups were associated with the church in no way.

    Text: Giuseppe Nardi
    Bilder: Todocorrientes/La Nacion/Pagina Catolica/Info Catolica

    Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    News -- A Powerless Church is Under the Power of the World

    A powerless Church is under the power of the world -- Church vandalism: increasing bell thefts -- Jewish right-wing extremists bar Arab farmers -- A victim of the Conciliar Church -- 

    A powerless Church is under the power of the world

    Italy.  On Sunday the Italian historian Roberto de Mattei commented in the Milan news 'Il Giornale' on the occasion of the 1,700th anniversary of the Battle of the Milvian Bridge (312).  Then, the Emperor Constantine (+337) saw the cross in the sky.  He was victorious and led Christendom into Rome.  Mattei insisted that today's Old Liberals like the Communists are calling for a Christendom without power.  Only: when Christendom ceases to change the world, then it will be changed by the heathen world.

    Church Vandalism: increased bell thefts

    Germany.  Metal thieves are stealing church bells because of rising commodities prices.  The German bell museum in the 17,000 population community of Gecher in western Munsterland warned on Monday.  The museum asked for better security measures.  The perpetrators would destroy valuable cultural artifacts for raw materials.

    Jewish Right-Wing extremists block Arab farmer out

    Occupied Palestine.  A group of Jewish settlers blocked about ten dunums (10,000m^2) of farmland near Qarount in the vicinity of Nablus with barbed wire so the owner, Mohamad Najim (66) couldn't enter his unharvested fields on Sunday.  A so-called security post of a larcenous band of settlers warned Najim sternly of further approaches to his property and warned him of "attacks by robbers".  The Right-Wing Radicals had already cut down ripe olive trees 14 years before.  Then they informed the farmer that they wouldn't be responsible for his fat, if he attempted to enter his land.

    Another victim of the Conciliar Church

    Belgium.  The Carmelites in the 100,000 population city of Mons -- in the western Belgium Province of Hennegau -- must close its cloister.  The community is too old and has no growth.  In the next weeks the remaining sisters will settle in the other Belgian closter.  The Cloister in Mons has existed since 1607.

    Link to

    Thursday, July 26, 2012

    German Philosopher Wants Blasphemy Law

    Robert Spaemann calls out the blasphemy law:  "The denial of the murder of six million Jews should be as small a crime as the denial of the crucifixion of Jesus in the Koran."

    (  The German courts are mute abou the religious people that can be publicly mocked with impunity.  The German philosopher, Robert Spaemann criticized the German daily newspaper 'Frankfurter Allgemeine'.

    It's rare to find a judge who will punish one who insults religions.

    That's even more valid than defamation, which disturbs "public peace", said Spaemann critically.

    "That means in German: Only the Muslim religion enjoys the protection of the law, not Christian."

    After all, the Muslims defend their religion, unlike the Christians, by force.

    Botched Argumentation

    Spaemann desires a blaphemy paragraph which doesn't defend the honor of God, but rather the feelings of the faithful.

    In secular law things only deal with the person.  God -- who protects all -- doesn't apparently need any defense.

    But: "People must be protected, whom God approaches, people who believe in God."

    They would be commonly insulted with their religion -- "more deeply and seriously than through the insult to their own person".  Because: "God is holy to them".

    Protect the holy, not those who honor it

    Blasphemy, Spaemann observes is apparently not an official transgression, where it doesn't matter whether anyone is really offended.  It requires a plaintiff.  But having his feelings offended, should not be the only criterion, because it would reward an absurd sensitivity.

    As a solution Spaemann naively trusts in "a measured room for play".  That is valid for every insult.

    The Holocaust as the most holy of the secular muzzle Republic

    The Philosopher explained that the secular German State, despite its religious neutrality in the German "genocide of the Jews" recognizes a quasi sacrality "like the crucifixion of Jesus".

    The "denial of the murder of six million Jews" should be as punishable, says Spaemann --  even as little "as the denial of the crucifixion of Jesus for example in the Koran".

    Holocaust denial is "simply a false statement of facts":  "Yet for questions of truth, however, the state is not the decisive entity."

    The ridicule of the victim is something Spaemann "holds as an objective defamation, which may not be punished under the law".

    Actually, distinguishing the death of Jesus from the murder of the Jews, there is apparently "in no way ascribed a salvific character", believes the philosopher.

    Link to

    Friday, May 27, 2011

    Extraordinary Jewish Converts Arrested and Sent to Auschwitz

    Editor: This is actually part of a series in its last part.

    "For the Novitiate of Koningshoeven!“
    Trappist in Cloister Koningshoeven

    During their deportation to Auschwitz six Loeb-Sisters met Edith Stein as well.  by Anscar Christensen

    ( After the Pastoral Protest Letter of the Dutch Bishops against National Socialism in 1942 all Catholics of Jewish descent were arrested in the Netherlands.

    Among them they found three sons and three siblings of the Jewish Loeb family. They lived as Trappists in two Dutch Cloisters.

    The time of their captivity found the Loebs in a brilliant society: Doctors, Intellectuals, educated Dominicans and a great Carmelite, Sister Benedicta a Cruce Edith Stein.

    Because of her strong character, Sister Benedicta was the natural leader of the group of deported Jewish religious. The Holy Office and the Rosary was prayed in common.

    Witnesses reported that both Loeb priests comforted them and heard their confessions. The Sisters were brave and helpful -- especially to the children.

    We don't know anything more than this. The group was sent to the fearful Camp of Auschwitz in Poland. A National Socialist document soberly reported their birth and day of death: August and September 1942.

    It was and unconfirmed report from an anonymous letter after that Fathers Ignatius and Nivardus Loeb together with two Polish and two Greek priests were shot, because they had heard confessions.

    Father Nivardus, the former assitant of the novice master, called, before the bullets of the firing squad hit him: "For the Novitiate in Koningshoeven!

    Sister Veronika Loeb, who contracted a serious case of tuberculosis during their incarceration, was later sent by the SS to the infamous Concentration Camp Westerbork.

    Actually after only eight or ten days they let her free again. Her superior sent her thereafter to various hospitals. Finally she died on August 1944 in the Cloister.

    The youngest Loeb-brother, Hans, who had not entered into the Cloister, was in any case arrested and was forced to work in a Polish zinc mine.

    As the Soviet Troops neared, he was put on an open truck wagon and transported west. He suffered severe frostbite on his feet and died in February 1945 in an infirmary in Auschwitz.

    Paula -- the youngest child of family Loeb -- married in Holland. During the war she was hidden in the house of a courageous Catholic in Nijmagen.

    She is the only living member of the extraordinary family Loeb.

    Link to original...

    Saturday, April 23, 2011

    Rabbi Takes Over Priest's Role at Midwestern Basilica's Good Friday Prayer Service

    Lucinda Naylor is the former "artist in residence" who was fired from her position at the Basilica of St. Mary's in Minneapolis  for opposing  Archbishop John Nienstedt's pastoral CD regarding the defense of marriage. For a time, her paintings disappeared from the Basilica's walls where the homosexual painter's works are said to be stations of the Cross. They have since returned, as the Basilica itself plays host to a man who does not hold the Catholic Faith, but is tolerated to preach.

    "Painting" of Judas' Betrayal

    As a reform rabbi took over the prayer service from the pastor of the parish, Father John Bauer, a wooden cross was passed around over the heads of the crowd like at a rock concert. Doctor van Parys, who's responsible for that spectacle, contrasts his good Friday Liturgy and celebration with those which came before, by saying that before, it was an opportunity for Christians to persecute the Jews,

    “Prior to the Second Vatican Coun­cil, Good Friday was seen as a day when Catholics would traditionally persecute the Jewish people, blaming them for the death of Christ. Jews would literally hide from Catholics on that day,” said van Parys. “We thought it would be a jarring yet enlightening experience to invite a rabbi to speak to our congregation during Tenebrae.”[Tenebrae is what they referred to as their Good Friday Service]

    The Diocesan newspaper is unconcerned and unmoved by the strange oddities taking place at this prayer service, with rose petals falling from the ceiling and a moment when there is a whimsical and cultic bedlam as the lights are turned down and the laity bang their pews for about five minutes in the darkness, as if to waken things below that would be better left asleep.

    Laymen may not preach, may certainly not preach vague humanistic messages having nothing to do with the Gospel.

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    Christ is the Savior of the Jews

    ROME, November 22, 2010 – [Chiesa] The anticipated book-length interview of Benedict XVI, "Light of the World," will be in bookstores on the five continents, in various languages, beginning on Tuesday, November 23.

    On Sunday the 21st, various newspapers previewed some passages from it, provided for them by Libreria Editrice Vaticana, owner of the publishing rights.

    But already on the afternoon of Saturday the 20th, a different preview of the book – with much more provocative passages – had been published by "L'Osservatore Romano." With an immediate splash in the global media.

    Read further...

    H/t: Pewsitter/Rorate

    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    Jews Interfere in Catholic Affairs

    Sat Nov 20, 2010 4:52pm EST
    PARIS (Reuters) - A Holocaust survivors group urged Pope Benedict on Saturday to ban an arch-traditionalist bishop from the Catholic Church because he hired a lawyer close to neo-Nazi groups to defend him in court in Germany.

    Bishop Richard Williamson, one of four rebel bishops re-admitted to the Church in January 2009, recently hired a far-right lawyer to conduct his appeal against a 12,000 euro fine imposed last year for denying the Holocaust.

    His ultra-traditionalist Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), which is now negotiating its return to the Church with Vatican officials, also threatened to expel Williamson from its ranks if he did not distance himself from Nahrath. 

    Jewish group urges banning of +Williamson, more here...

    Friday, October 29, 2010

    German Politicians Have Fearfully Underestimated the Islam-Problem: Cardinal Koch on Middle East Summit

    The Swiss Cardinal Kurt Koch is the new Official heading the Vatican Office for Ecumenism. A discussion about Christian in the Holy Land, Minarets in Europe and the current Islam-Debate.

    Rome ( As the successor of the Curial Cardinal, Walter Kasper, the former Basel Archbishop Kurt Koch will become the next President for the Papal Adviser for the Promotion of the Unity of Christians -- a kind of "ecumenical minister" of the Vatican. Koch was born in 1950 in Emmenbrucke in the Canton of Luzern. As his first challenge was a two week Synod in the Vatican on the situation of Christians in the Middle East. Paul Badde of Die Welt interviewed him.

    Die Welt
    Hardly in office, you were confronted with the extremely difficult Middle East Summit. How would you describe your idea of the situation?

    Koch: There are two realities. First, the various churches of the Middle East came together in order to advise and find new ways into the future. The second was just as important and pressing: That the diversity of the churches are brought to the consciousness of the public. If Christianity in the Holy Land is only stones and buildings, memorial sites and no more people, then a basic value has gone lost. The Middle East without the churches would be a horrible historical occurrence. That the whole Universal Church is concerned about this event and must stay in solidarity, is a very high and important value.

    Die Welt You are not just threatened by external enemies. Are your conflicts not only conflicts between each other -- which have been taking place for more than a 1000 years?

    Koch: It was very clear at the Synod, that communal is important to pursue and note, that one can only be strong together. Surely there are many open questions, and naturally you can't always discuss them in every detail, where many of the problems are subsumed. Really what is needed is a strong will to forge a common way to the future.

    Die Welt Now there are only above all the various Catholic Church coming together. Isn't the greatest problem in the Middle East the conflict with the Greek Orthodox Church, who consider the Catholics only as heretics? Or is there a substantial movement from the leadership since the visit of Paul VI to Patriarch Athenagoras in Jerusalem in 1964?

    Koch: This movement was a tremendous start, which has proven fruitful in a decade-long discussion. None the less, the dialog since the year 2000 because of various problems has been broken again. Really it is Pope Benedict XVI within the last four months by his own decision, to get this discussion back on its feet. It is clear that we will need more time than previously planned.

    Die Welt Which role does the separated Jerusalem have in the Drama of Christendom?

    Koch: Jerusalem is a completely accurate picture for the real situation, was we have it today, with the various religions and above all even the various churches, their various liturgies. The conflicts over the precise location where one can celebrate, is however a good example of how things shouldn't go in the future with the progress of this divisiveness in Christianity. In so far as a visit to Jerusalem is always very beautiful,, because one comes back to the origins, but it's also sad, because one sees the concrete situation.

    Die Welt Is Jerusalem not also a picture of "Many dwellings in the house of the Father"? [what a dumb question]

    Surely the diversity is not in itself bad. This was shown even in the Synod in its many colors, where everyone is astonished, how very diverse the Catholic Church is. That is the greater kingdom. But only if one considers the other side and looks together for a common way into the future. The diversity and multiplicity is good in itself, when correlation leads to enrichment. Right in Jerusalem there is for this reason still a drama playing itself out.
    That is namely the greatest division that we have, the division between Synagogue and Church.

    Die Welt: What do you mean?

    Koch: Because Jerusalem today has become the precise model of division, in the level that even appears between Christianity and Judaism. St Paul had hoped that this division would be put aside and we could really come to unity, therefore to a Church of Jews and Gentiles as the true people of God. That is the great hope, but Paul had in any case had it. For that reason we must continue to nourish it.

    DIE WELT Only Paul was himself a Jew and was much closer to the Synagogue

    Koch: That's right, even in his journey he stayed close to the Synagogue and preached to the Jews, but first he went to the Gentiles. In the Letter to the Romans he had later exactly described why some went their own way from the Gospel. That he understood the deeper significance of the rejection by the majority of the Jews that the message of Jesus must be brought firstly to the whole world. It is the great secret, that Israel remain the chosen people, but still await the Messiah. That is the greatest question with which they are concerned.

    DIE WELT Can you describe other questions in the foreground? In the "Short Story of the Anti-Christ" by Vladimir Soloviev which was written a century before, which predicted the end of the World in Jerusalem. Recently the monks here in Rome from the Holy Land said that the next fearful conflict in the Middle East is expected either before or after Christmas. Were such fears expressed in the Synod?

    Koch: One such advent of such an event is not known to me and so I can't substantiate it. But one can be certain, that this conflict is ongoing and will come to a head. That is realistic enough. What other such concrete notions come to mind, if anything, everyone is cautious.

    DIE WELT In Switzerland we've experienced the conflict over minarets. What would you say to the Germans in their recent Islam-debate?

    Koch: I have the general impression that the politicians have fearfully underestimated the problem with Islam in Europe. In Switzerland we have for example a Court of Religion with Jews, Muslims and Christians and we want the National Court sensitized at an early stage toward Problems, which were the subject of the Minarets. The National Courts had solved this problem simply by referring it to building rights. Therefore it was not discernible which anxieties should have been attached to the Minaret Question. These anxieties, however, had to be taken into consideration, which responsible politics does.

    DIE WELT: And what would you advise Germans, who want to be taken seriously, which have had in their midst a large Islamic Community for a long time?

    Koch: Firstly, that one has to open ones' eyes and see reality, that there are substantial differences between religions, which also reflect culture and not to wipe it from the table. A natural difference is naturally that Christianity had to learn in its long history, that only the consequent separation of State and of Religion of Church has its assigned and adequate area in society. There is still a much greater trouble spot buried there.

    DIE WELT: Can Europe's Christians learn something from those of the Middle East?

    Koch: Absolutely yes to the last question, quite a lot. From them they could learn a model, how one can co-exist with Muslims. How one can lead a dialogue with them. There they have a very leading edge of experience from their history. And that can help us. They cultivate contacts. If one doesn't learn this, then there remain only anxieties.

    Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    Atheist: Catholic Faith is the Least Tolerated Religion

    The Catholic Faith is the least tolerated religion in Europe, criticized French philospher Bernard-Henri Levy, who is himself an Atheist.

    Madrid [] The Catholic Faith is the least tolerated religion in Europe. This was said by well-known intellectual, Bernard-Henri Levy in an interview with the Spanish newspaper "ABC".

    The prominent French intellectual, who identifies himself as an Atheist, is concerned on the other hand about the numerous unjust attacks against the Pope. "The voice of the Pope is very significant, but we have been very unfair to this Pope", he said in an interview to "ABC". "I am not Catholic, but I believe, there is prejudice and an especially powerful anti-clericalism, which has become an enormous exception in Europe", Levy said.

    There is a double-standard upon attacks against other religions, criticized Levy. "In France there's a great deal of discussion about the violation of Jewish and Muslim cemeteries, but no one knows that Catholic graves are permanently desecrated", complains the French philosopher.

    Naturally there is a right to criticize religions, said Levy. It so happens, especially by intellectuals, considerable injudiciousness. Levy says: "Muslims are defended in the intellectual world, Catholics much less."

    Link to original...

    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    Islam Is the Future Religion of Europe

    Deutsche Bundesbank boardmember Thilo Sarrazin makes some pointed complaints about Germans of Muslim extraction and says that Jews have a common gene. This should get interesting.

    [The Jerusalem Post] Regarding Islam, Sarrazin said, “No other religion in Europe makes so many demands. No immigrant group other than Muslims is so strongly connected with claims on the welfare state and crime. No group emphasizes their differences so strongly in public, especially through women’s clothing. In no other religion is the transition to violence, dictatorship and terrorism so fluid.”

    While Sarrazin has tapped into a raw nerve among the politically and socially correct elites of Germany, which roundly slammed him for his language, his critique of Muslims and his right to articulate his views enjoy widespread support within mainstream German society. Polls have revealed extraordinary levels of approval for Sarrazin, ranging from 85 percent to 95% of those questioned.

    The first edition of his 460- page book (25,000 copies) promptly sold out, and a second edition of 15,000 was quickly purchased, prompting a third edition (70,000) and a fourth (80,000) to be commissioned.

    Read full article...

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    Real Catholics Upset Rabbi's Talk at Notre Dame

    These demonstrations of this year, at Thieberville, the interruption of a Gay protest at Notre Dame and now this, really demonstrate the undeniable and admirable nature of the French martial, Catholic spirit.

    Liberal prelates still don't seem to understand that this kind of "ecumenical" activity is what is turning their churches into mere museums and is a significant contributor to the "vocations crisis" they like to blame on non-factors like celibacy and the "monarchical" nature of the Church.

    The warm round of applause that Krygier received when he returned to the nave after the lecture bore that out. At the same time, arch-traditionalists such as Rev. Régis de Cacqueray, head of the French section of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) congratulated protesters for their “courage” and said: “The Paris cathedral is neither a synagogue nor a Masonic temple.”

    An ultra-traditionalist blog called “Les Intransigeants” (The Intransigents) spoke its mind more openly: “Notre Dame again defended against the outrage by the merchants of the Temple.” The rest of the post was worse anti-Semitic venom.

    Link to Reuters...

    Also, check out the differences in ages between the people there who are participating in the Religious Indifferentism and the people who are using the Cathedral for the purpose it was intended when it was built almost 1000 years ago, praying.

    Monday, March 15, 2010

    Bill Donahue Says New York Times Should Take on Jews for Sex Abuse of Children


    March 15, 2010

    Catholic League president Bill Donohue takes on the New York Times:

    On March 10, the New York Times ran an article on sex abuse in the Catholic Church stating that in Austria a priest abused a boy 40 years ago. Yesterday, readers learned of a German case where a man says he was abused in 1979. But when Rabbi Baruch Lebovits was found guilty last week on eight counts of sexually abusing a Brooklyn boy, the Times failed to report it. This is not an accident—it is deliberate.

    Worse, on Saturday, the Times ran a front-page story saying that in 2002, when the sex abuse scandal in Boston hit, the pope—then Cardinal Ratzinger—"made statements that minimized the problem." No quotes or evidence of any kind were given. "Minimize the problem." Interesting phrase. In 2005, the Times reported that in 2002, Ratzinger believed that "less than 1 percent of priests are guilty" of sex abuse (it was later found that 4 percent was a more accurate figure). The Times characterized his remark by saying he "appeared to minimize the problem." Looks like they got their talking points down just fine.

    What the Times could have said over the weekend was that on January 9, 2002, three days after the Boston Globe broke the story on sex abuse, it ran a story reporting that Ratzinger had sent a letter to the bishops worldwide saying that "even a hint" of the sexual abuse of minors merited an investigation. But to do so would have compromised the conclusion it sought to reach.

    If the Times were truly interested in eradicating sex abuse, it not only would report on cases like Rabbi Lebovits, it would not seek to protect the public school establishment. But it does. Here's the proof. Last year, there were two bills being debated in Albany on the subject of sex abuse: one targeted only private institutions like the Catholic Church, giving the public schools a pass; the other covered both private and public. The Times endorsed the former.

    Contact NYT Public Editor Clark Hoyt:

    Friday, February 19, 2010

    Sex abuse claims against famed rabbi grip Israel

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli police said on Friday they were looking into allegations of sexual abuse against one of the country's most famous and politically influential rabbis, in a case that has triggered dramatic headlines this week.


    Mordechai Elon -- known as "Rabbi Motti" by viewers of his popular TV show and by many young men in the West Bank settler movement -- has vehemently denied the accusations by a group of fellow rabbis who say their aim is to combat sexual harassment by authority figures.

    But that has not stopped a wave of soul-searching, which has some parallels with recent turmoil in the Roman Catholic church.

    (Additional reporting by Ori Lewis; editing by Andrew Roche)

    Link to original....

    Related Articles:

    Jerusalem Post...

    Rabbis coming out to denounce Motti...

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Interfaith divorce: War over child’s religion - Catholic Father vs.Jewish Mother

    Interfaith divorce: War over child’s religion -

    Posted using ShareThis

    Rebecca Reyes opened an e-mail from her estranged husband in November to learn to her shock that he had their 3-year-old daughter baptized in the Catholic Church even though she said the couple, in happier times, had agreed to raise her in the Jewish faith.

    What happened over the next few months brought the couple's private battles into the open and raises questions about how far the court system can — or should — go in dictating what faith separated parents teach their children.

    After the unannounced baptism, a Cook County Circuit Court judge took the unusual step of temporarily barring Reyes' husband, Joseph, from exposing their child to any religion other than Judaism. But Joseph Reyes then allegedly defied the order by taking his daughter to Mass at Holy Name Cathedral — with a television news crew in tow.

    Of course this reminds us of the Mortara Case when a child was taken away from his Jewish family because he'd been baptized a Catholic. The boy was successively raised a Catholic and became a priest.

    Monday, February 1, 2010

    Bishop Williamson Reveals the Democratic Deceit of Free Speech

    Bad boy Bishop Williamson is being pelted by the press again. He's being accused of the greatest sin a modern man can commit in this age of unreason, denying the sanctity of the Jewish race and the numbers (accountancy) related to the so-called "Holocaust". In its passion for reification and easy villains, the world press has levelled its guns on one man whose life has been a singular rejection of the liberalism who's cult they adore, as he speaks out against their consensus of depravity.

    We agree with Bishop Williamson on attire, is it enough that so many daughters complain of the immoral men that the behaviors that contribute to it can't rightly be castigated? We think that the editors of these propaganda organs want a nice docile population, enslaved to its lusts and caprices, who will enjoy the pillorying of one man who stands against their Orthodoxy and their frequent and unchecked deceit and malice. So much for freedom of speech and the values of "democracy". We should thank Bishop Williamson, whether we agree with him or not, for revealing this democratic deceit.

    Williamson has noticed female fans wearing even shorter skirts. "Aren't there are any men left who tell their daughters, sisters, wives or mothers that this sort of outfit is only meant for the eyes of their own husbands?"

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    Polish Bishop Accuses Jews of Using Holocaust as Propaganda

    [Haeretz] A leading Polish Catholic bishop caused a stir on Monday when he was quoted as saying that Jews had "expropriated" the Holocaust as a "propaganda weapon".

    The comments by Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek, a former head of the Polish bishops' conference, prompted concern among Jewish leaders in both Poland and Italy after they were published on the conservative Italian Catholic website www.pontifex.roma.

    Pieronek later went on Polish television to say his comments had been manipulated and he denied one phrase in which he was quoted as saying "the Holocaust as such is a Jewish invention".

    He also said that he did not "authorise" the publication of the interview, which was still on the website on Monday evening.

    "It is undeniable that the greatest number of dead in concentration camps were Jews but there are also Polish gypsies, Italians and Catholics on the list," he was quoted as saying.

    Link to original...