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Monday, April 29, 2024

Church Militant 2.0 or The Pink Sheepdog?

 A dozen years ago people were crushed when they learned that the TV priest  and thunderhead Fr. John Corapi was a fraud.  They thought he was the ultimate prodigal son who had gone from fast cars, hookers, and coke to being ordained by John Paul the Great.  He was an invincible man who had parachuted into swamps and fought alligators with his bare hands.  He loved to ride motorcycles and bow hunt for grizzlies.  Along the way, he would tickle your ears with stories of corruption in the Church and the lack of masculinity in the clergy.  Predictably, he held that the Elder Brothers maintained their own covenant with God.  It would come to light that fast women and easy money never lost their grip on him and so, he left the priesthood.  Unable to step away from the limelight, he attempted to re-cast himself as The Black Sheepdog.  He would no longer be content to restrict himself to Catholic audiences.   He was broadening his scope to take on the pressing political issues of the day.    The enterprise quickly became a flop.

It would take two outings of Gary Michael Voris to make him go away.  One six years ago, the last six months ago.  And, like Corapi, they both have their stalwart defenders.  Financial malfeasance and the lure of sodomy and slander would be the cause of this second fall.   But, rather than sign up for one of Milo's conversion therapy courses, he headed down to Houston and started up a new apostolate.  Again, this endeavor doesn't confine itself to his co-religionists.   E.g: he speaks freely about "christians" when in the past, he only spoke of Catholics.  The website is much more politically oriented than Church Militant was.

Voris' extracurricular dalliances were not a secret to many.  He was reported to have been seen leaving gay bars and even going to Mass with his old "husband."  But, it took topless photos sent around the studio for the staff to say:  Basta!   Was he flirting with the young men who joined his Pause Program after he was outed for first time?  Or, was he trying to privately impress Bishop Barron while publicly castigating him for not being manly enough?

The parallels between in Corapi and Voris are too numerous for a single blog post.  In the waning days of their popularity, each would transform their appearance for the camera.  For Corapi, this meant shaving his head and dying his beard like Anton LaVey.  For Voris, there was always a new color toupee. 

Watch out for those commie bastards!

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Evil and Modernist Canonist of Manchester Initiates Lolsuit Against Gary Voris

 Edit: here's my five centavos on this lawsuit against Voris and Company.  While I really dislike Voris' biased, untruthful attacks against the SSPX, I am glad that he's trying to help Brother Andre and the Slaves of the Immaculate.  It's a shame that the usual suspects are using the corrupt Catholic hierarchy in New Hampshire to attack a ministry they don't like.  In an article a commenter left in the comments section of the previous page, the Union Leader, the facetious journalist made a big deal out of the anti-Semitic dispositions of the Saint Benedict Center and Brother Andre, even alleging that the original reconciliation of the Slaves was the result of Brother Francis Maluf renouncing his "anti-Semitism" and removing several articles about the usual suspects from his blog.  I refuse to believe that.  It's amazing that a tiny religious minority (2% of the population) can bring so much weight down upon a religious organization that dares to criticize it.  Clearly, we don't have Freedom of the Press any more where the privileges of a certain Cosmopolitan group come to fore.  Anyway, the next time someone asks you to renounce your anti-Semitism, ask them if they'll renounce their anti-Catholicism.

At any rate, doesn't "Father" Georges de Laire's intended lawsuit against Church Militant remind anyone of the time when Basilian, Thomas Rosica, attempted to sue fellow Canadian, traditionalist mincer, Vox Cantoris?  This is about as ridiculous on the part of de Laire.

Here's de Laire, mincing to the Gospel lectern.  It looked for a moment like he was going to fall at 18:02.  But I ask you, how can a man make the charges against the SBC while living a posh lifestyle in his million dollar getaway resort, and tolerating a disrespectful and discraceful "liturgy" like this?  It's hard to believe this is supposed to be a Catholic Mass.  

It would be a shame if any of you jerks called up the chancery, or left a message for the "incompetent canon" George de Laire on his phone 603-236-7272 or on Linkedin.  Also, and I'm not recommending this, contact Mary Averil, it looks like she actually runs the Diocese of Manchester at 603-663-0185.

I looked at the webpage for the Diocese of Manchester and it's hard to figure out who's responsible for it.  Lots of foreigners and permanent dad and granddad deacons in the clergy section too.