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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Catholic Religious Led Astray by the Occult Enneagram

Germany has its Benedictine Zen master, Willigis Jäger, Spain its Enneagram Jesuit masters. The Jesuit Father Josep Lluís Iriberri and "his team" lead the retreat house Cova de Sant Ignasi in Barcelona in the "Fundamentals of the Enneagram" field. The cross is no longer taught, but "personal development" in the sign of esoteric Enneagram. Symbol and teaching are an essential characteristic of Gnosticism, completely in the dark, or rather, are not aware wrapped in a dark impalpable, to give them the sense of mystery and meaning of a arcane knowledge. In fact, some facts can be observed in its contrivance. The occult symbol was of Greek origin  Russian writers and mystic Georges Gurdjieff (1870 -1947) "introduced", you could probably just as well say, invented.

Georges Gurdjeff's "Fourth Way"
Gurdjieff claimed that he developed in the teaching of the Fourth Way to have discovered the symbol in the remains of an abidingly unknown monastery of an equally unspecified Sufi brotherhood. Since Gurdjieff publicized the symbol, many other esoteric authors have picked it up and used it in different ways for psychological and spiritual personality typing.
Two Roman dicasteries, the Papal Cultural Council and the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue have with the joint document: Living Jesus Christ, The Water Bearer. Considerations for New Age from a Christian perspective , of 3 February 2003 rejected the underlying also the different Enneagram teaching of character analysis and explicitly warn against the use of these esoteric "tools" that are offered by various groups on the Internet.
Rome's warning of return "of Gnostic ideas" under the guise of New Age
The Roman document reads: "John Paul II warns against, a return of ancient Gnostic ideas under the guise of the so-called New Age: We can not delude ourselves that this would lead to a renewal of religion. It is just a new form of Gnosticism that is practiced on a mentality that, in the name of a profound knowledge of God, results in distorting His Word and replacing it with purely human words. Gnosticism has never completely left the realm of Christianity. Instead, it has always existed side by side with Christianity, sometimes in the shape of a philosophical movement, but more often by assuming the character of a religion or mock religion that stands in appearance or even declared contrary to everything that belongs to the essence of Christianity' (John Paul II, Crossing the Threshold of Hope, 1994, p 90). One example is the Enneagram and its nine types of character analysis, which, when used as a means of spiritual growth, with the result of an ambiguity in the doctrine and life of the Christian faith.
Spanish Jesuit publications in this esoteric doctrine of Enneagram retard personality development. This is of little concert at all to the Catalan Jesuit Lluís Iriberri, who describes his own Enneagram teaching in the same breath as the famous Spiritual Exercises of his order's founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola. But these esoteric teachings of Gurdjieff have as much to do with the simultaneously appearing voelkisch-nationalistic and esoteric teachings of Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels as they have to do with Christianity.
The distribution of the Enneagram by Jesuit teaching since 1971
The Jesuit dissemination of the Enneagram goes back to 1971, when the Chilean psychotherapist Claudio Naranjo, a leading exponent of Gestalt therapy and developers of Gurdjieff's Fourth Way at the Jesuit seminary in Berkeley, California offered an "Introduction". The event was attended by the "medium" Helen Palmer and the Jesuit Robert Ochs, who became the main promoters of this esoteric doctrine. Father Ochs was held exercises for in May 1972 in an eight-day intensive seminar with yoga and oriental exercises a more brothers of his order in the doctrine. Ochs was a student of Father Father Patrick O'Leary, Father Jerry Hair, Father Colin Maloney, Father Tad Dunne and Father Richard Riso. Father O'Leary has spread the Enneagram teaching since then at international level, religious, Father Hair teaches the Enneagram in retreat houses, Father Maloney brought the teachings to the Jesuits in Canada, Father Dunne teaches the Enneagram in connection with the "spiritual life", Fr Riso left the Jesuits and founded the Enneagram Institute, based in New York, Paris, Tokyo and Zurich.
The Jesuits not only belong to the "discipleship" of the Enneagram. A Known representative is American Franciscan Richard Rohr, author of the 1989 published book, The Enneagram. The 9 Faces of the Soul and the American Benedictine Sister Suzanne Zuercher, Secretary General of the Council Benedictine communities in the United States and Director of the St. Scholastica Academy. Both Rohr and Zuercher were "initiated" by Father Ochs in Chicago into the Enneagram theory.
Father Ochs, Father O'Leary and the Dominican Beesing Mary, OP withdrew way back a long time in order to examine the compatibility of the new "method" with the Christian faith. Sister Beesing published a book in 1984, with which she proposed a "Christian" Enneagram theory. The achievement, so it was then called from of the adherents of the Enneagram in the Catholic orders, was to have been the "cleansing" of occult elements.
Jesuit Mitchell Pacwa warns of the dangers of substitute religion
In this context, the Jesuit Father Mitchell Pacwa should be mentioned, who also attended the intensive seminar in 1972 at Chicago, when the Enneagram theory initially spread. He realized the error and the danger of this doctrine. Today he is a recognized expert on as well as one of the most chief cationers against this substitute religion. He thinks it is a contradiction in itself, to say that one can "liberate" the Enneagram theory of its occult roots and "clean" to use them in Christianity. According to his experience it would be "all", who delve into the Enneagram, take the next step to practice Zen, Transcendental Meditation, numerology, tarot, astrology, or other non-Christian practices. The Enneagram does not lead away to a deeper understanding of the Christian faith, but away from it, says Father Pacwa. The Jesuit described the Enneagram teaching as "esoteric Gnostic infiltration" in the Catholic Church. As early as 1997, he warned of the "catastrophe": "No Jesuit in my class, except me, who followed the Enneagram theory is still a Jesuit. They have given up their priesthood." Father Pacwa was also consulted on the preparation of the aforementioned Roman document.
Followers of the Enneagram can be found as well in Protestant circles, including Ecumenical Working Group Enneagram the first chairman of the Protestant pastor and "Enneagram teacher" Andreas Ebert in Munich, who worked together with Rorh to publish the book 'The Enneagram The 9 Faces of the Soul'. The Franciscan, Rohr, is common in German-speaking countries, including at Pentecost 2011 for the Benedictine Abbey Münsterschwarzsach. This closes the circle back to the aforementioned Zen Master Willigis Jäger. The department co-hosted with the World Working Group meeting, the Enneagram "Whit Symposium: God has many names. Pentecost experience with Father Richard Rohr ".
Willigis Jäger incidentally, was issued a speech-writing and performance ban in 2001 by the current Pope Benedict XVI. as Prefect of the CDF. The Abbot and convent community cared so little. They stood behind their "enlightened" Zen Master, who was only restricted to the monastery, but further to the Benedictine convent where he belongs and thus only can indulge his ideas unhindered.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Picture: La cigüeña de la torre

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Nude Guru Invites Monks and Students to Touch

Participants need not be Christian – simply comfortable with that environment. We’ll create a community of consciousness together, supporting one-another’s journey into and through the body to the Divine.  -Bob Pilaggi

Bob Pilagi at "Temple"
Edit::In an article by Matt Abbott in Renew America,  featuring a letter by Barb Krallis complaining to the Bishop of Dallas about Father Richard Rohr.'s counseling techniques involving nudity, she denounces him as a dangerous and heretical threat to purity.

Indeed, as Archbishop Sheen taught, anytime nudity is used in therapy or instruction, it is a sign of demonic influence.

Father Richard Rohr still at large, favors retreats where men get naked and touch each other to "release demons".    He writes:

The boy always gets naked, as you see in the sweat lodges, too. 
We have mentioned on a number of occasions that this technique of psychological instruction was used by sexually abusive monks at Collegeville, Minnesota.   It was employed by Abbot John Eidenschenk upon his novices with some predictable results.

Now, from the Pine Curtain, at St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota, the home of nearly a dozen credibly accused homosexual sexual predators, a counselor arrives on the scene advocating that students and monks touch each other.

The man to whom this allegedly Catholic institution is entrusting students, himself, teaches in the nude and does not share the Catholic Church's teachings on homosexuality.  One of Mr. Pileggi's admirers puts it like this in a blog post entitled, "When a Teacher of God 
Takes off His Clothes":

I realized that when I undress another man and allow him to undress me – as I have in workshops and private sessions in erotic spirituality and as I will at the Edward Carpenter Community’s Gay Men’s Week this September (The Dance Between Power and Intimacy) – we are creating the sacred space in which we can use erotic energy to transcend ego and come into a new relationship with Spirit.
Pine Curtain....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gay Retreat Director is Cafeteria Catholic

Remember our New Year's book list from a while back, given by Father Bob Schwarz at Our Lady of Grace? Well, one of the featured authors is giving a retreat at Miami Archdicoese's St. Thomas University.

January 25, 2010 ( - The Miami Archdiocese’s St. Thomas University is once again sponsoring spiritual exercises by a gay-activist priest, who is known for encouraging his followers to immerse themselves in pagan rituals.

Fr. Richard Rohr, a Franciscan, is scheduled to deliver a “Scripture and Spirituality” reflection at the university’s Chapel of St Anthony. The evening of reflection is noted approvingly in the Archdiocese’s latest “pastoral bulletin,” dated January 15.

Fr. Rohr is known for his dissent from the teachings of the church, despite his being a Franciscan monk.

He is on record admitting that he does not adhere to Catholic teaching on contraception, the ordination of women to the priesthood, and homosexuality. In answer to one question about homosexuality, Fr. Rohr answered, “I think God would ask of the homosexual relationship exactly what God asks of the heterosexual relationship: truth, faithfulness, long-suffering, and the continuing forgiveness of the other.”

Additionally, Fr. Rohr has faced criticism due to his advocacy of radical feminist critique of Judeo-Christian “patriarchy” (including the Bible’s references to God in masculine terms), as well as his encouragement of the use of various pagan rituals in devotions he leads (e.g., the enneagram). He is also known for conducting spiritual retreats where men practice ritual nudism.

Fr. Richard Rohr serves as director for the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC), which he founded in 1987. The Center serves as a hotbed for radical Christian dissent. It is a frequent sponsor and constituent of “Call to Action,” an umbrella sect known for its “pseudo-Catholicism.” In 1997, CAC endorsed the 4th National Symposium on “A National Dialogue on Lesbian/Gay Issues and Catholicism,” sponsored by New Ways Ministry.

Both the University and the Archdiocese declined to comment when contacted by (LSN).

This is not the first time the Miami Archdiocese has hosted and promoted Fr. Rohr’s ministrations. In June 2006, another of the Archdiocese’s “pastoral bulletins” advertised that Fr. Rohr would be the keynote speaker at a convocation of Catholic preachers.

As LSN has documented previously, the Miami Archdiocese is not new to sponsoring such events. In February 2009, the Miami Gay Men’s Chorus held their season premier concert at a Miami Beach Catholic church. Earlier that same month, Saint Thomas University's School of Theology Ministry featured a guest-lecture by "ecospiritualist" Sr. Miriam Therese MacGillis, a Dominican nun who promotes goddess-worship. In 2007, LSN reported Barry University's granting a theology award to another notorious goddess-worshipping feminist Dominican nun, Sr. Elizabeth Johnson.

Two of the Archdiocese's parishes, Saint Anthony and Saint Maurice, are listed as "Gay-Friendly" in a directory published by the Conference of Catholic Lesbians. Both of the Archdiocese’s universities, Barry and St Thomas are also categorized as "Gay-Friendly" by the Conference.