Monday, March 19, 2012

Nude Guru Invites Monks and Students to Touch

Participants need not be Christian – simply comfortable with that environment. We’ll create a community of consciousness together, supporting one-another’s journey into and through the body to the Divine.  -Bob Pilaggi

Bob Pilagi at "Temple"
Edit::In an article by Matt Abbott in Renew America,  featuring a letter by Barb Krallis complaining to the Bishop of Dallas about Father Richard Rohr.'s counseling techniques involving nudity, she denounces him as a dangerous and heretical threat to purity.

Indeed, as Archbishop Sheen taught, anytime nudity is used in therapy or instruction, it is a sign of demonic influence.

Father Richard Rohr still at large, favors retreats where men get naked and touch each other to "release demons".    He writes:

The boy always gets naked, as you see in the sweat lodges, too. 
We have mentioned on a number of occasions that this technique of psychological instruction was used by sexually abusive monks at Collegeville, Minnesota.   It was employed by Abbot John Eidenschenk upon his novices with some predictable results.

Now, from the Pine Curtain, at St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota, the home of nearly a dozen credibly accused homosexual sexual predators, a counselor arrives on the scene advocating that students and monks touch each other.

The man to whom this allegedly Catholic institution is entrusting students, himself, teaches in the nude and does not share the Catholic Church's teachings on homosexuality.  One of Mr. Pileggi's admirers puts it like this in a blog post entitled, "When a Teacher of God 
Takes off His Clothes":

I realized that when I undress another man and allow him to undress me – as I have in workshops and private sessions in erotic spirituality and as I will at the Edward Carpenter Community’s Gay Men’s Week this September (The Dance Between Power and Intimacy) – we are creating the sacred space in which we can use erotic energy to transcend ego and come into a new relationship with Spirit.
Pine Curtain....


Anonymous said...

I've emailed the Guestmaster Father at the Abbey protesting. If nothing comes of it, I'll send the same email to the Prior, the Bishop, Nuncio, Rome, and Pope Benedict if necessary.

Tancred said...

There's something diabolical going on at this place, and it definitely requires a strict visitation with the intent to close the place down or remove its affiliation from the Catholic Church.

We'll follow your suit and encourage others to do so as well.

GQ Rep said...

This monastery should be supressed and the community disbanded. Give the property to the Innstitute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, or the Fraternity of St. Peter....or the SSPX which is looking to expand it's seminary in the USA. Or to La Barroux to found a new USA house.

I did a little research into St. John's. Even before Vatican II, in the 1950's, the Abbey was in the forefront of the so called liberal "Liturgical Movement". The style of architecture of their modern looking Church pre-dates Vatican II by about 10 years. They were starting to celebrate Mass at a free standing altar facing the people at least 5 years before Vatican II! But it was still the Tridentine Latin Mass.

Before Vatican II, this place was the largest Benedicitne Abbey in the world (believe it or not), with close to 350 minks attached to it. Today, there are about 120. They have now less than 80 priests! And only 1 novice!!! HOORAY!!

The median age is very high....over 70. The monks pulled out form running their adjoining college in 2011.

Even though Saint John's is dying out by it's own scandelous actions, and it's reputation in universally bad, it should nevertheless be supressed by decree from the Vatican. Benedict XVI did as much at the equally corrupt famous Cistercian Basilica/Abbey of Santa Crose in Gerusalemme in Rome 2 years ago, supressing the abbey and disbandind the liberal, radical community. He should do the same here, and quickly.

GQ Rep said...

In my comment above, I meant 350 MONKS, of course. Typo. Sorry.

Tancred said...

You can kind of make a case for Dom Virgil Micheal, one of the guiding Liberal lights of the hi-jacked Liturgical movement, having some virtues, but when it comes down to it, he was violating the rubrics with his dialogue Masses in the 20s.

One of his disciples was Father Paul Marx who founded HLI. Father died recently and despite being at odds with Collegeville for years, at one point hiding from them so they couldn't have him arrested, the Abbot attempted to co-opt Father Paul's memory and work.

Anonymous said...

No response yet; and more and more I am seeing how this is a very dangerous monastery. I think I will be sending out some more emails.

Tancred said...

Considering how they shamelessly ignore Catholic teaching and promote doctrines contrary to what the Church they claim to represent has always taught, I think it's not a crazy thing to say that they care about two things and two things only, their reputation and $$$.

The only way to get their attention is to point out the lack of concern for one thing and adversely affect the other.

Anonymous said...

Update: as of 10 minutes ago, the Fr. Guestmaster has emailed me back and told me that they have cancelled the retreat. It is off their website.

Deo gratias!

Anonymous said...

Now I understand who is the front line of this nude colony... the so call Father Richard Rohr! A franciscan priest...him and sister celery...we call her sister celery a very liberal sister. They live in New Mexico and they brought this Liberal spirituality to New Mexico. BUT many faithful and devout catholic do not welcome them especially Rohr...he has been thrown out by a indian pueblo tribe for his liberal teaching and he is on the USCBishop dangerous-false catholic teaching. Rohr is behind this monastery coruption...and now I understand this St Benedict Abby is all about Sexual pleasure, bet you there has been many visit by Rohr to organize these retreats. He is bad news. Sad to hear St Benedict Abbey is not a holy site. Really sad.

Anonymous said...

Well, there goes my wife's coat! :)